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Alex G           

We booked our scuba diving trip with agents outside Louis supermarket next to the taxi rank ni Kardemena.  At 48 euros each, we thought it was quite alot at first, but the experience was well worth it.  We were due to be picked up at the Aeolos travel offices on a Monday morning at 9.15, but after waiting till 9.50 with no coach pick-up, we went back to the office who apologised for the mix up and booked us in for the next day.

The mini bus picked us up the next day and took 5 of us to the diving centre down the road from Kardamena.  We then met the rest of the punters and got aboard a small boat (like a pirate ship).  This took us west and stopped near the big mountains.  I had never scuba dived before and I thought that we needed lots of instructions and practice first, but we were given a 5-10 min talk about signal instructions from the captain, who knew his stuff, he'd been diving for 27 years.  We were put into 3 groups (3 or 4 in each group), we got the wet suits on first and swam in the water for 15-20 mins to get used to the temperatures.  Then we were kitted up and were taken underwater for a 20 min dive.

While under the water we were given abit of bread and the fish come swarming around you to eat it.  You can feel them nibbling your fingers but nothing painfull.  After the dive you are given a sandwich and a drink and are then free to snorkel while everyone else takes there turn.

We managed to get a ride on the speedboat all the way back to Kardamena, which was quite fun on its own.  We really enjoyed the day and it was well worth the price. Smile

Troy M           


Susie H           

50 Euros seems a lot of money, but it is definetly a must. I had the best time and defintely going again here at home. The instructors speak perfect English, most of which are English! They take you out to a remote island, with beautiful clear sea and really pretty fish. I was scared stiff before I went in, but once in loved every minute of it. Be prepared to hang around on the boat though. You go in groups of 5 or 6, if you go first you could have a few hours on deck waiting for the other groups to do their dive, then theres the second dive for those who want. Perfect time for sunbathing on the top deck though. My advice is do it. You will not regret it.

Steve P           

We used Liamis (i think thats how it was spelt) from Kos harbour. They use a bigger boat than the other set up, more space and also more shade from the sun. Costs for both were the same E50 for try-a-dive and E25 for second longer dive. If you just want to watch / snorkel using their gear it's E25. No idea how much for longer / qualified divers.

Nick W           


Going to Kos town in a few days and would love to do another dive, but wondering how much it is for a beginer and a myself haveing done one dive already?

Thanks for any hlp

Laura S

how much is the beginers dive trip from kos harbour?

David R           

we went diving with liamis dive centre,kos harbour,it was our first time and it was great fun.the crew were great,boat was fantastic.i loved it so much i did a second dive!


If you're not a proffessional it's very cool!!! Gogo Tours (our tour operater from Holland) had booked a nice boat with an English guy, who gives you a nice day on the boat and in the water!!

Bob W

im comeing to kos early may& want to do some decent diving no sightseeing tours. good wrecks etc anything from 5 to 55 mt any numbers .cheers bob.

Dave W

Is the Victoris sailing this year?

Craig P

I am holidaying in Kefalos in July 2003 and was just wanting to know if there was any diving centres near Kefalos where you can hire tuition, eqpt etc.