Kardamena Resort - (Resorts on Kos)

Kristie G          10/10

love kardamena!! had 1st hol there 1995 & now been 6 times. the last time was 5 years ago now & would so love to go back soon. have some great memories of kos would recomment it to anybody

laikon - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Kristie G          10/10

im the eldest daughter my dad refers to in the previous comment!! yes nick was a bit of a dish but he knwe it too. ha. does anybody know if laikon is still there, the did the best pizzas ever & were a lovley family

Metro Club - (Bars in Kardamena)

Kristie G          10/10

first found this bar in 1995 on my 1st visit to kos. had many a fantasic nite in the

6 times iv been to kos over the years