Lucky Star

Bars in Kos Town

Helena A          10/10

i love Lucky Star, and all the people working there.. Thanos, Terry, Adi, i love you guys so much, and i miss you even more hope you still are gonna be there when im coming back next year... you made my stay perfect guys...

to that one special person, you know i love you, mou lipis agori mou...

Fabia D

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Francy & vanessa

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge   HI everybody!!
   Here we are!!

Francy & vanessa            

we arrive the first of august and we left the 17 and was a very bad day!!!!!!!!!!!!

we saw your photos but we have never saw you around!!
yes maybe we will return working there but we don't know where yet. and we never mind because every pub is ok..the important is being in kos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kisses from italy

Francy & vanessa            

hi tjsha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we have been to kos in august...we left the 17 august and we were so sad because we spent the most beautiful holiday of our life!!!!!
the photo is faboulus,we enjoyed very much with alex and the others guys  from charisma and lucky strike!!!!!!!!
maybe next year we return to kos for working....!!!
francesca and vanessa


click to enlargehey francy&vanessa francy&vanessa

you've been to kos recently? how's alex and everybody from charisma?? i've been there in august and i miss all of them so much especially Alex and Gerry! :)



we were there only two times but we liked it:) the music was really great and the staff also:) kisses for Alex!
take care


Mari J           

The Sports Cafe and Lucky Star was fantastic and made the part of our holiday in Kos.
Greetings to "Terry" and Kostas.
Mari & Tytti

Marcus K           

At first I want to tell the people who are working their, that they where the best. Espacially Anita was a nice Girl and we had a lot of fun with her, when we ordered our drinks by her. The other funny guy was the black one. every time when he saw us, he came to us, spoke with us and maybe drunk with us, when it was late.

Lucky Star: YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Helen & sarah            

We LOVE it!!!!!!

Georgous menWink, Great drinks and food what more can you ask for? Tongue
Already planning are return for next year.

Sam T           

ME mate Andy did Kareoke there when we went in July. He sung Three Times a Lady, and you'll never walk alone. The street went crazy for him! Great bar.

Adele C           

We felt lucky star was expensive and full of sleezy men. The PR's were arogant and crap at their job. There were so many better bars such as heart rock, chrisma, west and saloon tex ... i wouldn't waste ur time goin to lucky star!

Lanies G           

we loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it was fantastic!!we even danced on the bar!!!!!

Sophie J           

The lucky star was brill and made the part of our holiday in kos so special, we really liked it there because all the staff were nice special comments to yannis and to kostas, and the food and drink there was good we really liked there and are hoping to again soon xoxoxo

Karin S           

I just want to make 1 thing clear.. it's not ouristos or something like that.. just Orestis en he is indeed great!  We didn't have to pay our drinks all vacation and when we got the chance to pay one drink because it was our last night, Katharine payed our drink (the girl who does all the money stuff).. we gave them both a small present to remember us by, just because they made our vacation complete! So thanks for all of that and everyone; go to lucky star because you won't regret it! I hope I get the chance to go back there, I miss it already

Michelle B           

Me and my sister Paula went there, the Barmen Orestis and Andreas are well fit but they know it and they like to blag us poor tourists, WOTEVER, but hey we got free drinks for 5 nights. The Albanian girl who is the bosses wife is ace. Andreas and Orestis if you read this you are RUBBISH MALAKAS xxx


As always Lucky Star is the greatest place in the world! And all the sexy men, you are great. Love you all!

Monique S           

Hello, I had a really great time in kos also thanks to you boys from lucky start, It was fun to help you get people in one evening. and john speed is the nicest cowboy i've ever seen. big kiss, see you in holland maybe, Monique

Ritva M           

why don't you have locks on the toilet doors?

Pamela M

Is there any dress code for men in the clubs on Kos, and which is the best? cheers alot


oh! we LOVE Lucky Star, it is the best place in the world. We love all the people who work there. I really miss all of Lucky.
Lots of kisses to all.....and of course my guy.......


Very nice...=)Hang in there bartenders!!!

Stefanie W           


Stefanie W           

Lucky Star was great!! Dancing on the bar...there's nothing better than that!
Love to the bartenders who gave us very nice cocktails ;).
Maybe I will see you next year..don't forget to freeze yourself for about 10 years..I will wait for you!
Kiss Stefanie

Kimberly C           

we loved this bar! the music was great 2 dance 2, we mainly started off their and its great 2 do so as the music is just fun 2 dance to and gets you in the mood for a great night out in Kos, the cocktails were very very very nice and they tasted even nicer when they were free...make friends with the sexy barmen and they will treat you 2 a few free cocktails! auristos (if thats how u spell it) was sooo nice he was really sweet and gorgeous too, we loved him (he was the barman) one of our favourite bars in kos town! i reccomend a visit n i can guarantee that ul have a gr8 time! i wanna go back there!!