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Alan H          2/10

Had 3 three nice meals here but on the last occasion , i mentioned in a very low key british way that the garlic bread we ordered hadn't surfaced. This got the big boy waiter man a bit teasy and he got all nasty faced and stood by the table to get the bill paid.
There are many other genuinely good and friendly restaurants

Irenka W

Would anybody please be able to tell me what are the meals are like in Tingaki, are they rushed? I have been to a few greek resorts and i find that some of them we felt a bit rush with our meal as they try to get as many people in and out as possible. We like to make a night out of our meal and take our time, but in Zante although the food was fantastic it was a bit rushed as soon as we ordered our food the starter was out within 2mins and when that was taken away our main came out right away not giving us enought time to relax, but when we went to Crete it took a good three hours for us to have a starter main and sometime a sweet, and we took our time and relaxed over some wine. So could anyone tell me what i can expect in Tingaki. Im pregnant this year so im not drinking so our evening meal is quite an imprortant part of our evening.

Matt J          5/10

Ate here once, wouldn't go back.

The food tasted great (Drinkers Gyros with Chips & Veg/Stuffed Peppers & Tomatoes) and the prices were very reasonable (18.70 Euros including the above food and 3 drinks).

The woman who ran the restaurant however is the reason I wouldn't go back.  After being pounced on in the street, we decided to give the place a try and found ourselves to be the only people inside.  She watched us like a hawk whilst we were eating.  My partner had been feeling ill the night before and didn't have an appetite but we decided to try have a nice meal anyway.  Unfortunately she could not eat much in Tingaki Grill and the woman watching didn't help matters.  She then came over saying "Why? Why? Why aren't you eating it?".   We wouldn't have minded if she had asked us politely but it was just the way she was speaking to us.  She then started asking if I'd done anything to upset my partner!

Again, the food and prices were great.  Perhaps I just caught the woman on a bad day...

Joanne W          10/10

This is somewhere I loved I ate here every night. The food is fantastic and resonably priced. There is something for everyone here you realy can't go wrong. You can also see your food being cooked

Ruth S           

Can't quite believe all the negative reviews, it osunds like a different restaurant.

I'm just back from tingaki and we loved the tigaki grill resturant and went there a total of 4 times in our week. We couldn't fault the food or the price. The meals were by far the cheapest we had while we were there and definately the best size and quality. I highly recommend the greek salad, grilled vegetables with tzatziki, chicken soulvaki and baklava (although not all in one meal as the portions are huge!)
Yes the service wasn't the speediest known to man but they were friendly and helpful and it had a lovely laid back atmosphere which meant I didn't mind in the least waiting 20mins for the food, drinks were on the table within 2/3 mins.
Give it a try, I really don't think you'll be disappointed.

Andy E           

Ate in here the last day of our holiday (Sat 08/07/06)

I would agree with others that service was extremely slow - we were one of only 3 couples in there, and only had main course, but still took 20+ minutes to arrive.
The food however was faultless - hot, well cooked & presented, and amongst the best that we ate during our holiday.  It wasn't the cheapest meal we had, but neither was it the most expensive.  Given the quality & size of portions, I certainly didn't feel short-changed.
We were served by both a man and woman.  The woman was very smiley.  The man was pleasant.  Neither really engaged us in much conversation or exhibited the usual charm of Greek waiters, but maybe their English was not sufficient for them to do so.  We felt welcome all the same.
Whilst taking our order, the waiter asked if we were English.  Upon confirmation, he changed the restaurant music from traditional Greek to some English pop compilation!  We didn't have the heart to tell him that we preferred the Greek music, but we did ask him to turn it down a little which he did without complaint.


Tingaki Grill is situated on 'bar' street - up past memories bar heading towards the large supermarket.

Kay I           

A bit over priced but then you are right on the beach

Paul M           

As in earlier reviews, uninterested staff, extremely slow service and avereage food. We waited an incredible 35 minutes for our drinks despite being the only people in there at 6.30. We thought this might be due to ordering a few milk shakes for the kids, but 35 minutes ? The food came 15 minutes later so we waited nearly an hour for our meal, which was average at best and served by a non smiling / speaking waitress. Give it a miss .

Michelle H           

What more can I say but RUBBISH, the food was cold and the waitresses were ignorant and couldnt be bothered to speak let alone serve you any food!!!

Emmi R           

Great Food, Great Service, Great Price!! What more could you ask for!!!

Emmi R           

Tingaki Grill was Gorgeous! The food was absolutely faboulous and the staff were great!!


Agree with most of the comments here.

Ate in here once, food was bland and bit cold but the worst was the service - terrible.

Maybe it was an off nite as others in our apartments did enjoy it.
Steaks were very dry and not cooked to how we had requsted.
Couldnt even make the excuse that it was busy as there were only bout 10 people in.
Ended up being most expensive meal of our holiday.
Would defo not go back again.

Melissa N           

My friend and I (both 24 and female) have just come back from 2 weeks in Tingaki and had a BRILLIANT holiday!   But the worst place we ate was Tingaki Grill! 

We were served by girls (most places we were served by very helpful men) and their customer service was very poor. We were not given plates for our bread so we had to cut it on the table! And our food was served about 3 minutes after we ordered it which indicates it could have been cooked ages ago waiting for a rush of people. No one asked us if our meal was ok and everything was just slapped on the table! We both had scampi and it tasted lovely, though some salad would have been nice on the side instead of just chips and a dolop of tar tar! Plus they only gave us about 5 pieces of scampi!! We were so disappointed that the girls were unfriendly that we decided not to leave a tip and never to go back!


Service bad, two waitresses who couldn't be at all bothered. They even took other customers who came in after us before us. Food was bland. Regret going there as there are so many lovely restaurants.

Linda S           

food ok, setting lovely, service terrible, didn't feel at all welcome

Gemma H           

We went here a couple of times and the food was tasty and hot. It was reasonably priced and the service was good.

Chris G           

Not much to say about this place. Decidedly poor! Average surroundings, Abismal service and a very bland meal, meant we quickly crossed this one off our "Recommendation" sheet. Avoid!!Read my full Kos "Holiday Report" at

Sara R           

Well this place is obviously going downhill. The service was worse than poor, the food very average and it wasn't cheap. I wasn't impressed!

Lisa W           

We must've had an off night but we didn't think much to this restaurant, the portions were quite small and we didn't find the staff very enthusiastic, the price was more or less the same as everywhere else but I don't think it was completely worth it. So sorry, perhaps next time we visit we might have a better evening.

Rachel P           

Yum yum yum! Drinkers gyros (pork keebab - real pork meat [not English mechanically reclaimed unidentifiable meat keebab] in a chilli sauce)and souvlaki (swordfish and salmon) are de-lic-ious! You can watch them being cooked. The mixed veg and garlic puree starter is HUGE! Also try the Tomato 'scandal' which is a tom stuffed with feta with chilli sauce cooked in foil and prawn saganaki starter, prawns in cheese and tomato sauce - mmmmm! Ate there 3 times but having had boring meals elsewhere wished we'd gone there more.

Katie P           


Kimberley P           

it was gorgeous food and we never had any complaints we have been their now for the last 2 years and we visited every night.