Restaurants in Kardamena

Kay P          10/10

just come back from kos a few days ago, ate at camelot twice, couldn't fault it. recomend the lobster it was beautifull.

Leanne R           

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! me and my boyfriend could not have asked for a better place to eat on our holiday! thouroghly enjoyed all meals including mexican, greek and the english breakfast was great to kick start our day!!! the staff were truly amazing, we didnt get any names but they know who they are!

All we can say is thank you to the guys there that made out holiday one not to forget!!
leanne & simon from stoke x

Vicky & paul C           

Everytime me and my husband walked past we got hassled to go in........ one day we decided to give in and go in, and well we were so glad we did we ended up going there the following night again plus two further nights.

The food was excellent, the staff were friendly and helpful, and the mashed potato was the best i've ever had.
Can highly recommend this resaurant.
I did find a baby crab in one of my mussels, which was a shock when I bit into it, but no harm done, I thought it was quite funny afterwards - well the chef can't check them all - can he!!!!

Steve C           

Super-Duper Gary Cooper.

This place was awesome.
Great mash potato.
Big up

Elaine S           

I can't comment on the food, service or price because we never went in. This place is a nightmare - every time you walked past you were hassled to go in. They were pushy and really annoying. It got so bad that we were sneaking down a side street before we reached Camelot to avoid any grief. If they eased off, they might get more people in!!!!!!!


Mmmmm.....service was okay until you had one peice of food left on the plate then the plates were taken away and you were ushered out as fast as they got you in. 

Very in your face, take some advice guys dont hound every single person that walks past, one year I had a little compitition to see how many Camelot cards I could get off you with out trying in one day - approx 15.  I really have too much spare time on my hands....concentrate on people having a good time as it just looks like you dont care that much about the cutomer, and care too much about their money.......SUBTLE guys is the name of the game
I think I may be a bit drunk.

Alex G           

We came here only once after being hassled every night we walked past.  The restaurant is quite a nice place.  The kitchen is in a building on the opposite side of the road with the waiters bringing the food over.  I ordered Arribiatta and my girlfriend ordered Soudsouskakia.


The service was fine and the waiters were very friendly, and we were served promptly.  Thats were the experience then went downhill.  When the food arrived I was please to see nice big plates and lots of food.  The only problem was the taste.  The Arribiatta wasnt spicey at all and tasted very bland.  The Soudsouskakia wasnt as bad but still wasnt very tasty.  So overall, nice service, fair prices but tasteless food.

Lovely J           

To the DIAMOND GEEZERS @ Camelot thankyou for the fantastic service we received everytime we came to see you, especially from John, dazzling daz and super dupa gary cooper (Syed)!!! We love you guys and we know you miss us !!!(ha ha) The food is delicious the service is great and the people are even better.  This was by far the best restaurant we visited even better than avli!!!

Bolton B           

Great Food, Great staff. Well enjoyed the water spraying/cooling AC used which kept us nice and cool in the heat

Claire B           

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Really enjoyed the food here, went back 3 times! definately try the salmon!

Craig B           

One of my favourite places to eat in Kardamena,
I always had a three course meal here, starting with BBQ chicken wings, then I highly recommend the Pasta Bolognese here, which goes really well with a plate of chips,
For desert baraka, i think thats what it was called, ,
Its a pie with honey and nuts, is worth a try here
Prices were excellent
and excellent service from everyone, and our favourite waitress Marinela
who served us everytime we ate here.

Goumas M           


Amelia B           

If you are going to Kardamena then give this restaurant a try. The food is great and reasonably priced and the staff are very friendly. The spagetti bolognese is fab.


I have always believed that the restaurants that look the best always have the worst food. This is definitely the case with Camelot. The Mexican chicken was tasteless and there was nothing mexican about it. The Hamburger had tons of grease and a funny aftertaste. The worst meal that the girlfriend and I have had in years. Save your Euros for a more humble, little Greek taverna.


We ate here a couple of time and food was always good. You can get typical greek dishes, pasta, pizza, chicken, salads - good menu choice. Would have definitely gone back again - In fact wish we had on the last night as we went to the Taj Mahal and it was horrific.

Gayle B           

We found this restaurant to be really nice both visits. Food was good quick service, friendly staff.Must try pasta.

Natalie W           

Claimed to be the best restuarant on Kos as voted by this website I think! However I was quite disappointed, there weren't many people in there and it seemed like all the staff just stood outside the restuarant either hassling people or staring in at us, I only had Greek salad and chips but to be honest it was probably the worst Greek salad I had the whole holiday.

Drunken J           

Really nice restaurant, especially nice if you want something a bit more upmarket, reflected in the price. Have to agree about the sleezy waiters though.

Jo G           

went for a meal, after being dragged in by the annoying guys outside, didn't really have a lot of choice but to go in. Food is ok, not the best in Kardamena. Wouldn't really recommend this place to anyone.

Sarah C           

We made the mistake of going here. Its bright and colourful thats wat caught our eye. I oderdered half a chicken and got a little chicken fillet. I understand that when i went there in May 2004 we had a power cut and that was difficult to cook a whole chicken but i asked for chips and said no rice and no potatoes because i dont like them but they still gave me rice and potatoes. Thats bad service. So i told them and they did give me a free spag bol! Apart from that free spag bol it was crap!!! DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE DONT GO THERE!!!!

Wayne W           

We had the best meal of the entire week here, the service and politness of the staff could not be faulted and the food was absolutely mouth watering. If you like Mexican, try the Fahitas! It was a little more expensive than others but worth it.

Steph D           

Went to Camelot's three times (end of June 04) and the first two times were great, could not a fault a thing. The third time which happened to be our last meal in Kardamena and it took over quarter of an hour for someone to take our order and that was after we had to ask them. Then we noticed at least three separate groups had to move tables in the middle of their meal because they wanted to use their tables to make bigger ones for the larger groups which was not acceptable and put us on edge in case they asked us to move. We then received our main course which was just about warm. If you're feeling lucky go because it can be good but otherwise just give it a miss.

Craig J           

Can't comment about the food - agree that the waiters do hassle you when you're passing during the day.
We eventually gave in and went in one night - however we walked out after 10 minutes, when no waiters had come to take our order or even ask if we wanted anything to drink.

Kieren W           

This is a fantastic restaurant which is a credit to Kos. The food is excellent and the waiters are very polite and friendly. We stayed there for 7 days and we eat there every day we were there, There is plenty of food given and they even gave us free wine on our last day of being there.

Annika W           

Food was ok, shame about the sleazy waiters! They jump at you from the minute it opens right up until closing! You can't waqlk down the street without been pestered to eat in their tacky restaurant! NEW STAFF PLEASE!!!!!