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Car Rental on Kos

Tina J          2/10

We hired a buggy for a day. It was not safe to be on the road. The brakes were so bad they were dangerous. The speedo didnt work. The indicator lights didnt light up on the dashboard for the driver - but when we stopped to check we found the proper indicators were working, just that the driver couldnt know. The engine kept missing and backfiring. We had been told to stop to let the engine cool down every 45 minutes. We met other people who had hired buggies in Kos who never had to cool their engine, and they paid 10 euros less per day, inclusive of fully comp insurance, plus their engines sounded sweet. We had been told many things that we could and couldnt do with this thing, but it would have been nice if Trust had done a few things to make this a safe rental. We returned it early.

Ginny L          10/10

We have used trust tours twice now and probably will do again this year.. We have hired both the buggy's and quads (usually we chose the biggest as they felt safer) and it was a really good price. Also the first year the buggy broke on us and they were so helpful and sorted us out within half an hour! would definitly recommend!

Andy S          9/10

We hired a JIMMY jeep for 3 days - only 75 euros.
Great car to drive - specially when we went up into the hills outside Kefalos - never seen the wife and daughter lose weight so quickly...

Tim B          10/10

Great team here at Trust, we hired a little scooter (150 cc) and were advised and encouraged to take and wear the helmets provided (as a motorbike rider I didn't ned to think twice)

We got a great deal for five days, great value.
Would recommend every time

John S          10/10

click to enlarge Well I rented a car from TRUST RENTALS and really had no problem. I spoke with Yannis direct who was really helpful with me. I thought I had hired last time from them but now I am not to sure. Anyway back to this time, I did find no problems with the service any concerns were dealt with on the spot and without delay. The price for two weeks car rental was reasonable as far as I was concerned, as I had telephoned around and found TRUST still to be the cheapest. I was collected from my accommodation (by a rep from Trust)taken to sign the paperwork for the car and I had a nice chat. I was even given a free T shirt!! I rented the car from 20th Sept to 04th Oct and all I paid was 300€. I paid on top 50€ deposit. I was not charged anything extra for paying by card for the rental and I had no problems getting my deposit back either. When it was time to return the car, I went to the office, to get someone to nip to the garage with me, so I could pay for the fuel I had used, from my deposit money, save me having to draw any more €uros on the last night of my holidays. I was due to put 1/4 tank back in and Yannis to save me the hastle of going to the petrol station and back, asked if 10€ off my deposit would be fine for the fuel due? I was more than happy with this as it would have probably cost me more than that at the pump. I got the balance of my deposit back with out any problem. So all I have left to say is thanks for the hire and use of the car, I can not complain!

Lisa&huw S          10/10

Got back from Kefalos the early hours of Thursday morning after hiring a car for the second time from Trust rentals.

The staff are friendly, the rates are excellent (Trust 175 euros a week for a jeep and Hertz £300!) & the insurance cover is good. What more would you want out of a car hire firm??
 We would highly reccomend Trust to family and friends and plan on using them next year again.
Thank you Trust for making our holiday a little bit extra special!

Vince D

hi lesley do you have a website so i can get a price for a weeks hire in september thanks vince

Vince D

do trust cars do 7 seaters  as we need 1 for september can u help thanks vince

Jed C          10/10

I've just returned from Kefalos (June '08) and hired a quad bike for a week from Trust Car Rentals in Kefalos.  Good price, great service, very professional staff, with excellent English language skills.  Many thanks to all the staff.  I would recommend that you take out the comprehensive motor insurance for a small additional fee - well worth the peace of mind.  Have a great time. 
Jed Comey

Sean F          10/10

Got back from Kefalos a few days ago and just wanted to express my appreciation for Yannis and Trust Tours! Thank you so much for your openess, honesty, professionalism and relaxed approach to vehicle hire and return.

We hired a boat and quad (very reasonable for the high standard of vehicles) and had a blast. Yannis said "You get in this life what you give out" and I agree doubt Yannis and his island wide team will have an enjoyable and profitable season. They work long hours and work hard to please, delivering only the very highest of standards in that relaxed "Greek time" (+ or - 30 minutes) way! You're on holiday...relax it'll happen!
Highest recommendation for Trust Tours!
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N.B. The photos were staged for effect and safety is paramount for Trust when hiring vehicles. Life jacket, helmets etc. are all in good condition and issued with the advice to "Wear is the friend"! 

Kevin W          10/10

click to enlarge well sorry its took so long for me to get on here, we spent our 5th year in kefalos this year and went to trust hire again, i could not go anywhere else now because the welcome we got was great yannis and his wife and father treat us just like old friends now and the service is first class. they really cant do enough to help and theres always a smiling face there. yannis is doing his best to increase his members of staff but will have to wait a few years before he can leave his brood in charge hehehe. looking forward to next year yannis about june again, bye for now  JEANNIE AND KEVIN WILLIS

Sally B          10/10

 Ive been abroad before and always hire cars as i feel its a quicker and more efficiant way to travel, and as me and my husband wanted to take the kids out for the day, we hired a car. The staff were really friendly and they gave me all the information i needed with such a friendly approach..there was no hassle like there is normally when you walk about for the best deals but i definalty think we went to the right place! i saw one of the girls in the morning and she gave me all the information i needed, then when i went back with my husband to book it in the afternoon i met another girl who was just as friendly and helpful. I just wanted to praise them for all what they the end we hired the car again towards the end of the holiday and spent another day at paradise beach where the boat ride we went on dropped us off..the kids loved the blow up water park...finally we had peace and quiet while the kids were playing thats whats holidays are all about!

John C          9/10

I just got back from a 2 week vacation in Kos.  This was the first time my wife and I had visited the island and we didn't have very much information so we dropped into the first information office we saw, Trust Tours.  We were greeted by a wonderful employee named Leslie who quickly reviewed our options with regards to excursions, popular beaches and attractions even car hire.  Once we decided on a vehicle a driver was sent from the main office to pick us up and bring us to the lot where we could pick up our vehicle.  This time we were greeted by the owner Yannis.  A picture perfect greek with a load and jovial personality.  Once again we were given all of the information we required with regards to operating our vehicle properly, road safety and sites to visit while out and about.  i was even surprised to see that they had the proper safety seats for our children.  I would recommend this outfit to all, they are knowledgeable, honest and the service is great, not to mention the vehicle was very well maintained.  Great job, I would score perfect but no one is.
Thank you,,   

Rik G          1/10

Just returned from Kefalos and whilst there booked two tours with Trust, the first was the fishing BBQ and this was really good fun, went out on a big boat and used hand lines to catch local fish with every fish you caught earning you a shot of ouzo!! Captain Yanni was a real hoot and kept everyone entertained!

Second tour was the day trip to Turkey and the service provided by trust was appalling, the driver was late picking us up and if one of the English staff member had not come down to see her local boyfriend off i doubt anyone would have turned up, there were 8 of us going on the trip and the driver turned up with a 6 seater car so another driver and car had to be found which further delayed things, either way as a result we were late getting to the ferry port and missed the hydrofoil which meant we had to catch the ferry and instead of arriving in Turkey at 09:20 we didn't get there til 11:30.
When they came to pick us up that evening they again bought the 6 seater and insisted we all get into it, all 8 of us!!
Having kicked up a fuss about the safety of doing this, during which the driver Savvi threatened to make us walk home, Yianni eventually sent out a second car which met us about 5 miles out of Kefalos!
When we got back to the office, Yianni was waiting and said the reason there was only one car was the other car had taken a holiday maker to hospital after standing on a fish and being stung, whilst i will not say Yianni is lying the fact the previous author who wrote about this is from BRACKPOOL rather than BLACKPOOL i would suggest that maybe Yianni has written the previous log to make himself look better and just to clarify i am not the moaning Brit described, when i spoke to Yianni it was much later and my wife and i were the only tourists present!!
I am not a disgruntled traveller, i thought Kefalos was great and would recommend it to anyone, i just wouldn't recommend Trust, there are far more professional outfits in Kefalos.
Its a shame as well because the English girls that work at Trust are really nice and work for a pittance!!!
If you have read all of this i hope it helps.

Anne-marie B          10/10

Just returned from kos, and the service we recieved from Trust was second to none. We hired a buggy from them and they were friendly, professional and low price. Very helpful even when just enquiring. Also we were there when a Trust employee drove a tourist to the hospital with a potentially fatal sting, they arae great even when getting abuse from impatient Brits for this causing a slight delay. Would definately use them again and wouldnt dream of booking anything through the Reps coz they rip you off unbelievably!

Terry A

Nice to see the latest adition to the family Steve jr as always great service fron Yannie and good safe vehicles

Karen G          10/10

We spent two weeks in Kefalos and hired a quad bike from Trust Tours the second week.  We found the staff very friendly and obliging and we were most impressed with the service.  When we broke down just outside Kefalos, it took only 20 minutes from our phone call to the company to us being back on the road after a change of spark plug.  Our 'rescuer' had a spare quad on a trailer in case the problem was more serious.  How's that for service?

Jessica and maria P          10/10

Trust Tours was the best car rental that we've ever tried in Kos. We've also tried Manolis and it was terrible. The employees were unfriendly at Manolis and he kept charging us more and more money for no reason . Trust was extremely friendly. Always waving when we passed by the office and last year when we returned to Kos, the whole family at Trust remembered us. The prices are excellent and i would definitly reccomend it to everyone visting Kos. They also have many excurtions at amazing prices. Dont forget to visit their waterpark on Paradise Beach (a.k.a bubble beach). Cant wait to go back!

Charissa F          10/10

We stayed in Kefalos, Kos, for one week, and found the service provided at Trust excellent. The staff were extremely obliging and offered us several discounts as we also booked a number of trips. Trust helped to make our holiday unforgettable, particularly the manager, Yiannis, who was very amusing and couldn't do enough to please customers. The company appeared to be very family orientated, and it was a relief to use a service that really seemed to care about the development of the village rather than simply taking money from tourists. We would definitely use Trust when we return to Kos on another holiday.

Suzanne B           

We hired a Hyundai Matiz for 7 days but decided to upgrade to a Vitara on the second day. This was no problem to do. The staff here are great, particularly Yiannis who has tons of character and a good sense of humour! Nothing is too much trouble and they wave to you whenever you pass the office, even waving you in so they can clean your windscreen! We felt like one of the family by the end of the holiday and got invited to watch the football in the office with their family and friends on a couple of nights and were well watered with Ouzo! We did a few of the trips as well and enjoyed them all. Would recommend Trust as they are good to deal with and are good value for money, particularly when compared to the tour operator reps prices!!

Kevin W           

click to enlarge we have been going to trust for the past 3 years we have hired jeeps and scooters and quads, never had any complaints at the price or the service they are very friendly and genuine people we were even invited to watch the argentina match back at the office with his family and friends thanks for the oozo and bobo your friend over the road

    kevin and jeannie

Fiona B           

Overall happy with the price and quality received from Trust cars.  HOWEVER - as I was staying in apartments across the road, they recommend I park in their car park for my convenience.  I parked there then went for lunch on our 3rd day of having the car - only to return and find the car gone!  As you can imagine I panicked.  Not to worry - the staff had "borrowed" my car!  All my belongings were still in the car - including warm clothes (which were needed as it started raining) and my apartment key!!  We were told it was for an emergency, however, the member of staff returned 1 hour later with a bag of shopping!!!  They said they had put 5 Euros of fuel in which I am very doubtful of - the meter looked lower!  I though this was absolutely shocking and unprofessional - be warned!

Diana & neil E           

 We have used hire car companies on many other Greek islands but Trust Car Rentals was by far the best, with the most up to date vehicle in very good condition. The staff were fabulous with  a wonderful sense of humour,  we were given excellent service and good advice.

Jim P           

Hired a Matiz for 7 days from the son at trust  ( who greeted us with the message " How may I take all your money from you" with a terrific smile on his face) I wish they were as honest over here in England !! and also a trip on the glass bottom boat to the waterpark at bubble beach and a 50cc Quad bike for me and the daughter to explore our final day to( plaka - you know the peakcock place ! ) etc.. and this guy only charged us 200 Euros for the lot. Like the rest of the comments left here there is the usual 200 excess and we actually had a puncture on the Quad which he charged us 10 Euros for ( due to tyres being our responsiblity ). Nice family run rental firm that seems to how can you say Ad-Lib from day to day which is what I would say was of typical greek customs. we loved it, got a great deal, excellent vehicles and cant wait to get back there next year.
    J Parker September 2005    

Colin H           


hired car for 5 days, the car we hired was not back so they upgraded us to a better car at no extra charge.  The man at the reception desk quite a comedian, spoke excellent english, every time we passed theSmile rental shop, the whole family waved to us.  very friendly car in immaculate condition.