Tour Operators on Kos

Karen B           

Traelled with Thomson to Nicon Apartments in Kos Town last October, half-term week Loved it so much we booked again for this year despite a major price hike.  Received letter from Thomson this week changing our flight from Thursday from Manchester to Saturday from Birmingham - Thomson not willing to meet extra expense incurred.  On checking the brochure, flight supplements from Birmingham are less than Manchester but we were invoiced for the same balance as for Manchester.  Our relatives are very good, giving us a 15 mile lift to the airport at Manchester but cannot expect them to do 2 x 200 mile round trips to Birmingham airport so have had to cancel, going to Kefalonia now instead but we were so looking forward to Kos.  Big thumbs down for Thomson at the mo from us I'm afraid.

Mark P           

couldnt really falt thompsons....apart from coming home thery're was technical problems and also hold up with the birmingham evacuation.....plane was also really cramped on way home

Fiona S           

Hey all,

Me and 4 mates stayed in Kardamena studios with Freestyle, part of Thomson. Everything was fantastic!
We had a fantastic rep- KERRY. she was wicked, such a larf.
I'll be back next season, so watch out Kardamena!

Wendy F           

I used to work for them so I knew what I was letting myself in for. The rep was good, cant fault her, the transfer to the resort, hmm bit disorganised as you had to hunt the thomson reps out, you just couldnt find them. NEVER use the 24hr helpline, they are useless. A pipe burst in out apartment at 5am, so I rung them sayin we had water going everywhere. They told the owner we had no hot water (at 5am you're not going to!!) so it wasnt going to be fixed till 9am. We then had to ring back and argue to be put up somewhere else for the nite as there was water all over the floor and the noise was deafening and boy did we have to argue. My fiance went back at 10am the next morning to find it hadnt been fixed at all, no-one had been to do anything, and when we went downstairs, the owners son said it was the 1st he'd been told of it, so god knows who Thomson's told. It was the owners son who got it fixed for us, and cleaned and tidied in under 2 hours, they offered us a room change and all Thomson's gave us was a lousy free lunch, they didnt even apologise. They're customer service is atrocious (we should now, we work in customer service) and if they weren't the only company who you could book the accomodation we wanted through, I'd never travel with them again.

Andy D           

We quite often travel with Thomson, and glad we did this time. Booked through Thomson direct, excellent pre-holiday service. First class reception and transfer from Airport, and the rep in Kefalos (Lesley) was the best! Well done Thomson - keep up the good work.

Alan J           

I chose Thomson due to the fact that for a supplement you get very convenient daytime flights - I am not suited to hanging around airports and hotels in the early hours. It seemed to me that all the other operators to this area such as JMC have lousy times,i.e. departing from resort around 05.00!!