Restaurants in Tingaki

Sue B

and is now closed!

Tracey B          9/10

This restaurant is tops! The food and service are excellent.

Elliot W          10/10

This is undoubtedly the best restaurant in Tingaki. This was our second visit to Tingaki (came last year). This is THE restaurant for every one. Great variety on menu- traditional greek or italian etc. Service second to none. Have visited a number of restaurants, many are fine it's true but the Mediterranee cannot be beaten. One restaurant to be avoided is the ONEIRO (across the road from the Mediteranee) which looks great from the outside. The house wine was absolutely undrinkable ( although this was strongly denied by the waiter) and the subsititute bottled wine was even worse. The meals were nothing special with cold chips piled on top!
Just go to the Mediterranee and you will be adding your comments to this blog.

Irenka W

Would anybody please be able to tell me what are the meals are like in Tingaki, are they rushed? I have been to a few greek resorts and i find that some of them we felt a bit rush with our meal as they try to get as many people in and out as possible. We like to make a night out of our meal and take our time, but in Zante although the food was fantastic it was a bit rushed as soon as we ordered our food the starter was out within 2mins and when that was taken away our main came out right away not giving us enought time to relax, but when we went to Crete it took a good three hours for us to have a starter main and sometime a sweet, and we took our time and relaxed over some wine. So could anyone tell me what i can expect in Tingaki. Im pregnant this year so im not drinking so our evening meal is quite an imprortant part of our evening.

Pam S

Looked for this place.  Was looking forward to trying it but was closed by second week in October.  :-(

Tracy G           

Have to agree with most of the comments on Mediteranee - top notch food, and lots of it.  Lovely atmosphere and excellent service.  Well done to them!

Deborah T           

Not often we listen to reviews on restaurants as all tastes differ ,However this place is simply out of this world -First class service and food .BEST IN TINGAKI

Ron T           

-  In  a  word  ,  superb.  The  staff  were  top  notch  as  was  the  food . And  the  prices  were  quite  reasonable.  A  must  for  any  visitor.

Ron T           

-Superb.  The  staff were  so  friendly,  the  food  excellent  and  the  prices  quite  reasonable.

Kyle C           

I loved the food here. The pizza's are amazing and the sevice is great.And it is prity cheap

Donna H           

Lovely meal and top service - it was expensive - but then believe you get what you pay for - the food was well presented along with the service and staff.    Very child friendly - children got given fruit cocktails while we ordered and colouring pages to do while waiting for meal.    At the end of the meal the children were given free ice cream by the manager.    Would definitely recommend but would advise to take a little bit more money for the bill than in some other restaurants.


Tracey H           

  This restaurant is one of the best in Tigaki, iw was definately our favourite.
We ate here 5 times during our 2 week holiday and each time the food and service was superb.
Nothing was too much trouble.  Would recommend this to everyone.

Helena S           

This restuarant is slight more expensive, but the high service and presentation was to match the price. The waiter was very friendly, would make us laugh.


This was the first restaurant we tried in Tingaki last week and the service was fantastic, I dont remember the waiters name but he kept us up to date with the Liverpool VS AC Milan game and he was such a happy chappy. The food was quite dry and over priced, I had the salmon steak with rice etc and its prolly one of the worst I have had in a long time and my hubby was not impressed with his meal either. Maybe other dishes were better or maybe the chef was having an off night but we didnt return.

Hollie O           

the best resturant! made great friends with the waiters- gave us lefts on there mopeds back to our hotel after a night out in memories! the resturant is great, they even reserved a tabel for 10people on our last nyt! u must try there ribs they r gorgeous! lol.

Nigel, elaine, rachel & c            

We had our best meals in Tingaki here. A little more expensive but well worth it. We also had a complimentary drink which was a generous measure of anything you fancied. YAMAS! to the staff.


Certainly one of the best restaurants in Tigaki. A bit more expensive than most, but well worth it for the excellent service & food. We ate there on our last night & wish we had found it earlier.
David on the door is great, very friendly and a lovely person. He is not greek, he's italian and speaks perfect English.

Laura S           

good although we were put off a little by the doorman souting table for 2! table for 3! aimlessly in to the back of the place.

Shirley M           

Best restaurant in Tingaki. Food excellent, staff really friendly and attentive. Brilliant atmostphere. Not cheapest but definitely worth it.

Lorraine M           

Definitely the best restsurant in Tingaki. Slightly more expensive than surrounding places but definitely well worth it. Fantastic atmosphere, friendly helpful staff plus excellent food. My friend and i visited 3 times during the week we were there and we were treated like princesses every time!!!! do not miss.

Gemma A           

This place is great. The prices are a little more expensive than the other restaurants in Tingaki but the service and presentation of the food reflects this. All of the staff are friendly particularly the guy who stands outside to greet people. Everyday for two weeks we would hear "Hello everybody, is everybody alright?" A definate must visit! The souvlaki is great as it the starter garlic mushrooms!

Caroline G           

This restaurant is the place to go if you want something a little bit special, the prices are a little bit more expensive than the other restaurants in Tingaki but the service and food was great!
the Couvert to start is a MUST!

Chris G           

Presentation of your meal is a factor at this restaurant which is reflected in it's slightly above average prices. Excellent food and service in pleasant surroundings.

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Mediterranee was the best restaurant in Tingaki! they were very friendly and gave us free drinks before and after our meals. the prices were resonable. we liked it so much we went threre 3 times. we definatley recommend it.

Louise S           

went first time and never got our food was 1 hr!!! but second time treated excellent best food there!!!