Seaside Taverna

Restaurants in Mastihari

R W          10/10

tended to have kleftiko at this restarant. It didn't come with potatoes cooked with the lamb, which is a shame, but the lamb was plenty and was very tender. My wife tends to go for swordfish on holiday (and has done since we treated ourselves to a top restaurant in barbados 13 years ago and it was the only thing we could see on the menu that we might like, and my wife loved it). She said the swordfish at this restaurant was the best she had tasted in all those years since (and she had it 3 times here). service was good as well and had nice views of the sunset.

John A           

Saganaki egg cheese and mousaka, to finish off the holiday while looking at the sunset.

Excellent location, good service, good food.
I'd go there again.

Miss M           

One of my favourite restaurants in Mastihari. Great food, good service - lovely location for watching the sunset.

Aileen L           

A beautiful location especially when the sun is setting. Can get busy. Saganaki egg cheese is a wonderful starter. Kleftico good and the fish platter to share with friends. Friendly service.

Helen K           

This taverna is on the beach towards the harbour. We were always made to feel very welcome here, greeted like old friends with homemade liquer. The menu is quite comprehensive. We particularly enjoyed the stifado and youvetsi.