Restaurants in Tingaki

Mike K          8/10

Very traditional lovely setting, we had a lovely lunch and 1 evening meal @ the Ambeli, Food was very good and reasonably priced. Well worth a visit.

Tony A          10/10

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( Near to The Byron Apartments in Kos)
A note for Irenka Webb who wrote in the last entry asking a question with regard to fast service.One way around the problem, and I do it in ALL the restaurants is that you only order your starters and then do not order your main meal until about 15 minutes before you want it, just have a drink and a chat in between courses. I sometimes leave it for 45 to 60 minutes before I order mine, that way it is like a night out.
AMBELI means WINE YARD, and they make their own wine on the premises, It is a typical Traditional Greek Taverna which has a great menu of Greek dishes. It is well worth a visit if you are passing that way, it is on the coast road from Kos Town toward Tigaki and just near the Byron Apartments, If I am passing around lunch time I always stop and pay them a visit, it is like being in the middle of no where, no noise, just a great place to be. Anna, one of the waiting staff speaks six or seven languages.

Irenka W

Would anybody please be able to tell me what are the meals are like in Tingaki, are they rushed? I have been to a few greek resorts and i find that some of them we felt a bit rush with our meal as they try to get as many people in and out as possible. We like to make a night out of our meal and take our time, but in Zante although the food was fantastic it was a bit rushed as soon as we ordered our food the starter was out within 2mins and when that was taken away our main came out right away not giving us enought time to relax, but when we went to Crete it took a good three hours for us to have a starter main and sometime a sweet, and we took our time and relaxed over some wine. So could anyone tell me what i can expect in Tingaki. Im pregnant this year so im not drinking so our evening meal is quite an imprortant part of our evening.

Nicola J           

This restaurant is beautiful, it is set in a vineyard, the food is superb and the surroundings are stunning

Derek J           

We went to this restaurant on several occasions the food was superb, partner is a veggie, she enjoyed the food, the walk back to town afterwards was also a wonderfulk part of the whole experience.

Lindsey B           

Just got back from Tingaki the restaurant was fantastic. The atmosphere was great with all the greek families, and the food was really nice home cooked greek food. The surroundings were very greek with the vines hanging above, and the wine was lovely. There was also a little play area for the children which they welcomed.

Ian C           

Love the place, always eat there when on kos, in fact will be there in two weeks time.The ampeli is now open nearly all year round so if travelling independantly to tingaki over winter, you know that there is always somewhere to eat.

Karl S           

you wont eat in a better looking taverna, with all the vine leaves and grapes hanging around you. bit of a limitied menu but very nice. right next to the filli

Rachel P           

The best looking taverna in Tingaki - draped in vine leaves. Off the beaten track, walk along teh beach out of town and bear left round Hotel? Byron and follow the signs for the taverna. The white house wine is good, don't have the anchovies as a starter as they are out of a tin and v salty! Doesn't have a huge menu but well worth a visit, a beautiful place to eat with very good service.

Sally C           

Ampeli is wonderful. It is a true Greek taverna - open all year and frequented by the Greek's themselves. They also have their own vineyars and make their own wine on the premises. Extremely good home cooked greek food and my favourite taverna in all of Greece.