Resorts on Kos

Tappy B

Does anyone know of a family from Wales who were in Kefalos in 2004/5 who took in a little black and white puppy and called him Lucky.  The family consisted of mum, dad, and a son and small daughter.  Don't know if there were any other children.  They were staying high up in the village of Kefalos renting a house.  Unfortunately they were returning to Wales after a month's holiday in Kefalos and therefore had to find a home for the pup.  We did not take their name or details but would like to get in touch to give them an update on Lucky who is now in London with us.

Jenny K

does anyone have the phone number for Jacks apartments 1 in Kefalos -many thanks

Denise F

Hello.....does anybody have an email address or phone number for sydneys on he harbour road please.

Nige W

ack In Dear old Kefalos & lucky to be here in our favourite apartment at spring studios.I never realised until today the effort ut in by the back room team to ensure that us independant travellers have an enjoyable hassle free holiday.So can I give a pat on the back for Kastri Holidays & car rental,the whole team at the Albatross for their part in the team & especially Filitsia at Spring Studios,there is one other who was just a name on an email until today.Nicos thankyou for being part of the link that makes us want to keep returning to Kefalos,sometimes we can be a right pain in the Butt with our demands,me in particlar ,so a very big thankyou for your patience,understanding ,organising skills& for such compassion & understanding thankou!

Tony G          9/10

  If you're like us and like/need to walk along the beach here's a  little place on the beach in Kamari Bay that we have eaten in for the last 15 years and always had first class lunch time snacks.
It  is the OPA OPA bar and it is located towards the centre of the bay with views across the bay in both directions and across to Nisyros. We've spent hours sitting in this Taverna just enjoying the view, watching the windsurfers, the sun sparkling on the water, trying to see how many different colours the sea is or just simply  reading.
Xenia and Stamati are are very helpful  people, there hospitality is warm and friendly and you can sit and enjoy a coffee, a draught beer or choose from a  range of foods from salads to omelets and take just as long as you like, It's Kefalos, it's relaxing. They also have some of the largest Beach Umbrellas!

If you like all sorts of music we have spent some lovely evenings there. Stamati has a great sound system and a range of music that is truly amazing. "Opa" is a Greek dance term like "ole" in Spanish.  After a meal at one of the restaurants we enjoy a cocktail or two and listening not only to the music but also to other groups of Brits, guessing who is singing the song playing at the moment. There are certain songs that get the whole Taverna singing "Sailing" is one "Delilah" is another.  As the moon comes up we have even had the odd dance or at least a shuffle.  Warm nights, good music, I wish I was back there! If you're going to Kefalos Don't miss the OPA OPA.

Tony G          10/10

Why do the two weeks in Kefalos go faster that any other weeks in the year? This was our 16th Kefalos holiday and as any of the other regulars will say it is just as relaxing, just as friendly and just as warm as our first visit.
But enjoyable holidays only happen with the help of others so a sincere thank you to Yannis, Tony and all the staff at the Kamari Bay Hotel. The hotel is in a great position and Yannis adds that professional touch. by making sure the rooms are spotlessly clean, the sheets are changed and fresh towels provided frequently. The two girls who clean are excellent and make sure the rooms are always fresh and airy. Yannis is always helpful with any problem. At the Pool bar Maria provides excellent quality food,  from an all day breakfast to a range of salads and always adds a friendly smile.
 In the evening Tony is first-rate at the famous horseshoe shaped bar where he provides; news updates, a good line in banter, and has a fantastic memory for what guests drink and I don't mean just for the weeks of the holiday. In June and September in particular, there are so may of us who are Kamari Bay regulars that his memory is referring back to previous years!  So hopefully next June we'll run into John & Val, Margaret & Terry or Ewen & Pauline or some of this years new faces. You won't find a better place  to relax that's for sure.
A special thank you To Kelvin, Tony and Yannis for their help this year.

Klaus B

Haven't been back to kefalos for 3 yrs . Went there for many years and next week I'm going back . Can't wait . Met an awful lot of people in the previous years and am so looking forward to the relaxed chilled out life style . Can't wait too get in to Maria's bar and see the family . Klaus is coming get home ;-) ha

Ruth J

I'm heading to Kefalos at the end of June and staying at the Syrtaki Apartments (next to the Taverna of the same name). Does anyone know the exact location of the Syrtaki as I can't see it marked on any map!? Even if anyone just knows what other hotels/apartments/tavernas etc it's near that would be v helpful! Our friends are visiting Kefalos at the same time and would like to stay somewhere near to us. Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Ruth

Tony M

Hi I am going to kefalos in july can anyone tell me if I need mozzy protection . Thanks

Carol D

Does anyone have an e-mail address for Roses Studios, Kefalos please.

Nige W

Today the film makers are making a film about Kefalos ,the Jewel in the crown of K0s!I love Kefalos for the People to me tthey are the real peole from real Greece.Checkout www.SKY-View .GRWe are here again for the 14th time.We arestaying in the lovely Spring Studios.Our favorite restuarant ,the golen fleece,our favourite Bar The Sunlight Cafe & Bar.Yamas

Hayley K

Hi me and my friend are coming to Kefalos in the summer and staying in Athinoula hotel! What is there to do there? We are really excited but need some things to do and see! Is there many bars too? Many thanks

Hayley K

Hi me and my friend are staying in Kefalos in June in Athinoula hotel and was wandering what sort of bars there are nearby and some exciting things we could do during the day! Have no idea and would love to know what there is to do? Hayley

Steph F          10/10

Hi I was just wondering if anyone knew of any work available in Kefalos this year? (2014) I visit Kefalos every year, hopefully next year I will be moving there. I'm 23 years old  with knowledge of greek language. I have 6 years experience in customer relations working in a shop in England. any feedback would be appreciated! thank you

Phillip Morgan

Hello everyone who loves Kefalos. I have returned from staying at The Pantheon again and all was fantastic as ever. Sadly, I have to report that the famous Kafeneion, "Triandafilou", situated just past the local school has now closed down permanently. It was open in September but had been closed for a month by mid October. Apparently, the contract had expired, the owner living in Germany. When told this by Nikos, who runs the little supermarket at the end of Kamari Bay, I was absolutely devastated. This was one of the last bastions of authentic Greece to sit down and chat with the locals and, simply, watch the world go round. Maria and Nikos are a charming couple and we used to have a Greek coffee and large Metaxa Brandy for 3 euros each every day. My friend, Manolis Kartoulis, still runs his "Fast Food" restaurant at the top of the hill and has upgraded his seating. Next year, I am arranging that his two mannequins invite customers to eat there! All the best to all my friends and people of Kefalos and I will see you next year. Phillip

Rob D

Hi Martin There wasn't a bar called Manhattan in Kef last season but there it may be a new one that's opened up this year

Martin Kefalos

Hello, could anyone tell me if there is a Manhattan bar or cafe in Kefalos ?

Martin Kefalos

Please, could anyone tell me, if there is a Manhattan cafe or bar in Kefalos ? thank you

Jax H

can anyone please tell me if there is a ferry from kos town direct to altinkum so i can visit my sister during my stay thank you x

Niggles W

Back here in uk!Just had to say what a wonderful time we had in Kefalos.Our favourite haunts were all open ,& we were able to get across to Nissyross. Despite hard times Kefalos was open for business .For the first time ever I walked down to the Jewellers on the Beachfront.Dimitris a real genuine character can be found at All in all a good trip& we will book direct with spring studios for our next visit,Yamas all

Nigel W          9/10

Dear lady.If you like to contact with Albatross studios use the following e-mail.
Tel  00302242071981
Fax  00302242072169

Nige W          10/10

HI we are staying in spring studios for the first but not last time. We are highly impressed by the high standards of the accomodation both in decor&cleanliness.Probably the jewel of dear old Kefalos.We book direct with lady hostess caant spell th name looksafter us better thàn a mum. Free wifi In the room&airport transfer thrown in.On a star status I give 10 stars .Yamaswe will come again this. Has been our best ever visit toKEFALOS.All thanks to the saint of he oqw nerFilitsia excuse my spelling

Adele G

I am hoping to book a stay in the Albatross Studios in Kefalos and wondered if anyone has an e-mail address so that I can do this direct?
Thank you

Nige W

In all my visits to Kefalos have never been in the Melody Bar .That is something iam going to remedy on my next tripbecause they have been so helpful to me in the past 24 hours.So do visit the Melody Bar & say niggles 101 sent you .Thanks for that Nige Wilson

Kim J

I'm staying at jacks apts in July and heard the same scare stories, will post on here and give my honest opinion on my return, let's just hope it's not as bad as people have said?