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Steve Mcgrath          10/10

billys bar in kos town is well worth a visit  always  a good laugh  the booze and food are cheap  and billy is always welcoming  plenty of music to suite any nationality ! so if your in kos town pay billy a visit ! you wont regret it !

Vleema T          10/10

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Vleema T          10/10

click to enlargeThe original Billys Bar opened in Kardamena in 1977. And then in 2001 it moved to Kos Town. And it's still there, and Billy is still going strong. There is now a Facebook page (BILLYS BAR KOS). Please join and share memories and photos of the wonderful, wild, happy, crazy night spent with Billy. If you're in Kos Town the bar is off of the main square by the harbour, in Ferraiou Street. Hope to see you there. Cheers

Hugh Jarcencock

are you people talking about this Billy who is now in kos town after the people and police of kardamena basically wanted him out of town as his bar was TOO much fun?

Alan M          10/10

billys bar has moved vasillias still runs it and its still brilliant but its now situated behind the garden bar and shares a pool with the lydia appartments already missing it and cant wait for next year

Paul W          10/10

Just found this site! I was on another forum and we started to talk about lads holidays, and Kardamena came up. I mentioned Billy's bar to see if anyone else had heard of it - they all had! I was there in 1992, and it was unforgettable - it was totally mad, and they used to give out musical instruments to "play along with" whatever the DJ was playing. Anyone know if it's still around?

Richard E          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge i worked for billy way back in 1991 and it was the best job i ever had ..many wonderful memories.. 

Chanel           10/10

billys bar! wow wot memorys in there... so friendly n great p**s ups! "white-wine-n-lemonade!" my fav bar in the fandabiidociousssss kardamena! lurviin the free vodka ice shots! n free cocktails afta a siing song on kareoke machine! miss u loads david n billy! <3

 cya soon! hopefully :) ooo n roy can't waiit to "doitmyway!" lol

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<3 heres a piiki ov my nan n david <3

Kelly H           

Here are some photo's from our holidays ............

Helen R           

Billys is fab. What can i say, good music and good songs to sing with Sarah and Kelly (see below). We loved the cocktails and the company. Luke my fella liked the footy while the girls danced the night away. It was nice to have bar staff - Elen - serves the quikest drinks in town. Nickos - makes the best cocktails in town, David talks the most to the ladies. If you want a good time Billys the best place to go.

Kelly H           

If your flying out to Kardamena any time soon make sure you stop off at Billy's Bar. Me and my friend Sarah had a fantastic time and spent all week there singing our hearts out, dancing like no one was watching and making loads of friends. Billy is great and really looks after his customers, so much so that a lot of the people we spoke to go back year after year. I'm quite the karaoke singer (especially after a couple of Mataka's and cokes) and after every song you get a free shot, I choose amareta! The bar staff are really friendly and learnt us some greek - none of which I will repeat at this moment. Even David out on front managed to smile occasionally. We made so many new friends, we are still in contact with them now. If you bump into Billy say Hi from us and tell him I will never forgive for the trick he played on me (if he approaches with a coin and plate, run for your life!!

Kelly xxx

Sarah O           

Me and my friend Kelly have just come back from Kardamena and loved it!!!  We spent every night in Billy's Bar - whoever said it was quiet obviously wasnt there when we were.  We did the old Karaoke thing - (bit of Black Velvet and Papa dont Preach) and plenty of dancing - if you were there September 18th for a week Im sure you'd remember us.  We'd recommend it to anyone as a really friendly place with a buzzing atmosphere and once you've been there one night I can guarantee you'll return for the rest of your nights.  We were really sad to leave.

(oh and does anyone have any decent pics of Nik - he doesn't pose well!)

Elaine S           

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Hi its me again - just a couple more piccies to add.  I hope somebody at Billy's bar looks at this website!! Will you post a comment so I know you've got them. Ellie - you are such a poser!!!Is there a website or email address for Billy's bar? Vasilis did give Paul what looks like a website but it is not recognised when I type it in - I have tried all sorts of variations.  Please let me know.  Elaine & Paul xxx

Elaine S           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeBilly's Bar is the best bar in Kardamena. We were in there every night and loved it. Although it was quiet, everyone was brilliant and we are missing you all like crazy. Hope Gary is still singing along to Mustang Sally!!! Paul is still speaking Greek to unsuspecting victims ( I am sure you know what I mean Vasilis, David and Nik).Wish we were still there and look forward to seeing you all next year. Make sure you are all there - David, Nik, Nassia (probably spelt wrong), Ellie and last but not least Billy!!!!  If we win the lottery, we will be back to see you sooner - some hope!!! I have added some of the piccies we tookPS. David - sorry for smacking you so hard on our last night but you are a bad boy!!!!  Elaine and Paul

Tony N           

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 Me and the ex were here june 05 one of best bars in the place.great cocktails. the barmaids Anna and the polish one were damn sexy.Hope to be back in sept 06.

Paula B           

i worked in billys bar for a couple of months this year and thought it was brill everybody was so nice and i loved billy to pieces. cant wait 2 go back next year.

Paul S

All the family will miss lisa,paul and billy.Paul,Julie,Jamie,Thomas and Matty.

Paul S           

got back on 7-8-05.fantastic pub,karoke bar,sports bar,not enough Leeds shirts hung up though.All the family will miss Lisa and Paul,they were outstanding,Billy wasnt bad either,nice bloke.All the best Paul,Julie,Jamie,Thomas and Matthew.

Julie S           

   We were in Billy's every night. We met some fantastic people and had such a laugh. The staff were brilliant. Hi to Lisa,Nicky,Jenny,Paul(who has sadly gone home) David, Billy and the Geordie lasses, mustn't forget Mike. Missed you all as soon as we were back in the UK and wished we were back there.    

love to you all Julie and Lisa xxxx

Shane L           

One of the cheapest and the best places to start your night! Have many screens with football constanly on!! Lovely comfy big chairs and for a family bar the music is farily good. All of the staff are genuinely nice- Paul, David and Lisa esepcially!!

Zoe B           

Your trip to kardamena is not complete unless you have visited billy and his bar. Your nites here will be unforgetable i know mine are. fantastic cocktails, karoke and as for atomsphere you've not experienced anything like it. The staff are fabulous i love them all. Love it can't wait to go back next year.


Does anyone know Kevin who worked at Billys at the beginning of last season? He was friends with Martin, the dj there. If so, can u tell me how i can get in contact with him coz i left without saying goodbye. Thanks!

Debbi C           

We were in Kos for 2 weeks and we were in Billy's bar every single night . Our holiday wouldn't have been the same without Billy's Bar , Billy and all his staff Zoe, Michelle, Paul, Dave, Martin(dj) and Wayne were all very friendly. While we were there,there were 3 dancers dancing with everyone outside on the street which was really fun. Great place for children as there is Karaoke . We hope to go back to Kardamena in the summer holidays and Billy's Bar will be one of the first places we go to .


Hi guys its chalkie here, just got back into England(had quite a few problems) but trying to get back in touch with people, if any body does remember me contact
Cheers guys

Nicholas W           

does anyone know a chris doe from romford who worked at billys bar (took a break for a while and worked for me in South Africa before going back) chris, get in touch you old git