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Simon L

Worked in Kardamina in 1995 1996

Looking for the head chef of Samantha s Restaurant back in 1995 and 1996

His name was Yanni and had a wife called Claire, she was Scottish

If anyone can help I d really appreciate it.



Roli K

I am from Austria and I'll come to Kos (Kardamena) on 1st of August. Maybe you have some good tips what to visit? Especially nice beaches, bars, and even diving areas? Would be very happy to hear from you, I hope there is a nice night life ;) Kind regards, Roli!

Shonna S          9/10

Am coming to kos in august with the girls there is 4 of us what fun things can we get up to? Water parks? Bar crawls? Booze cruises?

Colin B          7/10

 the last time we were in kardamena was 14 years ago on are honeymoon at the nissia karmares we use memories bar a lot and a small restaurant over the bridge I hope that these things are still there we will be out there sometime in July as on are 14th anniversary    

Mickey C

4 days on my own staying in Kardemena. What do people suggest? An itinerary idea would be great.

Fancy beaches, Kos town, Zia, Nisyros, maybe 3 island cruise.....
Help please!!

Mickey C

HI, I am coming to Kos in a couple of weeks or so. I will be travelling on my own. I have 4 days and will be staying in Kardamena.

I would like to visit some beaches, Kos town and the various historical areas, maybe Nisyros and definitely Zia for a sunset meal. I also like the 3 island cruise.
Coudl anyone advise on the best (and cheapest) way to fit all this in!?! Happy to use the public bus/hire a mountain bike or buggy/scooter. Less inclined to hire a car for the cost!

James W          10/10

Anyone read this book on Kardamena? Not much info on it but I thought if anyone knew about it, posters on this board might. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/296091

Paul D

click to enlargehi there to all i lived out in kardamena for 9 years as a kid loved it all looking to move back out there in a few years am work on some thing to take out am looking so singer dancers ect to join my team my email is mayhemdj@ymail.com

Wayne S          10/10

I lived here for just over 4 years and loved it...:-)) I still miss it now...:-( Highly recommend it.... AAA+++

Kristie G          10/10

love kardamena!! had 1st hol there 1995 & now been 6 times. the last time was 5 years ago now & would so love to go back soon. have some great memories of kos would recomment it to anybody

Trevor C          10/10

Kardamena, brilliant place, first started going there in 1995 relatively quiet then but over the years changed dramatically, sometimes not for the better, my kids were in their early teens when we first went and they loved it still say its the bee's knees. If I were to say to them all have lets have a family holiday they would say lets all go to kardamena now we have grandchildren and they've all been and yes you guessed it they love it too. I can honestly say we've only had one bad experience and that was when we took our twin grandaughters with us, we were having a drink at the Metro Bar one evening when a very large group of 18-30's came down bar street on a pub crawl there was absolute chaos quite a few bar owners told them to move on as trhey were driving regular drinkers away, that was only on one night all other nights were great. Anyone going to Kos I can thoroughly recommend Kardamena, missed this year but hopefully going next year

Debbie R          10/10

Me and my husband went to kardamena 3 years ago for 1 week and had the best time ever, it was our first ever holiday.

 we loved it so much we have now been back 3 times and get as many weeks in as possible.
The food is great Pegalos along the sea front is the best place to go to eat you get so much more for your money.
and who can resist cocktail and dreams for a good drink after, entertaining and friendly.
There are parks for the kids to play in (the evenings is the best time because of the sand being so hot).
And if you go on the 3 bay hop you must go to bubble beach the ids will love it, even the big ones.
All the hotels are clean and tidy, just make sure its a family hotel, as teens can be a bit noisey.
Cant wait to go back this summer.

Teresa R          10/10

went 2 kardemena in oct 08 first ever hol abroad going again found some great peps there the passion bar is a must great peps richard & lisa looking 4ward 2 seeing them nxt yr also the captains on the sea front is the best place 2 eat highly recomend it missing them all

Phil E

Been to Kardamena 10 times now, i'm a family man, Kardamena is an ideal family place for all ages, although you have bar street, it's nothing like Kavos or the other rowdy resorts, the greek authorities have come down heavy on any bad behaviour here, the 18-30 reps are great at their job and keep an eye on the 18-30s, what i'm trying to say is that there's something for everyone here it's a great resort  and is returning to its status as a great family resort

Rachel L          10/10

Just got back from a week staying in Kardamena, it was one of the best weeks of my life and I am so SO gutted to be back home again. Everyone we met was amazing, apartments were perfect, weather was beautiful... what more can you ask for. Am going to try and get a cheap deal in Sept.

Amy-lee T          9/10

hia people

just got back from kardamena last week great place
red hot lovin the heat waves and defo missin sumbody ova there
clubs orite bu small inside bar street love it
and the lads :)
tap .. x

Chiles C

 Me and my mate Chris are heading out to Kardamena on the 10th from Manchester, anyone else there at the same time? Add us on facebook, just do a search for chiles cartwright.

About the only island we ain't done yet and heard some top reports, lookin forward to it, bagged a sweet deal at some 5 star resort, suspecting it will be somewhat civilized so looking to warm it up a little!!!!!
See you there and get intouch


Adam Prince from what I've been told by a mate of mine its a lot like kavos (i went their last year) Its a ring road full of bars, similar to that of kavos. You normally find that all lively areas of greek islands look the same coz when i went to zante laganas was the same.

Adam P

Alrite, havnt been to Kardamena before, i went to kavos last year. Any one who has been to Kardamena tell me about it please because i dont know what to expect. I want bars and clubs open all night, packed roads full of holiday makers ages 18, 19, 20 etc i hope it is, like Kavos would be ideal. Any responses appreciated, cheers

Beverley T          10/10

 Just got back from Kardamena and what a fantasic time.  As been out before it is just like home from home

Had a nice relaxing fun time and we'll see all our friends next year
Beverley and Ken

Iain C          10/10

HI Folks,

Coming out to Kardamena in a couple of weeks cant wait.
Can anyone tell me what the Exchange rate is at the moment as we dont know whether to take Euro or Sterling travellers cheques

James O

going tp kardemena on the 9th July, anyone suggest how much cash self catering for 2 weeks i should take

Sanj V

Goin there on the 23rd july! has anyone else seen this discount band thing where u get free shots with drinks if u have it on? its like 15 but dont kno whether it worth getting it or not? anyone else ever got one before? is it all dance music over there or like any rnb or house music?

Fraser R          10/10

Hi to every1 thats going to kardamena, ure about to have a blast , went low season in october to stay in argyri last year! it was such a good atmosphere.

Like i said i stayed in argyri. 18-30 Accomodation, was a good laugh and clean and more like 4*

Patrick M          8/10

hi guys.im heading to kardemena for 2wks may7th. fantastic place,been before but didnt do much of clubing scene.can any1 recomend any g*y pubs or clubs for fun.