Blues Brothers

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Joanne L

click to enlargeI was visiting kos town with my cousin back in 1993 roughly and we met a guy called Chris who worked at blues brothers we kept in touch for a while but eventually lost touch he was from New Zealand and would love to hear from him again

Joanne L

I was visiting kos town back in 1993 roughly and there was a guy who worked there called Chris we kept in touch for a little while, but eventually lost touch he was a great guy and would like to catch up with him again if possible he was from New Zealand, If any one has any news of his where abouts would be great

Daniel M

blues brothers bar is a nice bar but the staff are not nice people because they would not make me a milkshake the said the chef was not on 2 make them it the big a**e hole went there twice in 2 week the first day and the last and finnaly he made my milkshake the lazy get best bar in koz is sunburt arms b 52 mikys and theres more

Keith F          8/10

fantastic place to have a drink and the bar staff are great.

Emma W          10/10

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i worked at blues brothers last year and had a fantastic time! jacub was the best boss ever, and the drinks were great, thnx nicos!

haha yaaaay
unsure about goin bk this yr  but defo 4 a hol so we'll see what happens!!

Matthew P           

The people working there were very friendly and the drinks where amazing!! Best place to start the night before hitting bar street, they also run a great boat trip which is well worth it. 

Danny and leigh R           

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keep your eyes peeled for captain mythos too, and his trusty side kick mythos pup

Danny and leigh R           

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p.s if your in kos print out the 3 pics below and show them to costas, your on for a shed load of shooters if you do, tell him dan and simo sent you, youl love it thank you costas hope still got the shirt on even though england lost, any posts when u get bk or pics of costas would be greatly welcomed, get in there and get the free shots,

Danny and leigh R           

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right on the harbour, top bar costas the prob will look after you, a great guy as were all the bar maids, great tunes great atmosphere and great shots with your round, costas will sort that for u, just say free drink mate, captain mythos sent me, a top bar to hit before you go clubbing thank you costas and co

Nick P           

1 of the best loads better than star n sports bars they dont lie 2 u 2 get u in like the others about  the football being in english.Shame they got shut down 4 my 2nd week 4 being 2 good and opend back up the day i went home.15/06/06CUM ON ENGLAND LETS GET THAT CUP BACK.     NICK KATH ADON BECKS DAY  REECE TANYA


My boyfriend and I visited this bar most nights on our two week holiday. We loved it! The music is fantastic and the staff are lovely (especially Merie the Finnish waitress...she was a peach!). I would definitely recommend this bar. We miss you, Blues Brothers!

Sian W           

This is the best place to go, the cocktails are excellent and all the staff are friendly and welcoming.  We went here practically every night and had a great time.


Absolutley fantastic bar to start the night off before bar street, musics great, staff are really friendly and theres a great atmosphere, to me one of the best bars in Kos Town alongside The Four Roses.

Joanne G           

My sister and I have just come back from Kos and thought the Blues Brothers bar was fantastic! Cocktails were great value for money and all the bar staff were so friendly and funny and always made our evening! We spent every evening chatting, laughing out loud and drinking the many many free shots and certainly couldn't complain about the friendly, flirty banter with a couple of very sexy, very lovely, vary charming English guys (you know who you are), who were also extremely helpful and gentlemanly during a small crisis on our last day, what more can you ask for...?? This bar was definately the place to be for us, we were regulars there every night during our holiday and were very sad to say goodbye!

Ian B           

Came back from Kos 21st October and Blues Brothers was great,I have 4 Children and these were given free Soft drinks and were welcome there all night!!!! Great!!! Great!!! Great!!!

Karen J           

Very good bar playing lots of 80's/90's music.Great atmosphere!Very friendly bar staff.We went there several times during our holiday in September as we felt comfortable there.
Great if you are 30+ and want to escape the young crowd.
Well worth a visit.

Nienke D           

We liked it very much! Theo was the niced, friendliest bartender at Kos!

Julian and julie M

Can someone let us know if this is where Theo works?? He used to work in Tingaki at the Mascot.
We're coming to Kos soon and would like to catch up with him.
Many thanks

Francis G           

This was the best place to go to before Bar Street and they serve the best cocktails, as you actually get decent measures, unlike many other places! The average to pay for a cocktail is 6 Euros, which equates to 3.60-70, they are pricey, but at BB, you know you've had a decent, strong cocktail. There are incentives of free shots if you drink here, so it's worth it. Irish girl Natalie was wonderful and very chatty and freindly, and Panos was a good chap, as were all the bar staff and waitresses, highly recommended. Plus, good view of the harbour!

Peter B           

Cocktails were awesome, women serving you even better, however the service was completley diabolical!

Go next door to the Mexican and Sports Cafe! ; )

Paul L           

i worked here and i loved the place!worked with some of the best people,kostas,teo,nicoli,orla,soph,emma,nat,jacob,orla,rox and the boss george, i luv ye all!! c ya next year!for any1 visitin kos this is da place 2go. massive drinks,brilliant music and loads of class women every nite!! met so many cool people during the summer here! this place f*ckin rocks!!

Kimberly C           

i loved this bar!! it was great! the music was spot on, it was great song after song and everyone obviously agreed because most of the bar was shakin their tails wherever they stood! the staff was very nice especially martin and paul who was great! i loved their accents how sexy was it (irish accent that is) i loved it!! this bar had loadz of atmosphere and the drinks were gorgeous (double sized cockatils and free shots!!) at a reasonable price! what more can u ask for? defiantly worth a vist probably our favourite bar in Kos we made sure we were there every night!!

Karla B           

This was by far one of our favourite bars in kos when we went last month. You had great music, strong but tasty double sized coctails and 2 cute irish lads, Martin and Paul, who were always a great extra to see at night. Be careful tho not to go to this bar untill bout 12 as the musics more soft than partying and theres still familys drinkin on the premises! Not too good when u wanna party! The Blues brothers is great and we always made sure we went every nite we was out!

Lisanne K           

it was really fun in the blues brothers bar! we get the free shots every night! we were there four nights! the music is great!!!

Leanne E           

went to kos with 15 others and we absolutely loved this bar! cocktails are massive and well worth it, music was ok (lots of chessy pop mixed in with old classics) and it wasn't short of good looking lads!