Bars in Kos Town


Hey Ralfy its katie do you remember me. come away in august with gemma, we wer the manic monday girls(u played it for us) Friends with derick. How ya doin chick?

Ralf V           

For sure the best Disco Club of Kos just excellent including swimming pool and the best tunes of Kos


heaven was abit quiet for my liking but so was the whole of kos. Atleast they play good tunes there n all d staff r cool, toe, derick n george. Any1 got contacts for these guys? gizza buzz at katiey03@hotmail.com cheers. neva gota say goodbye :(

Alexandra A           

Music in Heaven is amazing!!!!!!!

Vesa P           

A definite must see. Most likely the biggest of all night clubs on Kos. Just be prepared to end up in to the pool at some point during the night...

Steven S           

If you want to visit Kos island,you cannot possibly miss Heaven Club!

Sam B           

It was not Heaven to me