Grande Salle

Restaurants in Tingaki

Sue B

this is no also closed!

Nigel, elaine, rachel and           10/10

We have eaten at the Grande Salle many times and have never had cause for complaint. Knowing George as we do we are sure if you complained politely he would put it right for you. On our way back to Tingaki in Sept this year and looking forward to some great wining and dining here.

Irenka W

Would anybody please be able to tell me what are the meals are like in Tingaki, are they rushed? I have been to a few greek resorts and i find that some of them we felt a bit rush with our meal as they try to get as many people in and out as possible. We like to make a night out of our meal and take our time, but in Zante although the food was fantastic it was a bit rushed as soon as we ordered our food the starter was out within 2mins and when that was taken away our main came out right away not giving us enought time to relax, but when we went to Crete it took a good three hours for us to have a starter main and sometime a sweet, and we took our time and relaxed over some wine. So could anyone tell me what i can expect in Tingaki. Im pregnant this year so im not drinking so our evening meal is quite an imprortant part of our evening.

Jamie F          10/10

food exccerlent

service more than excerlent
cost good price 4 the sevice and quailty that u recive

Kevin M           

The best Mixed Grill on the Island at only 6 euro

Kay I           

Great food in really nice surroundings. It also has an enclosed play area for the kids while they are waiting for the meal to arrive.

Melissa N           

My friend and I (both 24 and female) have just come back from 2 weeks in Tingaki and had a BRILLIANT holiday!

The Grand Salle restaurant is opposite the Angela hotel and owned by George and is absolutely gorgeous! And very cheap! The pizzas are fantastic! And you can get takeaway too if you fancy taking a pizza to have on your balcony!!  I definatly reccommend going there at least once!

Michelle H           

We are going back to Tingaki on May 7th for 2 weeks and would like to say we found the Grand Salle great and this time we are staying in their hotel opposite the restaurant. Anyone know what the weather is like at the moment??

Nigel, elaine, rachel & c            

We have visited just about every resturant in Tingaki and we think that this one rates as one of the best. Tony and George are great fun, but don't believe a word Tony says! He has a wicked sense of humour. 9 out of 10 meals were excellent and prices about average. A complimentary glass of something other than fruit juice and grenadine would be a welcome change! Definately recommended!

Derek J           

We went to this restaurant based on comments on this site, we only went twice, the second time to see if the first time was really as bad as we thought it was. The food for veggies was terrible overloaded with salt.

Anthony B           

the grand salle is a nice pleasant place to eat
the food was spot on and the service was fast
the waiter was also on the ball

Dean S           

Prices appear great, But watch out for wine prices and other items, Taking this into concideration it doesnt work out much cheeper. The resturant next door offers similar prices and the wine and soft drinks are much cheeper.
The meal itself was great, no complaints. The waterfountain is a great touch.

Angie S           

Great for cooked breakfasts. Good for evening meals...they get busy in the evening so be prepared to wait your turn! The owner has a great sense of humour!

Caroline G           

we ate here nearly every morning, the full Englis breakfast of course! the food was nice and the service is good, plus there is no way you could grumble about the prices, absolutely fantastic, bottle of wine, two starters and two main courses for around 20 euros-not bad at all!

Chris G           

Mixed Grill was good value at only 7 euros each. OK for a lighter meal but lacking in variety and Greek dishes.

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Tracey D           

we just came back from kos and i tell you we had great time...BEST RESTAURANT IN TINGAKI IS GRANDE SALLE.We stayed in tingaki two weeks and weve been eating there every night.George is the top waiter and always friendly prices reasonable and food excellent try the kleftiko mossaka and roast beef the gravy is yam.TRY ENGLISH BREAKFAST WITH REAL ENGLISH PORK SAUSAGE COFFEE OR TEA TOASTED BREAD BUTTER JAM.also tony and leo are there for you all the time cheers yammas thank you guys for looking after us!!!

Brenda +           

this is the best resturant in tingaki!! george who owns this and the angela app opposite will always go out of his way to get what you want, just how you like it, even if he doesnt have it!! also the food there is out of this world and cheap too. the specials on the boards outside are the best value for money and the steaks are fab. the atmosphere is wonderful with a very welcoming smile from all the staff. antoine is a darling and they say things like luvvely jubbly!!so they know cockney!!all round, an excellent place to eat. and they give you after dinner shots aswell.

Stuart Y           

me, my brother, and my sister are teenagers and if i have the right place then i think that the little midget on the door tried hitting on my sister everytime we walked past. he was trying to persuade us in but to no avail. he just freeked us out! the food was ok but if the man's on the door try to avoid it.

Lesley K           

The guy at the door is weird!! The glasses they gave us for our water were smelly!! The food was ok but i'd say this place is crap.


As we were staying in the Angela Apartments we were entitled to a 10% discount. This ended up being the most expensive of the whole holiday and we ate less than anywhere else. The food was not that good, but the waiters were nice and friendly.

Beth W           

Loved it. The staff were great and the manager was lovely. The turtles kept escaping from the fountain but that just added to the fun. The food is great and the service could not be faulted. See you again in June!

Lynda C           

excellent food , try grek plate or mossakka .nice continental breakfast if you dont fancy an english breakfast , nice fountains ,lovely atmosphere in the evenings