Bars in Kos Town

Marika B

I miss Kos so much.. I worked there summer '06 and again '07 but not for as long as i wanted.. I have lost touch with everyone but would love to go back next summer as soon as i can in the new year.. Charisma or Wild Bull please get in touch!!

I want my job back  my email is if anyone has anything that will help me to sort something out that would be great
Hope to see the old gang again.. xx

Triinu E          9/10

click to enlargeright... nice. i'm coming back, this summer!

Taija V

i had wonderfull time in kos! i loved barstreet and charisma was one of the best bars in there!  im going back to kos and im going to have so much fun and party all night long with my sister!  bartenders were great when they gave as free shots and drinks  i just cant wait until i can see all guys again and feel that feeling i had in barstreet!!!!

Stacey L          10/10

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hay guys just c*m bk from kos after workin out there last yr n holiday this yr. still the best place ever love charisma. ur all great thatx 4 a great holiday

Lisa S          10/10

I visited Kos last year had a wicked time, can anyone tell me if Emillio is still there me and my friends are coming back in August, cant wait

Also Antonio but dont actually know where he worked but was good friends with Eillis
Cant wait to see you all again

Tom M          10/10

Hi everyone at charisma (Ellis + Jenny, John + Stevie), me and my girlfriend penny went to kos on the 25th of may for a week and spent most of our nights in charisma. we had such a great time. we'd just like to thank you all for making our holiday so good.



I'm looking for a girl named Daisy. She's from the Netherlands and she was working last summer at the beach. I think the name of the place was Woodstock. I met her in barstreet in Charisma. I noticed some comments from her on this site. Does anyone know Daisy, can someone help me to get in contact with her?? Thanx anyway.

Greetz, Martijn

Alexander H

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here are some nice pics of lats week 30sept till 4 okt

first pic me marco and the the big boss
second pic me diliana and marco
we had a great time in next year we will be back for sure

Alex H

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hey i wan t to say i had agreat time in kos lost week 30 sept till 4 okt.

dilyane your e the bomb. i m gld that i med you hopfolly i see you in march. ypu got my number call me or send me a message my email is


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Hey i remember you alright, you and your friend were rocking da place not too long ago!  I have diliana's phone number, email me and ill sent it on to you!

Tjasa           10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge just wanna say hy to our scheating husband, emilio, the king and all other :) it was great meeting you! :) kisses from slovenian grlsss :)

Stephanie P

heey everybody

i'm back in holland.
i miss kos...!!!!
kisses stephanie

Fleur V

I work in barstreet and I'm sure that if you come back over you'll have a job. Have you got a picture? I can ask my boss if he wants some more staff. You left the message a few weeks ago but are you still looking?

Let me know!

Marika B

heey erica,

omg i reallllly cnt w8 to come to kos not long now wahey, 27th whoop.
i need to know the room number so that i know where to defo go when i get there! i'm really nervous about c*min lol n wana no everything hehe! god i hope elis isnt goin to kick of  he already kicked of bout me workin in wild bull lol... oh well!!! never mind hehe.
yeeeey cant wait, u do know that u have to look after me when i'm out there  anyway cya soon hun, gona be ace!!
love marika

Marika B

hi erica,

no way, when r u c*min england? i really wana go greece this year but dont think i will have anyone to go with  i'm sooo sad about it, i miss that place so much (shame i cant say the same bout the people. well one person in particular) ugh, but if any of u think of a way i could come please let me know .
erica hope to hear of u as soon as ur here, my mum is doing brilliantly by the way, on the mend & back at home yeeey.
speak soon everyone


Hi all

Greetings from Holland i am a toerist and fisit Kos many times.
I always walk tru the barstreet and fisit the bars, i only wanne say
i like this site and the pictures i know some off them and this
year i fisit kos again in august.  grtz Piet.

Sara A

i had the best time at kos, i  met this boy but i think hes forgotten all about me,maybe someday ill  meat him again,but still it was nice holiday :)

Marika B

hey erica,

shes getting better now, shes out of intensive care and onto a normal ward thank god it will be a slow process but shes done it  it will only be me coming this year tho because my mum wont beable to fly this yr n prob wont b ready to go away jst yet anyway but i will b there to c ya all, when r u going? am goin bout june/july. speak sn anyway  hi to evry1 else aswell


hi marika

  how are you? sorry to hear about ur mom i hope she gets bettre soon give her my love will you hope you and ur family are ok look after ur self speack 2 u soon kim xxx


hi steve,

how are you? yeah i remember u how are you and hows ur brother? u come wiv ur friend 2 didnt u ?? i'm not going back this year might go on holiday tho not to sure see how i feel where u going to work? hope you have fun over there i really wanted to go out this summer o well :(

Marika B

hey everybody!!!

sorry havnt been in touch for a while, my mum is in intensive care and very very ill. hopefully she will be better for the summer and i will defo be bringing her with me again, if any of you no where i can get a job this year then let me no... dont fancy working in charisma again
how is every1 doing then? sorry i didnt go to manchester fi n hannah  as soon as i mum is out of hospital and back on the mend i will be taking her to manchester for a day trip to c u guys .
erica see u still arguing with elis huh  havnt heard of him for a while thought we could still stay in touch oh well, i aint having much luck with lads at the mo must have pushover written on my forehead lol never mind! i ended up dropping out of college and i am going to go back next september, my mum will need alot of looking after anyway!
anyway take care all of u and keep in touch 07908741931... hope to see u all in the summer i will be coming if i am in either june or july, take care  xxx


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hi erica how are you? i aint spoke to u for a while what have u been up 2? wots ur mobile number so we can keep in contact i've got so much to tell you... hello to everyone else that knows me 2..

Fleur V

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Hi everyone and Erika in particular!

I hope you read this because I tried to reach you on you're phone but you didn't pick up.. Hope you are doing ok? How was you're trip to Mark? And have you got a job yet? Still going back to Greece this year?
What a load of questions ..
So I just got my own appartment! Living together with a good friend.. The one who visited me in Kos.. It's a 3 bedroom appartment so it's quite big!! So if you and Jenny are thinking about coming to Holland you can stay in my appartment!
I'm going to save up my money so I can still come to Kos this year and pay for my appartment back in Holland..
I will try to call you again in a few days..
Hope you are ok and I miss you!
Byee sweatheart!


i was there this summer and i enjoyes myself very well there,drink alot of cocktails and then up to the next bar!!

Was great,this summer i will be working at Kos!!
Greetings Kel


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its nice to hear from all of you did anyone go to the reuion? i couldnt go cuz i had aninterview a day after ...
fi and hanna we will have to meet up and go out in manchester we can get everyone together...
marca- i'm glade ur ok and say a big hello to your mom and ur sister and i'm sorry to hear u have finished with elis but i no u can do i alot better then him
get back to me soon really nice to hear from u all