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Cheryl C          10/10

wat a holiday its ace i'v been to kos for the past two years, i fractured my knee onthe second nite there and i still made it to status and stalight lol we met rat pack at status that was cool, i cant remember what hotel we stayed in but if ur hotel man calls him self danny davito stay away from him wat a feak, if any one goes to the paradise resturant will u tell neo cheryl and natalie said hi and that we will be back. xx

Megan M


omg - IMMENSE!!
best clubs HAVE to be cheesy downtown or myhouse!
Bars? Soho or Black Magic, Fit lads in there girlies!!
Goin out to work next year!

Clare W          1/10

Visited Kardamena twice this year during the daytime.  Its a lovely place - quieting down for the season now.  Please be warned we were ripped off by the indian henna tattoo man who sells the sponges on the seafront.  There were no prices on anything and we kept asking how much for each tattoo and hair braid.  I had a small heart on my ankle, my boyfriend a band around his arm and a hair braid - 60 euro - WHAT A CON.  We had the tattoo on our last day there and 2 days later it is already fading badly - not  good quality either.  This was the only down point of our holiday to Kos this year which is a shame. 

Nic C          9/10

I went to Kardamena about 7 weeks ago, and im still depressed to be back, i had a f**king brilliant time! Stayed in the Kool Pool apartments, great place to stay because there is always a great atmosphere around the pool, thnx tto the bar staff!

Loved indigo bar with the hot bar maids, black magik, wicked, toxic, statua and the AWSOME foam party at starlight!
Going back over there next year to work if all goes to plan, Im already excited!!

Jamie W

Went Kardamena on 4th August for 2 weeks, stayed at Kool Pool!!! Was AWESOME........went with 7 other lads?!!!

Best bars......Indigo, staff were brilliant and hot!!!
Toxic music was ace
Kings Arms drinks in here are mental!!!
Bets clubs were status..and the foam party at starlight was amazing!!!!!
and Origin is where its haooening for 24 hour bars!!!!!
Goin back next year for sure!!!!

Sabby G          10/10

I went to Kardamena about 2 years ago. We stayed in the Kool Pool apartments B&B and it was the best holiday i've ever been on. I was so sad to come home

Bar Street was ace we went to Chili Peppers and Ali Gs bar mainly then onto Starlight or Status when the music was turned off. The clubs are soundproofed and go on until 6am. Be sure to get a free entry pass from one of the many PR's!
Coming back on 29th Sept  all inclusive at the Akti Beach Club. About 4km away from Kardamena town but the hotel puts on a free bus. I must recommend the Bubble Beach cruise for a chill out lazy day with a hangover.

Steph H          7/10

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Hey everyone going to kos, iv'e just got to say Kardemena is amazing! I went 11th July and although we didnt do much in the days because it was scorching, the nights were well good! Status and starlight are the clubs to be going to i loves them! Plus Down town (this cheesy club) is such a good laugh you got to go!Plus you've gotta go to the school disco the twentys reps do, even tho it cost lyk 50 euros its still a gd night! If you go to Status the little kebab shop just down the road is a must for cheese beans and chips, best iv'e ever tasted!Lol Bar street has a really gd atmosphere, and you can blag the workers for free shots and all sorts, they want u in ther bar that much!lol Anyway i hope the weather cools down for you lot goin (because it was like 40 degrees when i went) so you can actually venture out and get tans! have a wkd time and make the most of the strawberry vodka slushies from cross roads on bar street! hehe x x x p.s if your staying in the origins/athansia apartments, its wkd! The staff are so friendly thy got a 24hr bar thats open 2 tha public and the pool was virtually empty everyday we were there, LURSH!

Rich           3/10

Bar street is quality where are the nightlife is, there are loads of bars that are quality, only problem is that the music in all the bars gets turned off at 12 and the clubs shut at 4am which was abit poor.

Alex G

Hello Carl.

You are right, the apartments are mince.

Do not be taken in by the 'offers' from the reps for 'fun nights/excursions', it's a total rip-off.

The beach is brand new, it's brill, bars/clubs and restaurants along the front.

Keep to the 'right' of the beach from the harbour/jetty, that's where the best beach and action is.  Buy a few beers and soon there's a barbeque on with free kebabs etc.

Just up from the harbour is Club 1690, it's the biz.

Watch out for Muzaki, he's a Greek nutter and he'll try to sell you everything, including Club 1690 for the bargain price of 500 euro.  I bought it and they still won't let me behind the bar to take my profits.

Al & Mo.

n v

Butch           10/10

hi ,, matt yes there is called honey ,

and rachel i work at elga it is fine . that was all in past see u in aug 

Evelyn M

to MARIANNA..your so lucky you live there!!!!I would love to stay there...!!!


Me & 18 of my Essex mates are coming to Kardamena on 11th July for a week, Staying at Kool Pool Appartments. This is our first time out here so need to know what bars and clubs are the best to go to. Also if anyone else is going out there at the same time, let us know!

Looking forward to livin it up in the Koss sunshine!!

Marianna K


Tracy H          10/10

kardamena is just the best place to party all nite long and laze by the beach all day. brilliant place to visit,locals are lovely 2 speak 2 and very friendly.never seen any fighting out there and me and my mates have been going  there for 3 years now. loads of nite life hundreds of bars.ya have to visit rumours bar its the best bar on the island with the best barman george.george if ya reading this its tray and ya derby b***hes,hi darling!!! if ya fancy some cheezy music then there is a club called downtown which plays it all nite long. if ya have never been i would say this is a place ya must visit 100% if i dint have kids trust me i would be living out there. everything ya buy out there is cheap too hope to be back visiting again soon myself,and if ya reading this hi 2 you also x x x


going to kardamena on june 13th 2007 for the first time with 5 other mates lookin for a good time has anyone got any good suggestions where to go.


Melanie L          10/10

reply to susan brill we have been taking our family to kos for eight years there is a little beach just a short walk to your left of the harbour that is we think perfect for young children it does not seem to get as busy as the main beach all the restaurants are child friendly the greeks love kids there are loads of bars with karaoke if you like that kind of thing there is a small park there is a restaraunt called the amazon with a bouncy castle  there is also a bar called cheeky monkeys that is just for children we have children 16 15 and5 just enjoy your hols

Susan B

first time to go to kardamena in may taking two children aged 10 anyone tell me the dos and donts of a safe hoiladay best places to take them

Chanel           10/10

wot can i say about kardamena... its absalutely *f*a*b* its great for familys and also for young n lively... it suits almost anyone n everyone... its always hawt! n sunny! the beaches are great... most of the accomadations are wicked n the people there are sooo friendly! theres great night life n great places to get summat to eat!! mmm... lamb kleftiko! all the meals are massive n filling yet absalutely delicious! everthings reasonably priced n the shops are getting better every year! we will always go bak to kardamena... its absalutely wicked! <3<3 x


you have to go to kardamena it is just excellent if i had my way id live there everything is perfect lovely place excellent food drink and night life and the people are very nice


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Absolutely amazing; went out there with mates in the beginning of july for 2weeks and had the most amazingly ace time...so ace I got a job with olympic!

Sorry if any of you were on holiday with us/me...I had a great time at least! guests in the beginning of september made it allworthwhile but if anyone remembers being on holiday with me then good luck to you!
Cowbridge Girls forever! big up Point One (paul, loved you for the drinks, and russ, and everyone) Mad Club, The reps of every company, PR's i knew and any other bar people; Louie in Crackers=legendary, scouser boy in crackers beat at uno tho...o well! and i havent even started on kos town yet!!!
Holly Olympic
so why am I not going back?

Pete V           

Teo's is one of the best resturants if you like fish as the local fishermen use it. Fresh yellow fin Tuna, Squid and Cod are just some of the fish you can eat there.
The beaches are very good and many sunbeds are free if you buy a drink or snack from the resturant who owns them.
If you can, go to Terma beach outside Kos town well worth the visit. Volcanic hot water to swim in.
Lots of bars most with TV, (if you like to travel all that way to watch eastenders)

Laura M           

wkd place!was there 2 weeks beginning of august!got to check out harleys bar, and point one upstairs!dont let paul fool u with cheap shots!red vodka all the way!would defo go back!word of advice, dont do the chill out cruise after a night of drinkin games!sea sickness isnt pretty!, been back for 6 weeks, went too quick!

Lisa W           

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(this is the 4 of us on skool disco nite)
Wow! got back frm Kardamena bout 3 weeks ago nowCry planning on goin back out there thoTongue! its so amazing and wud recomend it to anyone! The people and nite life is awesome. Ronnies bar and red bar rock!!! all the people who work there are complete LegendsLaugh!! Went with 2 gr8 people who proper made the holz, twenties was a major laugh - Kyle u nuttaWink! salt n pepper was a cool place to eat but tht was mainly coz of danny!hmm yummyEmbarrassed!! I miss it so much and ev1 i met out there, see you all next season!
Lots a love
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(this is my 2 wdk mates with dags & james from ronnies bar)

Lesta G           

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Kos woz fukin WKD ! best holiday eva ..Fukin loved starlight,liquid,poison apple,n no name bar ..defuntly goin ther gen !!!

Denise B           

Myself and my 3 best mates went there in the end of July for 2 weeks and all I can say it was the best time of our lives!!!!! A resort for anyone who is up for the craic!!!

Rea A           

Kardamena is (by my opinion) the most beautiful place to enoy the sandy beach.If you are looking for real rest go to kardamena-find the edge beach place and enyoj the cloudless day.

Helen H           

just got home from kardamena with my daughter 16 son13 and husband had the best time ever very friendly people there food superb and lots of laughs and fun bubble beach fantastic and the three bay cruising well tired now though missing it already the nightlife people there fun and the weather and sea beautiful stayed at the kris marie hotel in kardamena very friendly clean and fun there met some lovely friendly people there hello girls from coventry hope you are alright emma going back for her 18th with her friends well cool they said

august 6th 2006 see you soon kardamena helen alex emma and aidan hawes want to go back there

Deeside B           

good afternoon. deesude boys here. jst got bak from 2 weeks in the elga!!! starting from the 13th july, bloody lovely!! it was by far the best time we've ever had ever anywhere. the hotel was spot on, the staff in and around the resort wer equally top notch. the people we meet wer great and most of us are thinking about returning nxt yr 2 work for the summer. if ne1 is goin in the near future, u have to hit the following places amonst others... POISON (extreamly cheap smirnoff vokda!!), CRACKERS (try the dogs bollox), C'VIEW (get pat to sort u out wiv a free bottle of sambucca and get the PRs on the gas chambers), TOXIC (try the reef challenge) and crossroads (the finest selection of waitresses and the niceset vodka jellies in town). then hit a club then bak 2 the hotel SEVA for a very late bar!!

if ne1 has jst been abd seen or met us is us a holla, also does any1 know the name of the song that has the words "hype hype push it, hype hype push it"?????
many thanks to every1 we seen and can remember and 2 all we seen wen too drunk 2 remember. mite c u agen sometime!! take care love the deeside boys xxx

Jamie N           

Me and two of my friends went to Kos for 2 weeks in July 2006 it was the best 2 weeks of our lives i am so depressed to be home.  The night life is the best, every night we would go and have a meal by the sea front, Red Lion is wkd coz for 15 euros you can get a meal and as much alcahol you want until 12.  after the meal we would go down bar street which was funny coz you get all the Prs outside the bars trying to get you to come in and some of them were really funny.  there were 3 main bars that we went to Slammers Bar, Crossroads and Wicked we stayed in them bars coz we got to know the Prs and they were a rite laugh, i liked Ryan who worked in Crossroads, and there was Feyer who worked in Wicked and he was a rite nutta and Nathan and Dave worked in Slammers and they were mad. it really was the best 2 weeks of our lifes and we are booking it for the nxt year and we goin for longer definatly.

Philip W           

just got back from kardamena this week the weather was fantastic beaches but the night life was fantastic i would recomend anybody to go and visit sandras two johnnies showbar any night of the week your guaranteed a fantastic evening of entertainment this summer they have got three world class stars brian the comedian, nicola gates pop idol also sister of gareth gates and the voice of an angel herself alexandra 

Lleucu T           

me n my mates went to kardamena last year!! best holiday ever!!! i wud recommend goin here!! i recommend point one - the bar!! amazing - crazy workers n neil is bonkers!!! hope u have a great time there!! id luv to go back there this year!!who knows my boko a last minute thing!!

Laura B           

Hi Lorna
I went to Kardamena in the middle of September and the weather was still lovely, not as hectic as peak season.. alot more couples and familys but the atmosphere was still there if you wanted it! all in all was a great holidaty and weather was fantastic


 Went to kardamena couple of years ago and loved it going again in july at the sun beach apartments with my boyfriend, stayed at the cleopatra studios and aparmtents last time, love kardamena, the beaches are gorgeous so many clubs, pubs and restaurants to go to. Anybody going wil love it

Caroline D           

hiya cant wait to get back to kos i went last year n it was amazin stayed at seva didnt like it dat much probley coz we got charged 4 summit we didnt do lol but it was alrite da resort is amazin reli ace cant wait to get bk der dis year we r goin on 7th june n stayin in origin woohoo

Laura B           

Hi been back from Kardamena for two weeks this sunday really depressed still want to be there missing everyone.   Hi to ben at H2O and everyone at stone roses.

To the girl staying at Seva never actually stopped there myself but it is 24 hour bar so after status or starlight finishes about 4ish everyone mostly the workers go there.  Its a twenties hotel so lots of drunked late nights...thought that going for a swim in the indoor pool at 6 in the morning was good idea...def lots of fun young people there.  Youll love it x

Karen M           


Me and my friend went to Kos on 17th Aug 2005. We had a FANTASTIC 2 weeks! A big hello to Nicola and April who we met on the plane and our now my new friends!!! A huge hello to all the staff at chilli peppers bar what a great time I had in there! Lynne I hope you are still wearing your fairy wings cos you are my little alcohol fairy! You just flew over when my glass was empty!! Chris you are absolutely MAD! And to all the other staff you just made my holiday and it was fantastic to meet you. I have some extremly funny photos of chilli peppers and the mad staff who work there! 
Luv Karen


hya, i stopped at arygri hotel, got home this time las week, im so jealous its the bes place i have ever been to and im sure ill be going again. Argiri is very basic but nice aswell, is propbaly one of the best hotels around Kardamena as every one said over there.The pool area is very nice and music playin throughout the day whish was good. Also the staff are very friendly. Argiri is only like 1 minute away from the beach which is a very nice place and also from bar street.Bar street is a very great place also very lively but the gutting thing is the music is turned off at 12 so after here go down to status or downtown there the two better nightclubs i would recommend.Also you have to visit Chilli Peppers Bar it is such a great place all the staff are completly mad and soo funny!we went here every night its great! so ye Agiri is a great place.! tania x p.s if you do visit Chilli Peppers tell the staff specially Bones he is known as Julie Craig and Tania said hiya!!

Vickie W           

As my son put before me, this place was ace.  I had my doubts that it would be the right resort for us as we have 3 kids, 10,13 and 16 and my elderly mother.  Where we stayed (Mamouzelos Appts) was in a great location nearer to the Upper Bar Street not the Main Bar Street which was the other side of the central square and marina.  We visited many of the 10/10 rated restaurants eg Ariadne, Aramis and Nemo which were at our end along with some good pubs eg Brewers Droop (Sky Sport and X-Box) and The Galleon that did card bingo and quizes each night for all ages.  The smaller beach was at our end but despite it being high season there were always sunbeds available.  There were plenty shops before the Square so if we hadnt wanted to we would never have had to go up the other end (we did though - well it would have been rude not to).

My only gripes were the pillows were a bit hard and the sun a bit too hot - the moral, take your own pillow and visit out of high season - easy and yes we will be back again x

Jamie W           

Got back from Kardemena earlier, was one of the best holidays yet. It's very hot, sometimes too hot though, makes sure you pack lots of suntan lotion. Lots of restaurants with very friendly waiters, great food and fast service. Lots of things to do at night, with lots of bars and clubs along the front. Great long sandy beaches, with watersports on the main beach. Lots of public pools, I recommend the Kool Pool, the staff are great and the pool is beautiful. Good restauants we enjoyed were the Aramis and Nemo's

Kerry B           

 oh my god.was there for 1st week of july and had the best time ever! stayed in louis helios which was wicked.met seb (cabbage) love him! singing chris pr at aquamarine is so sweet. loved the cheesy music in downtown! was drunk the whole time, miss it so much.also miss charlotte who went out to work in our hotel and wont be bk til october-lucky b***h. hi to all kent girls that came to meet us in faces when we got bk-and hi to all the lads! we never found out what was in the pool that nite did we guys??!?!! oh well, hope to see ya next year kardamena.  love kel   x

Phil E           

Been going to kadamena for the last 10 years now with my family, If your a family thinking of going here dont be put off by the 18-30 kids, there is something for everyone here, there,s loads of music bars but there's also loads of  bars that are family orientated, the locals are brilliant ( i mean the greeks not the brit workers). you might see the 18-30 now and again but there reps are good , they'll  keep an eye on them, so please dont be put off  by this, it really is a fantastic place not just for adults but for the kids to

Zoe F           

Early morning on 13th June 2005, me and 3 friends were involved in a motorbike accident, we were all workers and having the time of our lives out in Kos. Unfortunately the accident was very serious, 3 of us coming away with quite surveyor injury and the others injuries resulting in death! This is just a little way of me saying bye to Steph and im sure it comes from all the other people involved in the accident and all other workers out in Kos.

Steph, RIP, love you always and I will never forget you!!!

Nikki J           

oh my god! just got back from kos yesterday. had an amazing time! there was only two of us but we met ssssoooooooooo many peeps. all were really friendly. want to say thanks as well to everyone who stopped to help me when i passed out in a completely comotosed state by the harbour. apparently a good 20 or so people stopped and helped, what a great bunch! if youre going off 2 kos soon im extremely jealous coz i really wish i was back there. have a wicked time if u are and although the pr's can get quite annoying just be friendly to them coz theyre all really cool. if you havent booked to go already, get ure a**e in gear and go coz u wont regret it! lots of love nikki xxxx


BEST HOLIDAY EVER!!!! got back last week and missing it so much! made loads of friends, got pissed everynight and sunbathed all day! what more could u want? would recomend it to n e one! hi 2 n  e one who went between the 13th and 21st of july!


hi everyone! me and 3 mates got back from kardamena 2 weeks ago. it was so amazing there, we stayed in the kardomos studios right by the chicken farm. we went with 18-30 and had so much fun! the best clubs were definately status & starlight. the foam party in starlight was definately one of the best nights! we've booked up for the 18-30 reunion in skegness should be a laugh! all u lucky people who still have a holiday 2 kardamena coming up your so lucky! hope u all hav as good a time as we did! xxx

Chantal A           

Hi loved Kos, just got back 2day and was wondering if there's a guy out there can't remember your name, but I was working in Boozers Bar, it was your last nite and you'd been sleeping on a lilo cos you only got a flight over to Kos.

You made friends with 2 girls who had a a cow as a mascot and kept taking pics. You were really nice to them and showed them round Kos b4 u went. (Friends for life)
Does this sound like you if so get in touch

Adam V           

fantastic resort i have been twice now and although the restaurant and bar touts are a pain in the a**e just ignore them and they go away


Hey nicola, just got back from my third time staying at kool pool and had an amazing time. Its got a huge pool and great music, family run business and theyre all brill and really friendly! Theyre mates with the people who own Stone Roses bar and Mad club so if you go to those you'll probably see all the Kool Pool staff in there. Actual accommodations fine, the usual. Have fun, and say hi to Stelios from Abi and Laura if you get chatting, which you probably will!!

Sam C           

Hey everyone

Just got back from Kos, its was brill, had the best time.  I liked it so much that im going back on the 20th to go and find work.  Does anyone know if there will be any jobs there by the time I go over there?

Steve O           

If you want noise u got it. If u want peace you can have it.

For a 45 yr old like me it is perfect. Me and my wife loved the place. Eating out is a dream and very very cheap.
Walking up bar alley is an experience but not for us even at a 1 a pint.
Would recommend ta young and old.

Rob S           

click to enlargeHello all kardemena visitors and virgins, im sure that anyone whos been will back me up when i say you will never want your holiday to end. Me and 14 of my mates got back on sunday and were all depressed, were all thinking bout goin back out later in the year. We stayed in the kardamos studios which are quality.

My reccommendations for bars are Memories, this was our 1st port of call nearly every night, also the first bar on the strip, h2o is quality, no name bar is also brilliant and chilli peppers is fantastic. The clubs to go to are status, starlight and down town. The restaurant we mainly went to was fat olive down near the beach, lovely food and cheap as chips. Or if your not very hungry then rio diner is open 24hrs and the baggettes are gorgeous.

If your a bloke looking for some cheap designer gear i would recommend legend, loads of quality makes and decent gear for half the price you`d pay hear.

Anyone who went to kardemena during our time there and recognise any of us then get in touch.

For the cambridge boys our Kos experience 2005 was amazing.

Fiona S           

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me and 4 mates just got back from kardamena a few weeks ago(4th june), and had such a fantastic time!
this is us at bubble beach. a great day out if u want a change of scenery. best to hire quads out- bit of a trek!
we went out every night, n spent the days by the pool or beach. we stayed at kardamena studios (by the chicken farm!!) the resort was lush!
are nights consisted of a meal on the seafront (alexanders was great, slimey chris!tee hee)
then onto bar street. our idea was to start at one end, n work r way down. getting wazzed on the way down. fantastic! loadsa free shots! its good if ur the only one that likes shots in ur group ;)  we mainly spent r time in "no name bar" good old foggy n bristol! the only downside is that the bars turn their music down at 12, but that dusnt mean u cant carry on singing the night away! so if ne 1 heard sum1 singing after then, then it was prob me!!
after bar street, we headed down to one of the many clubs with all the workers. "starlight" wasnt open, so we'd go "downtown" or "status". this opens till 4am on weekdays, n 6am weekends. then we'd hit "origin", one of two 24hr bars/hotels/pool. then onto barstreet for a spot of brekkie at about 8.30am!
t i p = take my advice, its best not to stop drinking, else you will get a hangover!  just keep going, you can do it!!
anyone who's bin to kardamena will agree with me, that england is s**t compared to kardamena! no free shots, no sun, no fit lads!
i hope everyone has a fantastic time in kardamena, you'll love it, and not want to come home.
i'm off to work there next season, so watch out for me!
luv ya lots like vodka shots!

Josie D           

just got back from kardamena. go every year. stayed at plousia apartments. they are ok. its cheap as chips out there. try the new restaraunt on the front called alexanders. also go to mojos for a glass of realy nice red wine. the owner is called peter and his brother works at alexanders

Tina B           

hi katie westwood, im tina and i have been to kardamena 3 times last year (that was my 1st time) and i am going on the 28th of july for 2 weeks and again in august this year, which proves just how good it is.... paradise beach is great .... paradise restaurant is where we have brekky everyday definately the best in kos!!! noitis and manos are the waiters names and they are now our friends who stay in touch, you need to go to the square in an evening and you will see why!! dano and a girl i forget her name are just the best for entertainment...rite listen you have to go to stone roses bar and the jam bar, dont go on bar street it is good but very expensive, by the way i am staying at cleopatra apts this time, i did stay in the new hotel in october and it was beautiful, if you want to meet up just let me know, take care  tina brannan from yorkshire xxxx

Elaine C           

ive been to kardamena five times now its absolutley fantastic,every ones so friendly,going back in six weeks il be so excited wont be able to get in buddies bar quick enough, andreas is mad,vodka jellies down in one,hope im not expecting too much cos were goin 4th may shud still be rockin see you there

Terry H           

We went out to kos 2 yrs ago it was the f**kin bollox, full of bars, clubs, birds, u name it, it has it. Going out there for the summer this yr for a few months, ave it!!

Nina G

hey there! me and my mate are off to kardemena on the 17th august-2nd september staying in the alex-maria II apartments. Is anyone else going at this time and know what these apartments are like? Best bars,clubs and restaurants?


Make sure you stop for a drink in BREWERS DROOP this season (05) in Kardamena.......

M S           

whats happening people, names martin just booked up with 6 mates for a fat
holiday in zante, we arrive on the 30th of june, and where their for 2 weeks.
will be staying at the sunbeam hotel/apartments, any sexy girls flying out
while where their or even staying in the same hotel feel free to email me at

Theleedslads T           



In 2003 we came to Kardamena with our COCKWARS shirts

In 2004 we went to AYIA NAPA with our COCKWARS - STRIKES BACK shirts

Now its 2005 and were BACK IN KARDAMENA!!!! its the COCKWARS - RETURN OF THE JAPSEYE Tour

check out our website for details when were coming! Were all good lads and a right laugh! check out our website for loads of mental photos from our holidays & nights out!

C YAS THERE!!!!!!!!


Davinia M           

Hiya, me and my two mates have just booked for the sunbeam apartments on the 7th july for two weeks, can anyone tell us where the best bars r plz? n where all the stunning lads go??? ha ha

Lee H           

CHALKIE, what you going on about man, theres no tourism in Kos during the winter and it rains and all the bars are shut, why did you want to stay, unless you wanted to pick olives like a puff, see you next season mate your cards are marked !

Rebeka F           

There is 3 Essex girls going to Kardamena on the 2nd July 2005 for 2 weeks, anyone else going out there around that time???


Hi guys its Chalkie here i worked at Billy's bar and hooties 2001-2003.
Just got back to England and had a few problems so went travelling.
I was just wondering how things are out there, and if anybody does remember let me know, my email is chalkiecheese@hotmail.co.uk.
If any of you workers out there ever think i'm fed up and want to go home don't do it.!!!! England is grim and unfriendly, stay in kos i wish i had.
Anyway good luck next season and enjoy it

Claire J           

Hiya Scouse Mouse are you still in Egypt with Andy? How come Paddy went with you - I always knew you lot were having threesomes!!!! I'm goin back next year but won't work in Scala - it's too hard!! Are you goin back to live in the lovely Captain Sun!!!!! Take care chick see you soon clairexxxx

Sarah N           

hey u crazy loons
went to kardemena last summmer 4 2 weeks with 15 crazy scousers and so good that me and my mate rainy had to stay and get jobs
live the dream

Jeff B           

Hey, Went to Kos Last summer, and it was the best Holiday ever!Me and 10 of my mates went and stayed int the Cleopatra Superior Hotel!Recommend this hotel to everyone, its got everything and its in the best place for everything!Night life was wicked, everyone really friendly and all out to have a good time. Go to Hollywood bar at the start of a night for cheap drinks and quality music!Without a doubt you will end up in either status or starlight but try go to status because starlight is only really good on a tuesday, when its foam party night!!!!Dont forget your goggles you'll need them for sure!Hire quad bikes they are really fun and you can go any where on them, me and some mates try to get to Kos Town ended up at the airport, but was a right laugh!Bar 1960 in the square is the best bar to go2 before all the music is turned off at 12! Ask for the Dj he's called NIC he is a cool guy and will play all your holiday songs!Don't forget kareoke always the place to be after the music has gone off in the bars!!!!Have a Good One!I did!

Neil C           

Don't expect any thing on the scale of Magaluf/Kavos/Maila, however it is 1 rocking place. Bar Street is good, but can get boring if you go to the same bars every night. Recommend a few nights at Amazon beach, George & Kris will keep you entertained!! 20 euros for a 3 course meal & open bar (anything) from 6-12, Quality. Status & Starlight are good on the club front. For the best beach, get a cab to paradise beach, 20 minutes away!! I went in August, but have been told early july is the best time to go! Rock on!

Neil C

Hi , went to kos in late july/august, had a fab 2 weeks, spent a lot of time at Amazon beach. The managers george & kris were a riot, was going to keep in touch with them, however I lost george's email address! does anybody have it? or a mobile number!! Cheers. Bristol boy Neil

Dan G           

went in june had a quality time part from the apartment. memories is the best bar there. Bar maid claire was hot. they dont like the vodka in there they love it. from one of the southampton boys. hope the shirt is still in there.

Billy J           

how u doin andy its me lee, not off to france now but get in touch coz its been a while leeholmes25@hotmail.com paddy stop pretending your names sarah mack and biging your self up, speak soon lee

Sarah M           


Swan B           


Bernies B           

Hi people, just to let you know I have just uploaded loads of new pics onto the Bernies Bar website, mainly workers pics so have a look and have a laugh. Still got loads more to go yet!!


There are leaders and there are followers!!!!

David S

Does anyone have information about gettin married in kardemena.Me my girlfreind and my daughter got back from there yesterday and we loved it that mutch we are going to get married there in 2006.Stone roses top bar Danno tob geazer and Hanna top bird.