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Sue B

This is now closed!

Irenka W

Would anybody please be able to tell me what are the meals are like in Tingaki, are they rushed? I have been to a few greek resorts and i find that some of them we felt a bit rush with our meal as they try to get as many people in and out as possible. We like to make a night out of our meal and take our time, but in Zante although the food was fantastic it was a bit rushed as soon as we ordered our food the starter was out within 2mins and when that was taken away our main came out right away not giving us enought time to relax, but when we went to Crete it took a good three hours for us to have a starter main and sometime a sweet, and we took our time and relaxed over some wine. So could anyone tell me what i can expect in Tingaki. Im pregnant this year so im not drinking so our evening meal is quite an imprortant part of our evening.

Angie S          7/10

Just returned from Tingaki last week. We had a couple of meals at the Andreas and they were lovely! Their lemon sole was beautiful, the service was good and they gave us free watermelon. Very good value for money.

Joanne R          3/10

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This looked a nice resturant but the food did not live up to expectations.staff were not so friendly as others we had been in and this was the only one that did'nt offer us a free drink.

Chloe P           

Located in a quiter part of the town but is an attractive restaurant with nice friendly staff. The food was good and reasonably priced and not much waiting around for the meal to come.

I recommend Adreas Taverna to anyone visiting Tingaki!
Chloe x x x x

Jackie S           

Try Andreas for food it is lovely and really good value. Dont ask Tony to take any photos.

Pinkteddy & ninja            

We had several lovely meals at Andreas Taverna and enjoyed them hugely.  You must try their Tatsziki; we felt it was the best in Tigaki

Joyce P           

  Go and see Christos and Tony at this family run Taverna.  The food is excellent and the service is second to none.  Ive been going to the Taverna for the last 10 years every 6 months and I have never had a meal I have not enjoyed.  Try the Garlic Chicken it melts in the mouth and the sweets are delicious.


Sorry Susan, dont know where 1 got Karen from - think a need my holiday now!


We fly out on the 10th as well - Glasgow- so arrive early hours of sunday.
Staying @ the Angela (again). Where you staying?
Defo going to try this restaurant. We went for 2 x 1week stays last year and ate mostly in Rodini - price, food, service and location was great.


Thanks for reply Susan

Will defo give it a try (fly 3 weeks this sat) - cant wait.
Cant understand why I havent seen it before, if its across the road from Angela - the 3 restaurants that were across the road last year were - Christian, Grand Salle & Rodini (our fav).
Will defo have a look out for it and give it a try for an evening meal - my friend is very fussy so good to try where there have been really good reports about the food and service.
Thanks again

Susan W           

Hi Jet, Anreas Taverna is opposite Angela Apartments.  You must visit, definetly worth it, breakfasts are great as well as evening meals.  Tell Christos Susan sent you


Have stayed in tingaki twice (angela apts). Where abouts is this restaurant, reviews are really good and as I am going back in 4weeks thot I might try it. Cant remember ever having seen it tho? Thanks

Carol C           

After visiting Tingaki we have had to comment about the fantastic meals we enjoyed at the Andreas Taverna.  The meals were wonderful and both Christos  and Tony were so friendly and made our evenings there so enjoyable. Try it and see!!!!  Try the Lasagne, cooked superbly and presented well.  Definitely worth a visit, go once and and you will go agsin.

Angie S           

Just come back from Tingaki (again) and tried Andreas Taverna this time....brilliant! The food was beautifully cooked, delicious and very good value. The service was friendly and we couldn't understand why the place wasn't packed! Lets hope this makes a difference!

Susan W           

We have been visiting Tingaki for over 12 years and have always found the Andreas excellent for breakfast, lunches and eveing meals.  The atmosphere is second to none! Christos and Tony make every effort to make your visit and your meal enjoyable, they are excellent hosts.  Try the chicken fillet - scrumptious!!!!!