Restaurants in Kardamena

Teresa S

Gill Crossley wanted to know if this was still open. We went to Kardamenia 2008 and it was closed

Gill C

Coming back to Kardamena next week (haven't been for a couple of years)
Does anyone know what amazon is like now?
Do they still have same deals - is it still amazon - no-one ever mentions it now and it used to be such a brilliant place. Any Comments?

Joanne P          10/10

brill went there alot ... mega gud deal... 20euro for 3 course meal n drink as much as u like for 6 hrs :).... awsum xx

Ian S          5/10

Went here every night again when we went last may but when we went in october - oh dear NO STAVROS  just not the same although the other staff are still as good but the place is defintely missing Stav for the wonderful entertainment he used to provide.

Lindsay M           

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went to amazon twice in 2 weeks. We got the all inclusive drink and meal deal. Out of 6 of us only 1 person didnt enjoy it.

We had to laff at Nikoluas our "personal waiter" esp when he asked me if i'd like to eat my dessert off a plate or from his body.......
its worth going even if you just drink your 20 euros worth!

Rebecca B           

this in the best restaurant in kardamena to go,me and my best friend charlotte went in may (2006). the food in amazin, you get so much for your money and it is top quility food,trust me.we felt so guilty cause we couldnt eat it all you get get all your drinks included,all for 20 euros.and when i say all your drinks that is beer,wine,spirits and cocktails.the best thing about the amazon is the staff make you feel like part of the family,you get the best entertainment ever. i was dressed up as everything you can think of.for anyone hat has made a bad comment about the amazon they are talking a load of b#llocks.its the best place ever. we are going back in september, so amazon beware.

Rebecca B           

me and my best mate charlotte visited kardamena for the first time this year(may 2006). on our fist day in the town we got pulled in to the amazon,and after that we spent every night in there.the food was great(the best in town)as much drink as you can handle and the best service you will ever get anywhere trust me. the only time i was upsetwas when i had to leave.they made us feel like part of the family.

Rachel A           

Wow!! Have been to Kardamena 3 years on the trot now and eat in Amazon just about every night! The food is excellent and the staff are extremely helpful, cannot do enough for you. The quality of the food is outstanding and the portion sizes are massive. Throughout the holiday i had a selection of meals, each one being as nice as the other, all this and as much as you want to drink into the bargain all for 20 euros. There is also entertainment every night including Stavros' famous greek dancing. I dont know how anyone can give this place a bad report, what do people want for their money?


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 yuck i thought the food ere was sh*t me and my lot went ere on the first night of our holiday last year in july we thought it souded good as u got a 3 course meal and all drinks were free 4, 15 euros how stupid was we!!!

the food was rank and all the drinks were watered down so u really did get what u paid 4!!!
the next day we were all sick and we wert ever that laggin on the first night
as we were all still tired from travelin all day so dont go unless u like being sick!!!

Ben D           

WOW! what a fantastic restaurant.  The food was fantastic, steak was always tender and tasty.  They also serve a very good pint of amstel.  The staff were all top class, the service was fantastic!  Just get your head around this: A really good quality 3 course meal, as much as you can drink - unlimited, fantastic service and entertainment thrown in, all for 15euro (10)!!!  I dont know how they do it!  I just wish this restaurant was in my home town, because I'd dine there every night.

Thanks a million to all staff, you were fantastic, cheers!

Kat B           

 The Amazon is a fantasic place to eat food great had steak every time was better than at home big portions all the time well worth the money and free bar wot more could you ask for. never had an empty glass. staff were amazing loved them all especially Greek dancing and entertainment. everyone so friendly and happy every night. All this for 15 euro wot a bargin!!!!

Dont know were these people went who have put on bad reviews think they must have gone somewere else because it wasnt here!!!
thanks to all the staff will miss you all!!!!

Katie & leah            

Was the best place ever, food was amazing, cant go wrong with a free bar. The cocktails and fishbowls were lined up ready for us before we had even finished the first one! All the staff especially steve and chris were so friendly and well up for a laugh, make sure u get them up dancing, they strut their stuff well! made a fun start to every night in Kardamena! love to see them all again! Go to amazon, ud be a fool to miss out!

Alistair P           

Very pleasant restaurant - well worth a visit.  Service was quick and food was delicious with very large portions.  My mate took a liking to the mixed grill.  Lots of meat!!!

Natalia C           

 hey kris!! loved your food 45 of us went ther quite a few times 3 course meal all u can drink for 15 euro definatley the place to go in kardemena!! great cheesy music aswell!! we still want our free pink tshirts!! ill put my photos up wen got them done natxxx

Celine D           

The food we had was nice-chicken black bean sauce was lovely (all breast meat as well) as was pizza I got the other night we went.

Me and my pal had wine, fishbowls, shot after shot of sambuca (which you cant water down-you'd taste it straight away!)
I thought it was fantastic. The owners dancing was hilarious. Am puzzled by the bad reviews, certainly wasnt like that in July 05!!!

Alison M           

Me and my twelve friends came here last year and had a really good night, that meant we were looking forward to goin again this yr what a laugh. We waited for two hours to get our food, the drinks were the worst watered down stuff i have ever tasted and the food was soooo disgusting. 14 of us got meals and all 14 of us went hungry for the night because they were that horrible, avoid this place like the plague


Brilliant and great value for ya mullah!!! 

Liam E           

i agree wid gemma purely cosa da table dancing (n nt da type ur finkin of jus dancin but on tables lol) woz ace n take advantage of the all u cn eat n drink 4 15 euros offer at night!!

Zain M           

Excellent price, but you get what you pay for. Service was good at first but everywhere in Kos it is good, so not special. However, when the restaurant got busy we got ignored for the new groups. Also, the drinks bought were heavily watered down. Recommend it if you have tried everywhere else but not my first choice restaurant.

Claire B           

The whole amazon experience was terrible. dodgy shrimp 4 starters, minced beef (if it was actually beef) disguised as steak and rola cola! really not worth the 15 euro! totally revolting!

Mark P           

We thought we'd give it a try 15 euro for 3 courses and all your drink!  Bad bad idea!  Even the coke sucked, tasted like a Netto's special!  Food was crap, service wasnt much better, and wants more they try to drag you in off the street.  Its alright to go there if you have a cast iron stomach and wanna get soo drunk you cant taste nuffing

Pete C           

the service was appalling, slow, and the only place on the island that could understand what we were saying. the food was cheap and s**tty, and from the packet. sure, you can get battered for little money, but you can do that anywhere.

Paul M           

This place was brilliant, 15 euros for all u can drink and a three course meal. Had a very drunk nite in there. we woudlnt of found it without julie and laura. Its us the derby boys!

Gemma K           

Brilliant ... 3 course meal and all you can drink for 20 euros .. and i mean all you can drink .. at the end of the night they have you dancing on the tables it's great, hi to all the staff.. espicially chistaphor... x

Jill C           

First went here last Sept/Oct (2004) and thought the place was absolutely fantastic along with the wonderful staff and so this year we could not wait to get back for the first 2 weeks of the season. We had an even better time this time and it was great to see everybody again as they all remembered us - even the chef who makes lovely food especially Greek Plate. If you are going to Kardamena  DO NOT MISS THE AMAZON RESTAURANT. It is the best night in town and such fantastic value at 20 euros (In September/Oct we got it for 15). Hi to all the staff - and hope to see you later or sooner if possible.