Tasty Palace - (Restaurants in Mastihari)

R W          1/10

Unfortunately, my experience of tasty palce wasn't very good. We went there for our first night in mastihari, mainly based on the recommendations on this site, but were very disappointed (I would even go as far as to say that in 16 years of going to greece, this was as bad a meal as I have ever had). My son is quite young so just wanted an omelette, and it was burnt on the bottom and just a gooey mess in the middle. My wife had chicken, and it was more like eating a water baloon, such was the water content of the chicken (and burnt on the bottom). I had a mixed grill, and they manaaged to burn every single piece of meat on the plare.On top of this, despite there only being 3 other tables with customers, it still took over a hour to bring the food. We didn't go back.

El Greco - (Restaurants in Mastihari)

R W          10/10

we went here about 4 times during our holiday. I had steak on 3 of those occasions, and have to got to say that the steak I had the first time I went was as good a steak as I have every had, it was fantastic. My wife likes swordfish and said it was beautifull on the 2 occasions she had it. We had pizza once and that was very nice as well. My wife and son had giovetsi one night and having tasted it can highly recommend it (loads of lamb and beautiful pasta). Would definitely recommend this restaurant for the food and the service was good as well.

Seaside Taverna - (Restaurants in Mastihari)

R W          10/10

tended to have kleftiko at this restarant. It didn't come with potatoes cooked with the lamb, which is a shame, but the lamb was plenty and was very tender. My wife tends to go for swordfish on holiday (and has done since we treated ourselves to a top restaurant in barbados 13 years ago and it was the only thing we could see on the menu that we might like, and my wife loved it). She said the swordfish at this restaurant was the best she had tasted in all those years since (and she had it 3 times here). service was good as well and had nice views of the sunset.

Mavros - (Restaurants in Mastihari)

R W          7/10

went here a few times and the meal was very nice on all occasions.

Nostos - (Restaurants in Mastihari)

R W          6/10

food was good here (lamb kleftiko was great and had the potatoes cooked with the lamb), but had a very annoying pushy waiter serving us trying to rush us to get our order in, so didn't go back.

Christina - (Accommodation in Mastihari)

R W          9/10

Can highly recommend these studios if staying in mastihari. Although outside the centre of the resort, it is a small walk (5 minutes) and there is a supermarket very close as well. The walk to the beach doesn't take long (just go past the side of the luis studios on the opposite side of the road). The studio itself was private and clean. Cleaners came every day apart from sunday (a bit too often for my liking, I prefer just 3 times a week at most). the new bar area is nice and the noise couldn't be heard at all from our studio. studios also had a nice extra 3rd pair of sliding patio doors that contained just fine mesh, which allowed you to let the air in at night but not the flies or mossys. studio lacked plugs. (only one plug for the cooking facilities, so they had to provide an extension to both cook and use extractor fan at the same time !!). Overall, definitely recommend these studios.

Mastihari Beach - (Beaches on Kos)

R W          8/10

nice sand and very long beach. we went to the end of the beach that didn't have all the umbrellas and sunbeds and the beach was empty, you could lie down a good 50 yards away from tthe nearest person (which was a good job as the germans like to treat it as a naturist beach, complete with standing up and walking down the beach front for no reason at the first sign of new people coming onto the beach - why do only fat people do the naturist thing ?).
the only down side to the beach in mastihari, was the seaweed which comes in with the winds. Its not partucularly horrible seaweed, but can come in large quantities. Luckily, as long as you don't mind walking though it, you can get to clean waters. The sea can get a little rough some days as well.