Castle Bar - (Bars in Kardamena)

Sam P          10/10

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hey! :)

arw kardamena was the best holiday ever :):) and castle bar just made it even better loved being there :) met some lovely people george bessy amy irene anna eddie jo and michael :)
miss yous all :) wish i was still there instead of s**tty newcastle :(
hope to see yuou again george im deffinetly coming back :):)
and cant forget down town hahaha!! :d
xxxx lots of  love sam xxxx

Greek Night - (Kos Excursions)

Sam P

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i had a really fun night :):)

people were all really friendly :)
arwww miss you lea :(
the entertainment was great and food also i would truely reccomend it to anyone visiting kos! and kardamena is the BEST place ever :D:D:D
xx lots of love sam xx

Kosmar - (Tour Operators on Kos)

Sam P

kosmar was really brilliant all friendly staff :):) especially laura she was really funny and nice :) they all took really good care of you and i really couldnt fault them i would recomend  kosmar to anyone :):)

xxx lots of love sam xxx