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Keren J          10/10

We ate here last week, service and food was the best we had in Tingaki. Spent many a morning talking to Sia in the cafe/bar, enjoyed our time here just booked to go back in Aug for a week. Meni, will be the first resturant we go too

Veru J          10/10

I have nothing to reproach to this restaurant. We spent 10 days on this amazing island and i fell in love with this restaurant. The meal was absolutely perfect and the service was great. Because of the top of the season they were so busy but never lost their smile, that´s wonderful for me. The typical greek cuisine was great, but it was always too much for me. I would like to say hello and thank you to them, unfortunately i forgot to ask about their names, i know only miss Romana from Slovakia, not the lady and the young man :) so for me 10/10.

Kim M

I am not surprised you had a nice meal as the food is good, the service was probably good because you were there at the begining of the season but if you were to visit in the peak season I think that you may find it a bit will be my 15th year there this year and it sadly don't change!!! lets hope this year I am proven wrong and they get there act together with extra staff.

Robin C          10/10

Having read the reviews and scores for all the Tingaki restaurants we were a bit nervous trying the Meni but were soon very pleasantly surprised when we visited in early May 2009. They were aware of their reputation and had got a new chef for 2009. The food was wonderful and although it looks as if it would be very expensive,it is no dearer than anywhere else and the additional little touches such as 5 different flavours of butter for your bread and complimentary drinks all add to its excellence. The waitresses,Zia who comes from Athens but speaks very good English and Caroline who is English and very good looking, are very friendly whilst at the same time very efficient. We tried a variety of Greek dishes and one English meal and all were very good.I would warn everyone not to have a pizza unless they were absolutely starving as the size is bigger than you would expect for a family of four including hungry teenagers!! We would have no reservations in recommending the Meni to everybody.

Andrew T          1/10

We went to Meni hoping that the food would match the very nice decor but we were dissapointed.
The service was slow and the food terrible,when I complained it was met with a shrug of the waitresses shoulders and she just walked away. If you want a better meal meal go to the snack bar across the road.Angry

Bev L          1/10

We were turned away from here as they were "too busy" so we didn't give them a second chance

Steve H          1/10

If you are after good service and quality food then unfortunately you will be disappointed with this restaurant. We waited over an hour just for a drink, and then another 45 minutes for a pathetic excuse called i believe garlic bread, which was cold and hard and returned. The main course which I had was vegetarian mousaka which was over priced and under flavoured. All in all a disappointing and expensive experience which will not be repeated next year.

General feedback from other people confirmed this also.
Reluctantly giving a 1 star rating

Pam S

Don't think you would dissapointed with this place Irenka, or Spyros Taverna, across the road.   These 2 places are located on the main road through Tingaki, towards the beach end.  Both really nice places.  I think it does depend on the time of year you visit.  If it is in July or August there are many more people there so more for them to get served.  Hope you have a good time.  I loved Kos.  My favourite Greek Island, so far.

Irenka W

Would anybody please be able to tell me what are the meals are like in Tingaki, are they rushed? I have been to a few greek resorts and i find that some of them we felt a bit rush with our meal as they try to get as many people in and out as possible. We like to make a night out of our meal and take our time, but in Zante although the food was fantastic it was a bit rushed as soon as we ordered our food the starter was out within 2mins and when that was taken away our main came out right away not giving us enought time to relax, but when we went to Crete it took a good three hours for us to have a starter main and sometime a sweet, and we took our time and relaxed over some wine. So could anyone tell me what i can expect in Tingaki. Im pregnant this year so im not drinking so our evening meal is quite an imprortant part of our evening.

Kim M

We have been going to Tingaki for many years over 12 infact and we ate at the Meni on a regular basis trying to eat at a different Taverna most nights....then about 5 years ago we stopped as the chef at the time would keep throwing the children in the pool located out the back, which was funny at first but then it became a nightmare.

We returned this year to find that it was with completely different owners and a couple of the waiting staff were still there from the old we gave it ago in July, 3 times we ate there and was not dissappointed with the food although it did take a little long to arrive....but your are on holiday so whats the rush.
We returned there again in October as our daughter was working in Tingaki and decided to go back with 2 of our friends we went into the restaurant one night 6 of us including my daughter and her friend whom they knew quite well due to them working in Tingaki. We were kept waiting 45 minutes for our starter and our husbands ordered a lobster....we then waited 1 1/2 hours for our main course which came up cold and the lobster had just its body and no claws...we asked on 2 occassions if our dinner was ready as we didnt mind waiting but this was now beyond a joke!!! we had no appology and at the end of the meal a nice young waiter came to clear away our plates and asked if everything was ok I said well no not really it has been quite a dissappointing evening really.....we were then presented with the bill and told that they had looked after my daughter and her friend (food wise...which was a lie) while they were working in Tingaki....We dont expect anyone to feed our daughter or let alone be told I would not eat in there ever again and unfortunately that night was the last night my daughter and her friend ate and paid for there meal in there as well....the restuarant staff then decided to totaly ignore my daugther and her friend for the rest of their stay in Tingaki which was rather unfair as it was me that complained and not them......VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!

Pam S          10/10

We ate here once and agree with comments on style.  Very posh.  (Although there were the brits with the obligitory shorts, football tops and trainers.  With wives or girlfriends that had made an effort to dress up.)  They were very busy and we did have to wait a while but they were very apologetic about it an said it was becaues they were short staffed. (students had gone back to uni) The food was well worth waiting for though.  We had Nasi Goreng, Indonessian not Greek.  We had eaten Greek nearly all our time there though, as we usually do.  It was chicken done in a peanut sauce, very rich, with special rice, which was fantastic.  More than worth a visit.    

Bill H          10/10

Excellent service and style.  We didn't get in the first time we tried, they were so busy, but it was worth the effort the second time.  I had lamb in a tomato sauce which was wonderful.

Do not miss out on the restaurant.
I am baffled as to why this restaurant was rated as 6/10 - well done for changing it to 9/10!

Matt J          8/10

We ate here on our first night in Tingaki and thought the food, staff and prices were fantastic.

We (two of us) paid 25 Euros (approx £17.50) for two courses (starter and main) and a couple of drinks each.

We had Cheese Saganaki for starters and Special Gyros and Chicken Souvlaki for our main.

Carla J          10/10

We only wish we have found Meni on our first night............... I would say the only place to eat in Tingaki would be at the Meni, excellent food and staff.. Wec ate there for last 6 nightsof the holiday as it was so good.
definitely 10 out of 10

Rebecca B           

wow i have just read some of the comments and am very suprised. Myself and my partner have been to tingaki three times now and on our first visit sampled many of the restauants in the village and found that none in our opinion lived up to Meni. The staff are amazing, friendly walm and welcoming. The food is outstanding, the service although sometimes a little slow has never given us any reason to be unhappy and it is always clean fresh and the atmosphere is great. We came back from our last visit a few days ago and we ended up having breakfast and evening meal at Meni nearly every day we were there. Every night the cheerful staff welcomed us with "nice to see you again, are you having the same wine tonight or would you like to sample some thing else" and finished the evening with "thank you for coming, will we see you tomorrow?"   what a great place we will certainly be eating there loads on our next visit which hopefully will be next year when we honeymoon. 

Michelle L           

We went to the MENI bar on our last night as it looked like an upmarket place to eat and we loved it! The food was great and you even get jacket potatoes with your meals! Staff were lovely and even recieved a complimentary shot of shnapz at the end of it! Would recomend this restaurant to anyone as it was really good quality for the price!

Chloe P           

the staff at meni's are really friendly and the service is good. don't order coke because it isn't real coke! i liked the meal i had at meni's although it gave my sister food poisoning so be careful what you order

although the meal takes a while to come, you get a complimentary drink after of your choice which is a bonus. overall meni's restaurant is average, there are better, cheaper ones in tingaki but also more expensive and less tasteful ones.
if you are visiting tingaki for more than one week you might aswell give meni's a go. but be careful of the chicken!
xxxx chloe xxxxxx

Mark F           

try the ice creams for 2E u get tons

Paul W           

Not as good as we hoped for, try others....plenty around that are much better!!!

Ron T           

As  did  some  other  reviewers,  we  checked   your  site  before  leaving  U.K.  and  the  Meni  sounded  good,  but  what  a  great  disappointment.  The  lady  on  the  next  table  and  my  fiance  both  complained  about  their  meals,  which  resulted  in  a  great  big  row  coming  from  the  kitchen  and  neither  of  the  complainants  being  charged  for  what  wa  after  all  tasteless  fare.  I'm  afraid  this  was  our  only  visit  of  the  fortnight  as  it  put  us  both  off.


We are regular visitors to the island of Kos and usually include 2./3 trips to Tingaki into our itinerary.  We came across the Meni hotel on our first visit way back in 1996 but sadly over the years I have see that the service has gone downhill very quickly in recent year to the extent that last year we didn't even bother to visit!  I remember one particular occasion in August 2004 we were sitting for some two hours at around 11 a.m. having a drink and the remains of breakfast on the adjacent tables were never cleared away!  As for the staff remembering familiar faces, the waitress has never indicated that she remembers us from the prior day let alone the previous year!  The food is mediocre and overpriced compared to the other tavernas in Tingaki. However, the poolside bathrooms are usually clean and well-supplied but then I have never had the misfortune of having to use a dirty bathroom anywhere in Kos or Greece come to think of it in the past fifteen years we have been travelling to the Greek islands.  Just another note, I don't usually take notice of what that "Reps" say about a place because all of the them (no exception) have special deals with several tavernas and cafes so I do not think there opinion is "unbiased" and is only based on what is given to them complimentary.  (Sorry reps but it's a true and wellknown fact.) 

Donna H           

After reading the emails below - we tried the Meni and can say that we were not disappointed.   Meals lovely at good prices - staff friendly and always seem to remember a face - even stopped to speak to us when they weren't at work.    Very child friendly and will try to help anyway they can.   Cia always happy to help the most and loves the children.

Carl B           

click to enlarge to kelly mullin.....

sorry didnt reply to your question about how easy is it to organise a wedding in kos...
if you still want to know contact through this web site and i will let you know my e-mail... if you have already married congratulations...... carl

Sue W           

My fourth holiday in Tingaki and The Meni remains my favourite restaurant. The English Breakfast is fantastic value for money. Loads of toast with jam, tea, orange juice, then your usual sausage, egg, bacon and beans all for £3. Mmmmm great start to the day. The staff are very friendly and have a great memory for faces. I don't normally like eating in the same restaurant more than once on holiday as it's nice to experince others but somehow I end up at The Meni at least 2 or 3 times. Only thing missing this year was Mike the very welcoming chef (in America this year)

Juliet B           

What can I say. The Meni gets better every year. I first discovered it at the end of a very long first day repping. MIKE gave me a coffee, made me sit down and drink it then got his son to drive me back to my apartmment. From then it became my favourite hideaway (the pool is to the rear of the restaurant with dining facilities overlooking it) I have tried all the other restaurants in Tingaki and none come close to the friendliness of The Meni. All the staff, Gabriel, Cia, Irene, Kiriakos and Christos make you feel as if you are their best guests. I'm biased because they are all like family but I noticed that they are the same with everyone (I just get more kisses )  This year I took my 17 month old daughter and found the restaurant to be extremely child friendly (to the point of borrowing a highchair from the place over the road 1 exceptionally busy night) Nothing is too much trouble. The food is fantastic especially the Indonesian dish Nasi Goreng (okay not Greek but delicious anyway) As has been said previously service can be a bit slow on busy nights but I'd rather that and have fresh food than something on the table in 5 minutes that's obviously been microwaved. Anyway you're on holiday, what's the rush?? Have a great season and I'll see you all next year.