Restaurants in Mastihari

Bertrand T

hello I was in this restaurant for 4 days (23/08/10), the promess was that I make this comment.

The swordfish was delicious and the personn very sympatical
thank you and a bye from france

R W          6/10

food was good here (lamb kleftiko was great and had the potatoes cooked with the lamb), but had a very annoying pushy waiter serving us trying to rush us to get our order in, so didn't go back.

John A           

The food was very good and the waiters are very friendly.  Mousaka and stiffado excellent.

Would have had the last meal there but opted for the sunset view at the Seaside.

Dave G

Were is the best fish resturant in Mastihari? We are travelling on 14th july 05 and this will be our first visit.

Claire P           

The food is fantastic especially the house dish 'Lamb Nostos'. The waiters are very friendly, highly recommended!

Leanne M           

The Food is Fantastic & the waiters are very friendly.

Highly recommended !

Sally B           

Nostos was ok but we were persuaded to go into the restaurant by an extremely pushy waiter. We had intended to go to the fish restaurant on the other corner of the road and wished we had. Although we were taken into the kitchen to chose a fish, it was very expensive and we declined. The food that we had was okay but we didn't go again.