Trip to Bubble Beach

Kos Excursions

Danielle L           

Well, I am not a very good swimmer so I wouldn't have been able to see the bubbles, as they were quite far out the day we were there. However, as it turned out we happened to have gone from Kefalos on the glass bottomed boat, so we saw the ruins under the sea, the fish and all the bubbles. Was good.

The actual beach itself was ok, busy and the beachside snack bar was loud, and too British!!!

Steve P           

See Paradise Beach comments also - they are the same place

The G           

We took 2 trips out to Bubble Beach.
We got there by Speedboat which we took from just opposite the Mundail cocktail bar (about 200 metres from Kefalos harbour). 5 euros each (included return trip!)
Hire of the sunbeds is more expensive than Kefalos beach - but it made a change to sunbathe somewhere else!


Paradise beach is a long beach and has bubble beach within it (we got confused as to which was which) Paradise beach is the best one on the island - there's plenty sand, quiet areas with no sun loungers and the water doesn't get deep too quickly (unlike Kardamena where it's over your head in a couple of yards). We used a local travel company (Harriet travel, very good in Kardamena)and got a bus there for 6 but found out after the local bus goes there for 4 return. The bubbles are caused by volcanic activity in the afternoon and we happened to be on a peddleboat at that time and saw them. It's just weird seeing these little streams of bubbles appearing from no where! You can also see similar bubbles and a hot spring at the Therms, but I think you need a car to get there. There is only one cafe and one resturant so I would advise to bring food etc with you. It's worth a visit if not for the bubbles, for the beach.

Nikki W           

We did the trip to Bubble Beach and had to jump off the boat that took us across, into a small speed boat, which was not mentioned when we booked. It also wasn't mention that you had to walk to the beach from off a jette (or however you spell it) out into the sea, where the water came up to about your waist, which was ok, but be careful if your taking a camcorder or camera not to get it wet. Oh, and don't be afraid of the fish that swim around you as you walk through the sea. It was a long day really spent doing nothing but baking in he sun. We didn't see any bubbles either. It's ok if all you want to do is bake. Won't be going back again though. There is a small place to get something to eat and drink at the top of a sandy hill.

Linda C           

We made our own way there via speed boat from Kefalos (4 Euros return). Bubble Beach is at one end of Paradise Beach. There are loads of bubbles coming out of the sea bed. Very interesting and fun floating on it.

Paul O           

The beach was a good day out - plenty of watersport activites to
keep you occupied (and there reasonably priced too). The sand
is nice - quite a few Sand Ants running up and down - but they
keep themselves to themselves.

Was very hot here so be careful not to burn - we didnt see any
bubbles - maybe somebody farted underwater and thus they got
the name wrong.

Sam B           

Didnt like the beach it was the name for me too.

Sian J           

we went on a boat to bubble beach but if you go there by bus you get to stay longer and its loads cheaper