Tasty Palace

Restaurants in Mastihari

Linda S          10/10

I was sorry to see the last posting saying that someone had a bad meal at the Tasty Palace. We returned on the 29 August this year, after our 6th visit, and enjoyed every meal we ate there.  The temperatures at that time were in the 40s and everyone seemed to be eating later in the evening than normal, once it had cooled down. I wonder if the gentleman complained about his meal at the time? Could it be that one mans meat is another mans poison?  As we experienced a "bad meal" and poor service at his preferred restaurant.

R W          1/10

Unfortunately, my experience of tasty palce wasn't very good. We went there for our first night in mastihari, mainly based on the recommendations on this site, but were very disappointed (I would even go as far as to say that in 16 years of going to greece, this was as bad a meal as I have ever had). My son is quite young so just wanted an omelette, and it was burnt on the bottom and just a gooey mess in the middle. My wife had chicken, and it was more like eating a water baloon, such was the water content of the chicken (and burnt on the bottom). I had a mixed grill, and they manaaged to burn every single piece of meat on the plare.On top of this, despite there only being 3 other tables with customers, it still took over a hour to bring the food. We didn't go back.

Tony H          10/10

How can this place be rated at only 6 out of ten????? That is completely wrong. We travel all the way from Kefalos to eat there. Excellent location, value for money, service and food.  Ignore the name, just go and try it for yourself.  Chris (female), the owner is so welcoming and attentive as is her number 2 Veni.  When my wife and daughter asked for a special ice ceam of Baileys and malteezers Chris had run out. However she was not to be defeated and made her own with a shot of Baileys and a bag of Malteezers.  I am assured it was delicious!!  Can't wait for 2008.

John A           

Tasty Place was good but - warm taramasalata?  Didn't like that!  Never had anywhere else!

Otherwise - very good. 

Pam A           

we have tried the other resturnts in mastihari and the only place we like to eat is the tasty palace. we visit the island twice a year and we only eat and use the appartments that area attached to the resturant. chris and kosta are great hosts and really easy people to be around. its nice as well they are always adding new meals to there menu.

Wendy T           

This was by far the best restaurant in Mastihari that I tried.  The food was delicious - the lamb kleftiko was the best I have ever tasted and I have visited several Greek island's previously!  Chris is a great host and speaks fantastic English.  If you try the  pizza's they will easily feed two people and are homemade and not out of a box as I've experienced in other Greek restaurants.  The views of Kalymnos and the sunset from the restaurant are also another plus point.  I strongly recommend that you try the Tasty Palace (don't be put off by the naff name!).  You will enjoy the experience! 

Hayley S           

I had my wedding party here and Chris and Costas did a fantastic job. I asked for what i wanted and they provided and more. We hads fireworks, greek dancers, fantastic food, great views. I love this restuarant x x x x

Amanda H           

Have been to Mastihari numerous times over the past eleven years.  Our family have eaten at the Tasty Palace on many occasions.  Chris & Costa are warm, friendly and welcoming.  The menu is extensive and portions extremely generous.  The food is excellent quality and cooked to perfection.  There is a wide range of choice on the menu and the meals represent good value for money.  The cleanliness, ambience and beautiful sunset all add to the dining experience and ensure that many customers return time again.  Hope to see you soon Chris & Costa.  Get the Brandy coffee stocked up!!!!

Linda S           

We have eaten several times at the Tasty Palace Restaurant and enjoyed every moment,  The greatest problem is deciding what to have from the extensive menu,  the second question is whether you will manage to eat it all!. We would recommend the housewines, sold by the carafe, but if you would like to try something different, they have a very good Macedonian Red on the winelist.  There is an excellent, uninterrupted view of the sunset across the beach and the decor throughout the restaurant is definately above average.  Chris and Kostas, the proprietors, have always been very friendly and welcoming, and Dssy, the cook, is an absolute treasure (and a great giggler!). In spite of all this the prices are about average for the village and very good value.

Caroline H           

I have visited Mastihari 7 times in the last 3 years.  I had previously read reviews of Tasty Palace that stated the service was slow and food wasn't that impressive.  However, on my last couple of visits I have been there for lunch and for dinner, and although the service can be a bit slow in the evening, who is in a rush in Mastihari ?!?!?  Its not ridiculously slow, its just leisurely !!  And while you are waiting, you can watch the sunset, and people watch !!  The food is fantastic - mainly Greek, but you can also have English or snack type food.  I am a vegeterian, and I never struggle for something to eat there.

I highly recommend it.

Jane F           

we have been to tasty palace for last 3 years and alwasy found the food and the staff great, no problem here at all in fact we would not eat anywhere else in mastahari!!!!!

Leanne M           

Great Sunset views.
Food is very good and the staff are great.
Highly recommended.