Olympic Holidays

Tour Operators on Kos

Clare W          1/10


Jenny K           

We stayed at the Miros Appartments in May 2006.  I think it was excellent value for money.  The appartments are clean and the staff very friendly and helpful.  The beach is only about 15 minutes walk but there are lots of places to hire push bikes.  Many people did this and again well worth the money.  The bikes are an ideal way to get around and make the trip to the beach/village quick and enjoyable.

The only thing we didn't think much of was the food in the local bars and restaurants.  For a good Greek meal you need to go into Kos town.  Otherwise it's all very bland and same thing in every place.  Take a torch with you as if you do walk back from the village at night (or even the walk back from the bus stop) is very dark.  The bus service is excellent.  You can catch the bus just outside the appartment block into Kos town every half an hour.  Last bus back is about 10.30pm, again these run every half an hour.
These appartments  are ideal for young families or couples.  There is nothing for teenage kids, they would get very bored!!! 
Our  flight time and airline  was changed prior to leaving (this is normal for Olympic Holidays).  We ended up going with Excel Airways. The flight was on time and the service good.  Average leg room.  We paid extra to sit near the fire exits.  Although this looks a good idea on the web site, to be honest it's not really worth the money.

Louise C           

Well to start with our flights were great, better then i was expecting actually! Ive heard nothing but bad things about monach but it really was one of the best flights i've had! Im a nervous flyer and after askin to be seated together at check in it turns out we was no where near one another! My boyfriend asked a stewardess if there was a posibility that we could change and they sat us together no problems, and she kept on coming back to make sure i was ok which i thought was really nice. The food is what you can expect from airline food really, nothing special but edable! We had music stations and the telly to keep us entertained and it was only a 1 for the headphones! I've paid 5 before now!!!

Our rep was Kerry who seemed very nice but anytime we see her looked very stressed out! Then again for our weeks holiday we only see her twice! When she dropped us off and when she picked us up! Apart from that i was well pleased with Olympic's service and would use them again.  

Donna H           

Fantastic time at the Miros - and our Rep Kerry was the best - she was there most days and always on hand to help with any problems or just for a chat - nothing seemed to much.   Kerry was great with my two children - even gave them printouts to colour one day as they were getting bored.   Kerry not ignored you and she also helped out at the pool bar sometimes but would stop if you needed her for anything.  Kerry always had a smile on her face and seemed to get on with everyone - holiday makers as well as the staff at the Miros.    Would definitely like to have Kerry as our rep again - wish they could all be like her!!!!

Sarah ?           

Hiya, we went to Kos in September and it was absolutely brilliant - couldnt have asked for anything better! Ben Pope was our olympic rep and was very helpful! We went on a bar crawl with them and they were a right laugh! had the best night ever and Chris is gorgeous!!  Thanks for a great night guys - wish i was there right now!

Ken P           

We arrived in a thunderstorm and were then told our luggage would be an hour coming as it was too wet for the staff!! They didn't say it was left out on the runway and as a result most of the contents were soaked. We got on the coach and together with friends were the first to be dropped off. We were told a rep would be waiting-he wasn't. In the dark at 5.15am with no idea of the layout managed to find our room but our friends couldn't find theirs.The rep arrived about 20 mins later and room found.
I must say that after this we spoke to our rep Kerry (Not the missing one) who was very helpful and came to our appartments every day. I think it was the most we have seen of a rep on any Greek holiday !!
We knew what to expect at Kos airport-about a mile of  passengers and when you do get to the departures everyone packed into it with no room to move/breath.

Lisa S           

We had no problems with Olympic Holiday tour operators.  Before we went to Kos we were a little unsure about something and kept forgetting to phone Olympic customer services before they closed so my patner emailed them one night, not really expecting a reply, but they phoned him the next day at home and when they couldnt get hold of him, at work, to tell him the answer personally, which we thought was very nice of them.  We liked our accommodation, the price was decent and the coach transfer from the airport to our resort was quick with few stops.  Our rep was available to talk to at reception most evenings, around 6pm, but as I say, we had no need to as everything was great.

Sam D           

No probs boarding the flight at Glasgow airport, flight was fine. Tiny wee plane though, nightmare for us leggy folk! When we got off in Kos barn, sorry, airport, we waited about an hour and a half on the coach with no air conditioning, or any information from the reps, absolutely knackered. Switching the fans on or telling us what was happening would have been appreciated. Throughought our holiday we had Ben Pope as a rep, lovely guy, easy to get on with, always about and willing to help. Some of the trips leave alot to be desired. nissyros was fantastic, once in a lifetime. Turkey was horrible, hated the place (not olympics fault obviously!). The meal was fine, although we got sat with someone random which killed conversation between me and my boyfriend, the wine was ridiculously diluted so we tried to drink as many half pints of beer as possible. youre only there for about an hour though. Turkey was not worth the money. Greek night was good (wine undiluted!!). Lazy day cruise was.... ok. I suppose. Having Ben as a rep made up for most of it. Pretty average as a tour operator.

David P           

An excellent tour operator with the best apartments and best reps. We had Jo Troth and she was excellent and so nice, as where the other reps. I went on a bar crawl on my own and they took it upon themselves to make sure i had a great night. Wish i was still over there, may return as a rep next year!

Andrew S           

Very good and efficient service as always. Our rep Kerry was helpful and well informed.

Olympic's tours were overpriced. We found the English-staffed Theokratis Travel (in the main street) helpful, efficient and much better value for money.

Toya R           

Excellent service as always. Transfer from airport to resort was by taxi as we were delayed and on the way back we were there in plenty of time and missed all the queues. Annalea was our rep and was very helpful, didn't need her for anythig which is good but she was always where she was supposed to be. Very knowlegable at the welcome meeting and not over pushy about trips.

Lisa S           

We enjoyed our holiday and overall it was good, however i asked our rep a couple of times for things with the reply she would get back to me, she never did, apart from that didn't need her for anything which i suppose was a good thing.

Peter B           

For a budget tour operator they are superb and we will be using them again!

Rep Sean as i have already said is experienced and has myu respect, still have no idea why he hammers his weight!

Gemma H           

Our rep, Kerry, was on site a lot. She was friendly and helpful. At the airport the other rep (Kevin) was nice and chatty and passing the time by.

The flight we took was with First Choice and this was well below average in my opinion.

Kirsten W           

our rep was ok, we had a bit of a problem and she was quite reluctant to help us because the apartment owners were her friends. it took two separate incidents before she would fill in a compalint form. the main problem with olympic is the poor standard of accomodation which they offer. we stayed in the angelos apartments and i would not let a dog sleep in them.


We have been with Olympic twice already and have just booked through them again to go out in September - We were transfered from the airport by Coach and Andy was the Olympic rep - my only moan is that we went to kefalos first which took a while whlst Kardamena is only a 10 minute journey from the Airport - Andy was very nice and even carried our suitcases up the stairs (and they were very heavy). Chris was our appartment rep and he was lovely, really friendly and very helpful - he is also cute and looked like he should be in Busted or something. We stayed in the Kardamena Holiday appartments and we had a really good room the Owner Christoph was really nice and even said he will give us our room next time we come - The rooms are basic guys bear that in mind when you go to greece they are the same in all the appartments so stop moaning you only sleep and shower there!

Kevin P           

was there last week the refs who transfered us both ways were poor gareth and chris however andy who was our rep was good always where he said he wouuld be and on time. he even refunded a taxi fare from his own pocket although olimpic had caused the problem i feel the poor reps must have real problems due to the substandard accomadation olympic seem to use thank you andy iv never needed to use a rep before but you were good go work for a better company!

Sex M           

ihave flown with olympic twice now n both times were excellent my only fault was that i never got 2 get it on with the rep there called pip she was f**king gorgeous but you never know theres always next year hopefully she is reping in kardemena again but i will have 2 wait and see

John B           

Rep? What Rep? I've seen the invisible man more times! We didn't need a lot of help which is probably as well because we didn't get any. When I did track her down I thought she was standing on red hot coals, she was so keen to be somewhere else! The only time she visited us was to deliver a satisfaction questionnaire and even then she blackmailed us by saying "no returned questionaire, no return flight details"! This was a pity really because everything else about our holiday worked well and it was great value for money

Julian H           

Our rep was there if we needed her (which we didn't) and they looked after us well at the airport as that can be confusing as to what is going on! The welcome talk was good and she came round to everyone induvidually, however check locally as to the prices of tours/excursions as they can be booked in town cheaper.

Ruth O           

Went to Kefalos and had a fantastic time. Couldn't always get hold of our rep but we had no problems so didn't need to see her. Value for money was excellent and I'd highly recommend Olympic to anyone that wants a good holiday.

Ellen W           

We had no complaints for our rep to deal with but he was always around when he said he would be. He gave us good advice without being patronising. We were looked after well and the trips were very well organised.

Joanne S           

Just got back from the Oasis apartments in Kos Town,the rep was a complete waste of time,1 family had rats in there room and it took her 2 days to move them. The rep didnt seem to care that people had rat droppings in there room basically i dont think she cared about us!!!!

I will not be travelling with this company again and good luck if you are going to the Oasis apartments

Richard W           

On arrival we had a bit of a problem with our room. Our rep kind of sorted it out but we still had to take various matters into our own hands. Other than that we did not need them. One point I would like to make is that on departure when you get to the airport you will find youself queing outside the airport terminal, due to the fact that the airport is so small. After about 20mons of being at the back of a long que our rep came forward and took all the olyimpic guests to the front! A great piece of work I have to say.

Adam M