Tour Operators on Kos

Mike S          8/10

Just returned from a fantastic two weeks in Tingaki with Kosmar. A previous post mentioned Billie-Jo who was new this year, I can assure you that she is now excellent at her job and one of the most down to earth and friendliest reps I've met. only criticism of Kosmar is that they cancelled a full day  trip we were booked on and only told us on the morning as we were due to be picked up. No alternative was available that week, but if we had been told the night before we could have gone with another company. We thought they could have arranged for us to go with an alternative company or at least given us the option. Apparently we were the only people to book on this particular trip, which was a tour of Kos. We would have gone on the previous monday if we had thought this might happen. 

Lisa H          10/10

We were met at Kos airport on 4th July by Kosmar rep Kelly, she was very friendly and made our holiday perfect right from the start. Thanks Kelly. We're coming back on 26th September so we'll see you again then.

Matt J          7/10

Having booked our holiday almost a year before we flew we were dissapointed to recieve our tickets just a couple of days before we flew - although this was our only niggle with Kosmar.

Our rep, Billie-Joe was extremely friendly and was at our hotel every day to answer any questions you may have.

Sam P

kosmar was really brilliant all friendly staff :):) especially laura she was really funny and nice :) they all took really good care of you and i really couldnt fault them i would recomend  kosmar to anyone :):)

xxx lots of love sam xxx


hey in response to the comment below, we are also flying with kosmar and our tickets didn't come until wednesday and we fly out today! they kept saying they were on their way but never came n then one day i went in to see them in the travel agent and they were there! but we were told if you don't recieve them on time for your hol then they can do something else at the desk at the airport like just print off the details and it would be fine so don't worry! have a good hol :D x

Natalie F

My partner and I are travelling to Kos on the 4th of july, in 6 days time. I feel that Kosmar up to this point has been very unreliable. Having still not received tickets today, my partner contacted Kosmar via email to see what was going on. In the past week our travel agent had told us the reason for not having our tickets was because Kosmar was very delayed this year in distributing tickets. Kosmar stated today that our tickets had been posted first class on monday to our local branch. But, now its thursday, and travel agent say they still havent got tickets for us! So I wonder, where are our tickets?! This is definately unnecesary stress for my partner and I as this is our first holiday together. Has anybody else had a problem with not receiving their tickets? My mum and dad got their tickets before us, and they dont go on holiday until we get back! Anyway rant over haha. Would love to know if anyone has had same problem.

Keryn B          5/10

Got back last week and although everything was ok - it was just ok and they didn't manage to wow us this year as in the previous couple of years in Tingaki.

Billy-jo was our rep - very inexperienced and couldn't even deal with the most basic of questions - not really her fault though as I was told she was new to the company and kind of thrown in at the deep end - not really fair on the poor young girl. She was pleasant enough though so you can't fault her for trying.
We have been very impressed with Kosmar in the past but this year it was just lacking the personal touch that we had received from Caz our rep of the last 2 years. She gave a real personal touch, if we weren't round the pool for a few days and she hadn't seen us in the village she would leave us little messages just to see how we were doing, keep our daughter amused on her visits by letting her "help the rep" as she calls it and her knowledge of the area was great. A real credit to the company and a true lover of Kos by all accounts.
Billy-jo tried but from my perpective (and I work as a training & development officer) she just needed a little bit more training and support and even by her own admission she felt pushed by the company. It just all seemed too much like a Thompsons holiday this year (the reason why I don't travel with them anymore) - meet you at the airport, leave you at your hotel, take your money for trips (whilst piling on the pressure to actually buy something) and don't make an effort for the rest of your stay!
Will be considering Kosmar in future - they've lost that touch that made them such a great company to travel with in the past which is such a shame!

Debbie J          10/10

I had an excellent service of Kosmar, plenty of infomation and very helpful, rep available every day in my resort Tingaki, I've booked again to go to Skiathos this year with them.Our flight times changed and we had a delay in and out but the flight is beyond Kosmar's control that due to avaition problems and airline problems, the accomodation Jonathan Apartments in Tingaki was excellent I would revisit again.

John M           

no complaints


Joe C           

We stayed with Kosmar in Kefalos and had the time of our lives. The flights were late, but then they were with most companies. The Accomodation, the Galini studios were top drawer and the owners so friendly. I subsequently booked to go to Parga with Kosmar and enjoyed that too. Great company

Cas H           

Why are people too thick to realise that when you book your holiday, the flights change becasue of the airport, not the tour operator. The brochure clearly says that times in brochures are estimated from the previous years flights and this is inevitable becasue the airports do not give the flight times to the airlines until a later date?You can't complain about something which is out of the hands of the tour operators!!!

agree with nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


having been to many places in greece previously this was our first time travelling with Kosmar. We were travelling in two parties, however Kosmar chose to change one of the parties flights to a different airline with different flight times and out of a different terminal. Not a good start!!

We booked self catering apartment and Kosmar put us in B&B and as it was full the hotel owners could not move us, the hotel owners were lovely so friendly and helpful. The Kosmar rep though John was total crap! He had no personality at all, loads of complaints about him from other guests. I asked and asked for a complaint form and I am still waiting for it!!
We had a great holiday in Kefalos despite the Kosmar mistakes and will definatly go again to the hotel but as a private guest not through Kosmar.
To top it all off, our coach never came to collect us from the hotel to transfer us back to the airport and we were sat with another transfer rep at 3am waiting and waiting.
Kefalos is lovely, Hotel fantastic but Kosmar are an absolute disgrace. Rubbish. Rubbish. Rubbish. Dont use them!!!

Dave L           

I felt that kosmar are very good, last year we found that the reps were very helpful and gave you enough info that we needed to know, only problem was with excel, not much legroom but wot do u expect 4 airlines these days! recommend to ne1!

Mel & kay H           

We have travelled with Kosmar biannually for over five years and have found their high standards to be the most constant we have come across.We have been so disappointed with other operators that for Greece we would not travel with anybody else, this is the same advise that we give to our friends. Well done to everyone at Kosmar

Mel & kay H           

 We have used Kosmar biannually over the last five years and have always found everything to the standard we have come to expect and have been disappointed with other operators whose standards haven't been anywhere near as constant. Well done to EVERYONE at Kosmar

Pen D           

First time with Kosmar. Generally very positive. John the rep was at the hotel when he was meant to be, which was a bonus. The fact he spoke Greek really helped. (Not many reps do these days!!!!).

Only grumbles - Kosmar need to ensure they have better Air line companies, as Air Scandic are damaging Kosmar's good reputation in my opinion! Also, the 3 Island Tour was very disappointing for the money. In future we would not book this through Kosmar, we would book it using the local tour company, as at 35 euros, it simply was a rip off!. Although we did hear that if John goes on the 3 Island Tour, it is a totally different experience (a better one!)

Kay I           

The only gripe with Kosmar is the fact that they ALWAYS change the times of flights after you book. When we booked our flight left the UK at 1800(SAT) and arrived home at 0130 (SUN) what it eventually turned into was leaving UK at 2250(SAT) and arriving home at 0850 (SUN). The flight did not leave Kos until 5.45am on Sunday morning, considering some people had to vacate their accomdation at noon the day before it was a bit bad especially for those with kids. Considering you have paid for your room from 12 noon on the Saturday someone is clicking here somewhere along the line. Apart from that no other complaints

Andy F           

Been using Kosmar for the last 5 years, the service has always been good, reps are always there for you, flight times have generally been good, no delays to speak of. All in all a very well run company. Andy & Lynne.

Gary O           


Veronica H           

Stayed at hotel zeus  John was our rep once again  fantastic job   very friendly very helpful always on time. information was great, kosmar are a great company.Been to zeus with them three times , we will be booking with them for next year. WELL DONE TO ALL


     We have used kosmar since1997 and always had excelant service .Found the reps to be excelant,
as a person with a medical problem it is importent 4 me to know that I can depend on the reps , We have traveld with other companys and found the reps lacking .we found kos town (lambi) was the best area for me as it is flat and easy to get about . we are going again in september and know that i will be looked after by a person who is very professional and will go out of there way to help We have made friends with people  in kos and go every year we always go with kosmar and would not thinkof going with anyone else THIS IS A VERY GOOD COMPANY

Gail B           

We used Kosmar to go to Kardamena in June,the flight was great there and back.When we arrived at Kos airport we had to wait 3 hours for a coach to transfer us to our accomodation.When we arrived at our hotel,the rep just pointed and said there you go,and then she disappeared.Half way through the holiday our appointed rep came to me and said there had been a complaint about the mess in our room(the mess being sand off our shoes)the rep threatened us that if he received any more complaints we would be thrown out.I was gobsmacked,I am not a dirty person and in fact i cleaned our room throughout every morning.On our journey back,we were picked up early hours of the morning,the rep called our names,we boarded the coach,next pick up the rep disappeared and we didnt see her again.So when we arrived at Kos airport we had no rep and had to make our own way to find out where we had to go.So overall the service we received from Kosmar was disgusting.I hope you find the courage to still display my comment.As for using Kosmar again,thanks but no thanks!!

Pete S           

We stayed at Anastasia Studios, near the little harbour in Kefalos, in 2002. This was our third Kosmar Holiday, and we have since then had two more (Makriyalos, Crete in 2003 and Kamari, Santorini in 2004). Anastasia Studios are beautifully kept, lovely white marble everywhere. A real pleasure to stay there. Across the road is a supermarket owned by a chap called Nikos, who is the most friendly person we have ever met in Greece, and if you are a Greek Islands regular, you'll know that they are all very friendly. We had a trip to the nearby volcanic island of Nisyros, which was just wonderful. We are great Greek Islands and Kosmar fans, and Kos was among the best, in every respect. We would happily visit again, but as late starters in the Islands, we are trying to see as many as possible in our later years. We are already booked, with Kosmar, for Thassos in 2005.

Ian C           

first time we have used kosmar, and we found them ok. a few hiccups though. we arrived at kos airport exactly on time however the two planes that landed almost at the same time because they were delayed caused mayhem at baggage return. further to this we had to wait about 1hr for a coach to transfer us to the resort as they only had a mini bus.

our rep john was very good and kept us informed but at 5am in the morning you get a bit ratty.
returning home was no better as we had to vacate our apartment at 8pm and was not due to fly until 6am the next morning. the arrangements were that the andaras bar would stay open until we were picked up at 3am, however andaras the owner was not well so shut at midnight, so we spent until 1.30 lying on the pool sun beds. we did manage to catch an earlier coach to the airport at 1.30 but again mayhem as 8 flights were departing so we were left cueing up outside the airport until 4.30am.
i must say the kosmar reps were brilliant at the airport and took control not only of the kosmar passangers but of all people travelling that night. most of the other tour operators reps just stood around having a fag and drinking coffee.
overall we found kosmar good value and even though we had a few problems when travelling i do not hold them responsisble. the flight times are s**te but that is whats availible, and two weeks in the sun for £600 per couple is good value. as testament to kosmar we have booked again for next year at the same apartments in kefalos, and cant wait.

Martin & esther S           

A mixed bag. We did not get off to a very good start – despite booking over 2 weeks prior to departure they charged us an extra £48 to collect out tickets at the airport. We collected our tickets, which I checked in the booking in queue to find that we had only been given the outbound tickets! My wife returned to the Kosmar desk where the lady on duty didn’t seem at all bothered, but did manage to find our return tickets. On checking this envelope there was also a letter addressed to another customer, which we returned to the desk – again, not at all bothered. When we checked in we asked if our vegetarian meals had been requested – surprise, surprise, Kosmar had not even told the airline our names.
John was our rep in resort, and he did turn up regularly to the Hotel and seemed a decent sort of bloke, but we didn’t need any assistance from him. Most of the rep’s talk did seem to revolve around how to make life easier for the Hotel rather than us though! We were not very impressed with having to vacate rooms 14 and a half hours before pick up, so opted to pay an extra 20 Euros, which bought us another 8 hours in our rooms.
A word of warning about the Airport at Kos – they simply cannot cope with the number of flights. The result is complete chaos at busy times: it took us 2 hours to get our baggage on arrival. On departure we queued for over 2 hours – one queue to get in the building; another for check-in; and the worst one was for passport control. If you know what to expect it doesn’t come as quite such a shock!
The hotel Zeus was excellent.