First Choice

Tour Operators on Kos

Mick C          1/10

The rep was not good unless you bought plenty of trips or went out with her at night buying her free drinks, then she would look after you.

Charlotte T          10/10

Were great for our journey!!!

Maria and ali were the best reps i've ever dealt with!
Everything went a'o.k, would def use again.

Mark N           

We will not be using First Choice again

The information given about the resort and hotel was poor. The transfer back to the airport was a nighmare, The excursions aranged was poor . And got charged twice for an excursion to Turkey
Flight times a nightmare just not good !!!
Think twice if I where you

Amy H           

we had a really really good holiday. Jemma was the best rep we have ever had when we have been on holiday she is really friendly.

Nicki G           

Very good service throughout the holiday  - Gemma was an excellent rep too - very helpful! 

Karen & paul J           

Fantastic - no problems whatsoever. Fist time to travel with First Choice - would do so again.

Sadie S           

Excellent, i'd definitely go with First Choice again. Caroline our rep was fantastic, and really looked after us , couldn't of asked for anything better.

(ignore my below comment as i forgot to tick boxes for the service what was required)

Danny A           

Have to agree with emma that jackie was a very good rep always around or easy to contact if you needed any help or advice.First choice were pretty good as in our transfers no delays but other flights seemed to get some

Rita K           

Hi, their are many tour operators that fly on a saturday kosmar,olympic,libra,thompsons to name a few all come over on a saturday.Have a good holiday or come over flight only as their are plenty of rooms available for rent.e-mail me

Cornelia H

Need to get to Kefalos on 10/9 as this is when I've booked my holiday off from work. Just found out only one tour operator flies there & its a midweek flight! Does anyone know of any operator that flies there on a Saturday??????

Sarah C           

Proud to work for the company, never any problems apart from slimey reps like Joe  only joking you're by far the best

Emmi R           

Jackie was the best rep we have ever had! she was really freindly and a great laugh!

Great joke about there is not a single mozi on the island!
There all married and hundreds of children!!
She Was Fab
However, The Air Stewards on the way back did have a bit of an attitude problem.


 had a fab time never met such a nice rep great fun and helped so much relly made our holiday thanks claire see ya next year xx adam  &lucy 

Joe T           

hi gemma thanks for sayig i was the best rep means alot to me that x


I will never ever ever go with First Choice again. Where do I begin? We paid for a meal on the plane and never got it. We had awful seats on the plane (cramed in like sardines) and the crew had an attitude problem. When we arrived at Kos we had no transfer. (Which we had also paid for. Our accomodation was fine because it was an Olympic property.


Joe woz d best rep! had loadza fun. cheerz 4 a fab hol. miss ya babe xxx

Neil C           

Again, Jackie was our rep. I have never met such a good rep in all of the holidays i have been on. Jackie was absolutely fantastic. She made our holiday much more enjoyable with the tips she gave us on where to visit, eat and drink. She was always available at the times and dates shown on the boards and always very cheerful and helpful.

Jak, if you read this review we would just like to say thanks again.

Neil, Brian and Marc. Atlantis, 8th to 16th Sept 2004.

Gemma A           

Jackie our rep, was great. What really won us over was her great delivery of the Welcome meeting. I'm sure she remembers my dad the short Scottish guy called Paul.

Louise S           

our rep jackie was the best very friendly and gave us tips on what to buy in turkey.

Emma N           

First choice were really good so much so we are using them next year for the same holiday. On both ocassions first choice have been the cheapest option for our holiday. Our rep was nice and helpful, I only have one complaint really and that is that we were badly advised that the trip to bodrum would be suitable for a baby and pram, it wasnt because it was organised chaos.