Heart Rock

Bars in Kos Town

Peter V          10/10

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hey guys thanks again for the splendid hols and will be back deff.next jear.will send some pics with it so u know who this is.greets pete

Nicolien D           

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Heart Rock bar was really cool!!! Especially dancing on the bar  and drinking Sex on the beach + shots. Dimitri, we love you to, haha  

Steph S           

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Im leaving the uk in 2 days to work at heart rock and i cant wait

im coming over on my own
so hopefully will meet lots of nice people
CANT WAIT !!! Look out for me !! If any one else is working there this summer message me

Mike R           

what a laugh !!!!!  after a bit of a funny start in coz this bar and all the staff turned out to be fanf**kintastic,totaly one of the best bars, highly recomended if you wanna have a grin.......... thanks again guys and girls.... especialy graham for taking us to the big screen england game, and pointing us in the direction of all the best beaches.


Adele C           

We really liked the heart rock ... was good cocktails and good prices. The PR's were really cool aswell especially Lisa, Lee and Ashley!  Everyone was so friendly and funny and by the end of the holiday we were known as the regulars... one of the best bars!

Dan A           

By far the best bar in Kos Town.  The music was cool and the PR's were really friendly.  Definitely one I'd recommend.  Cheers! 

Daisy R           

It's the best club in Kos you could ever find. It is just what you want if you are looking for a great time tp party and have a laugh. All the staff are great too. Cheers guys xxx

Laura, and lucy            

HEY this bar rocks! especially when you spend your time with  the first choice twenties reps! lol we played some good games and the music is good! their really friendy in here!

Bryony M           

Will be working in Heart rock club this summer (june-sept). Anyone's whos worked there before... is it close to the beach and whats the accommodation like?! cheers xx

Joe T           

love this place.best bar in kos.tommy,graham,all the girls.thanks for a wicked season miss u all joe first choice rep

Matthew R           

This is the best bar in Kos Town, 2 for 1 cocktails, free shots and you should try the austrian shot (i think its called Krol82) it was 82percent proof and it blows your head right off - perfect for starting the evening. Jenny was the highlight of my week, although Austrilian Guy out front was good laugh.


we really like the guy from NIEUWEGEIN!!

Claudio F

hello i'am italian bartender i would like wark in kos this summer.. i begin this wark three mounths ago'.. i have nice look i'm 190 and very funny.. let me know your request.. hella'

Samantha B           

Hey all!! I'm working in Heart rock this year....so look out for me, I'm Sam (Babe!!!)....18 currently an air hostessbut coming out for some fun in the sun!!! Cya out there!!! xxxx

Hannah S           

It was very nice Buy one get one free on cocktails and free shots

Arie S           

This place was cool the first day we where in Kos, but later it was ok... not good, not bad

Dan N           

I went to Kos last year and i am going back this year. Heart Rock was the best bar in bar street the atmosphere and music was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jeanine C           

Hi, this summer (2003) four of my cousins and I danced on the bar at heart rock and enjoyed it very much. An experience we never forget!

Sjaak R           

we went to this bar a couple of times because the other bars were too crowded and we needed a little bit of space. the atmosphere here was quitte good. i liked it

Lawrence E           

I was working here in the summer of 2002. I go to Kos every year due to having family there and every year HEART ROCK is the best which is why i was there for the summer. For anyone who visited the bar i was the one always wearing a baseball cap. P.s, I only put there were a load of hunks there coz i was one of em (he he)

Jaana K

I would like to know if anyone knows the address of this bar or any other bar on the barstreet?is it possible to send some mail?