Bars in Kos Town

Dennis K           

we been last summer to kos and every night we go there because is the most cool place and they have very nice atmosphere .is 100meters before the bar street at the harbour . the bar sreet is s**t we didnīt like it . camel is the place to be .

all the dutch (and not only ) go to camel and  party party party party party ....

Taisha X           

Ok so the camel bar is full of dutch people and other nationalities do feel like they are not welcome. the thing is the majority of poeple that go to kos are dutch. but i think that the camel bar should be more nationality friendly.Not all waitresses are Dutch and not all Bar staff are Dutch. the music needs to be more varied and everynight we started off there it felt like we were listening to a repeat CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!i mean come on!!!!!. how many different artists are there that you only got to play the same tunes over and over. Variation is the best policy and i hope the manager Tony knows that. Apart from that Cocktails AWESome by George and Emelie is Fit and SAM and LIZZIE>>>>>>>>>>>>THE BEST WAITRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY KNOW HOW TO PARTY AND WILL PARTY WITH YOU.

Peter V           

The camel bar is a very good place to party with dutch people.
Its not in the bar street but it isn't very far from the bar street.
If you have any questions about it you can reach me at:

Abby B           

unless we had made other plans for a night we spent every night of our holiday there, we espeacially love sam the best waitress anyone could ask for


I was on Kos for 2 weeks and almost every night we were here. It is a very nice place.

Guido L           

That's the really ducth place to party on kos .People there ,they realy know ,how to do great  parties every night .The swidish girl who work outside is the best looking girl on kos .

Dennis S           

The girls of camel bar is the most nice girls of the island !!!They have deffenetly the best and the most good looking staff of kos !!

Robbin D           

The best music in kos !!!The best parties in kos !The best bar in kos ! The best staff in kos !Everybody must go there ! We love this places ! Is the most cozi place in kos town !!!

Bart D           

We like it so so so much !!! We think is the best place in all europe !!It is so nice people working there !

We go again and again and again !CAMEL BAR THE BEST BAR IN KOS !!!

Daan V           

The best music and chicks of Kos, there is no better place than the Camel bar! you've got to go there if you come to Kos!

Milios K           

If you have been to the Camel bar you don't want to go to the barstreet anymore because the people who work behind the bar and outside are the best and nicest people on Kos and they play the best music in Kos town!!!! EVERYBODY MUST GO TO THE CAMEL BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee C           

a nice looking bar but the owners think there cool ? ha ha ha , same music, same drinks, same greek guys trying to pull blonde girls , send the dj and the owners to london to see how the profesionals do it.


We 've seen so much better places to party and drink!!!

Arie D           

every night the same music....

Karla B           

we only came here one night and i got so drunk and cud barely stand! thankfully however me and my 3 girlfriends didnt spend a penny in this bar and it was hillarious to see all the dutch having to pay for there drinks while us english who were in their bar were being handed free shots every few minutes! was that just because we was dancin on the bar and the p**vy waiter was servin drinks through my legs... i think so! was a good laugh but we was dancin to sum crap tunes that nite!

Kirsten W           

we thought that the bar itself lacked atmosphere and the drinks were very expensive. for the money we paid, you would be better finding a traditional greek taverna nad getting drunk twice as fast!!!

Nikos N           

This is the best bar in Kos I've been... Big party every night good music nice and friendly staff. I don't know who is running this place but he has got to be a good manager!!!!!!


I was here every night for one or two hours!!! And it was a big party inside, but after two hours it's boring, and you must go to another bar

Sjaak R           

well the more we come the better the camel got. we had some really nice partys overthere.


the dutch guy on the door called kaspa is so so fit, the bar's not that great but worth it just to see the fit dude!!

Gertjan N           

I am Dutch and i didnt like the Camel either, most of the Dutch are party guys (including myself) but from time to time you meet a group who is aggressive and a-social just like any other nationality so dont think to much of it and go to the next bar.

Ger T           

What a hole. staff where not friendy and the dutch lads were abuseive and agressive. not a place to go unless your dutch, they didnt like outsiders. just walk past it you wont miss much

Hanna A           

The best bar in town. Great atmosphere and nice workers! ;)