The Doors

Bars in Kos Town

Noa M          10/10

Hey me & my friends were in vaction in Kos, we went to the doors club, and we very liked it. the music, the people, everything was great. and Martin is a very nice person we liked him. Bye bye from israel

Emma W          10/10

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yaaaaay was in here nearly every night after wrk!!! loved this place, its a confy place to sleep wen drunk

Huw D          10/10

 I need to get hold of Ivan who works here (below left). He tried to text me but i didn't receive it, and therefore please could he email me.

Also, i'd like to say a big hello to all the girls, who were awesome, especially "my favourite!"
Huw from Wales x
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Martina S           

Hi, I, often, remember my trip to Kos, and above all, the club the Doors. I have gone in this summer with my friend Damijana.
We are found there very well.
I must admit, that this trip doing, we have recognized our true character. It is not, that didn't know it before, but there was difficult to show it in front of the others.
Best regards to Manos, to the blonde boy and others, that I don't remember the name.  We thank you for your liking and gentleness.

for Manos: I hope that you have received my letter. If yes, tries to answer me, at least to know, if you have received her. Do as believe better!
Sorry, for my English.


Elina and laura            

We love the Doors thanks to you Yannis! So when are you going to open another Doors in Nijmegen, we're waiting for it (don't forget to bring all the employees)? As ever we had a great time in Kos and especially the Doors. Since we have an addiction for the staff you'll see us next year...(make sure the miniscuulbaardige and LaMars are still working there!)

Elina & Laura

Astrid J           

hey!!! i just came home from kos one week ago. I already want to go back. i miss the sun (it has been raining non-stop since I got home), the beach, barstreet, all the great people!!! and i have to say that doors music bar is awesome, you totally have to stop by if you ever are in kos. :D i loved the music, the drinks and the people. awesome! and manos is really funny, and his kiwi fishbowl is jummy! lykketroll

Melanie P           

he guys!!!

the time in kos was great, especially in the doors. i'm miss it really!
bye mel

Rebbecca H           

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 The Doors we didnt really drink here that much but we always popped in to say hello to igor, who is coming to stay with shelley for the winter awwww
although you should deffinatley get rid of the girl who just points at seats- doesnt really get the customers in now does it...
see u next year

Melanie P           

hey guys!

i'm back in switzerland and i realy miss kos, and the doors! i had a great time here!!!! it was a miracle!
specially greets for Ivan

Claire T           

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Hi Manos & Yanis!

You might remember us, we were the accountants tearing up the street and dancing and bringing in your customers!!
Me (the girl you thought was 18!!) and Vicky had a great time and didn't want to come back! Manos you are gorgeous and I liked your spirit, you are really good fun to be around.
Left a pic of the huge cocktail you made us!
Drop us an email if you want a trip to Portsmouth, UK, we can show you all the sites!
Claire & Vicky xxx

The B           

click to enlargeHaai Manos and Igor! We met you when we were hitch hiking... We think you are the most beautiful guys we met in Kos. We liked spending our time with you guys. Especially the skinny dipping and the time we had in The Doors... It was a nice bar. Great people... Stay happy as you are! Enjoy life!!! And if you want to have some sex, just come tot Belgium... xxx the Belgium chicks from Ghent

Viola C           

me and my frien Nicol were here in holiday this summer.The Doors is the better place where you can go in Kos to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!rock music and good drinks.ALL FOR YOU!!!!

We have meet beautiful people like Igor ( our little DOGGY STYLE, we'll miss you!), Manos ( proprio un bel fighetto!-no manos sul culos- ) but also a stupid people like blond barman (I asked to him all the night to come with me but he always says TOMORROW and after he went with a terrible girl ) and Dimitri. This last is a beautiful guy but is so idiot. In Italy we say "Ta set an poer bagai!" 
bye bye Viola

Dean M           

hi my namez dean i work in the doors bar for 2 weeks while i was on holiday and thought it was gr8. people who were over there on the 10 of july to the 25th of july probally met me i was the ginga 1 da was tryin 2 mc and making a compleate fool of my self when i was pissed. but hey who cares it was fun lol any1 got the number or email adress id like 2 av it so i can get contact fankz from dean da essex boi........!!!!!!

Nicola S           

Have just got back from kos having had the time of my life.  The doors bar is fantastic we went there every night and the bar staff were great, Igor, Manos and especially Ivan, they all made us have the best time.  Would really like to keep in touch with Ivan.  If anyone should see him please pass on my email address

Alice S           

I absolutely loved Doors, the staff were really friendly, the drinks were good and the music was great! My favourite bar on bar street. Does anyone know if it has a website, or of anywhere I can get information about it?

 Missing Kos already!

Gemma H           

really cool bar, great music and we got hammered. really cool guy from leicster worked ther called dave, funny and cute. coming back next year. xx

The T           

the doors is the place to be in bar street and the whole island!!!

the best staff:
the best manager...
yiannis ("the boss")
the best prs
igor ("the dreamer")
manos ("the unbalanced")
yiorgos ("s**t happens")
ivan ("it's giulio and?")
the cutest girls..
kristina ("beauty is in the eye of the beholder")
carolina ("parents bark but never bite..")
... and all the people i met there...
... almost made me forget that i don't like rock music *that much*....
all the best to you all, guys, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
see ya next year, in italy, somewhere... who knows?????
giulio and fabrizio (a.k.a. fabriaco fabriano fabrilio fab-with-whatever-else)

Lars J           

Doors have the cutest bartender ever,the beautiful russian girl Christina!!! Say halo to Igor from me,and if Fred is still there tell him iīll se him soon,when he comes to see us her in Norway!Hugs from Lars at fredīs beach:) OH HOW I MISS KOS!!!!!!!!!

Susanne R           

Weīve been in the doors last summer and we also know the two guys who are mentioned that often: Manus and Igor!

So are they still working there? i think they do well in making beautiful eyes to all the girls, they do very well in it
but they are two very nice guys, thatīs true!
maybe you can tell me if they are still working there and if they are still having so much fun with all the girls :) bye, susi

Stine M

Hey! I was just wondering if anyone had Linus's number?! if you have it can you please send it to me or something?? that would be grate! love love

Stine M           

I love that bar!! And I miss everything about it,especally Linus (or something)! I love you! I miss you sooo much and i so want to come back next year!! Kiss kiss!

Stine M           

The Doors is a grate bar!! everything is excellent! You just have to pay that bar a visit! but to be honest I did not go there because i liked the drinks, but because Linus(or somthing) worked there! he is such a hunk! So when your there say hei to him for me!! he he have fun!!

Steph C

Hello! I've just come back from the best holiday ever in KOS. Doors was fab, met a guy called Joe who worked there, does anybody have a number for him they could pass on to me?

Voula X           


Susanna&lotta&kira V           

hey everyone at doors!!!!

it was our favourite bar in kos, you were the best ppl ever!!! Igor, we love you and manos or mano, (we don't know which it is...=P) you rock;) we are so coming back...and all u finnish guys, we envy you...c u all next summer=) kisses and hugs...the finnish girls who were there every single day;) in the beginning of may...=P
love you!