Bars in Tingaki

Scot Beckers          10/10

George has sadly passed . MOTOR BIKE ACCIDENT . No words can explain.

Lesley & wullie M          10/10

Took trip into Tigaki from Kardamena to re-visit 7Dayz - last there 11 years ago.  We have very fond memories of a happy sports bar run by one of the nicest guys we ever met. Very sad that George has gone so tragically.  Ireni and her parents have turned 7 Dayz into an amazing Greek restaurant.  Comfortable, affordable and the food from Mama's Kitchen is amazing.  Well done to you all.  George would love it :) xxx

Nicole E

Addi your comment here is 7 days still open as it is the best food and drink in tingaki by for and is ireny on face book ?

Ray D          10/10

I hope it is excellent bar nice staff

Paul E          10/10

gooing back this year is 7days sill open

Dave S          10/10

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Hi Irene
Can you please email me your surname so we can talk to you on Facebook.  It was lovely to see you again in September, we will be back next year, Julie as well.
Love Dave and Julie xx

Elaine W

Great to see you again Irene - still stunning as ever - still smiling.  Love to you and your Mom & Dad,  see you again soon.  Love from Mr. Sam & Elaine xxxx

Andy G

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hi irene

 andy from scotland if u rember us sarahs mum and dad we all met a few years ago at atkidimmys
just to let u no helen and myself are coming out again sept hope to c  soon

Lynette S          10/10

hello irene hope you are well it was good to see you again. we are sorry did not  have time to say good bye but we will see you again next year.  lyn and terry (TOM AND JERRY)  

Charlotte J          10/10

cant believ wt happened 2 george!!! had 2 b the funniest man eva  

miss him loads bt nyc 2 c u agen irene
u will b fyn wivout him
i nw u miss him so much
you have 2 c*m and stay at myn as planned yea
say hi 2 mummy and dad 4 us all
miss u and love u loads xxxx
7days has 2 b da best bar evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Elaine W          10/10

Best Bar  - run by the Greek Goddess Irene !!!! It was great to see you again Irene, always happy, always smiling.  Chloe and Lauren send you a big kiss.  See you next year!!  Love from Mr.Sam , Elaine & the gang. xxx Smile

Bruce and karen B          10/10

truly sorry to hear about george. he was a diamond geezer, and a real fisherman. via con dios, amigo.

Louise R           

Great place:

Great to see Irini - hope all goes well


So sad to hear about George. I used to work in Tigaki and chatted to him a few times. Does anyone know what happend exactly?

Rest in Peace George

Charlotte J           

we have known george and his sister for years, we knew them before they had 7dayz and we liked them then. they are very sociable people and are a great laugh. they hav amazin food and drink and a fantastic facillity.  they deserve to be where they are now, they have workd hard for what they hav!!! hpe 2 c u soon george !!!!!  from gez, ang, charlotte, luke and shannon

Alysha B           

Me and my boyfriend had a really good meal here and enjoyed the atmosphere around us. It was nice to hear some recent music from MTV on in the background while having our meal. Their crepes are to die for!!!!!!!!! best place to have them!

Amy W           

Very shocked to hear about the news of george mine and sophs thoughts are with the family george was a great guy RIP George.
All our love amy n Soph (August 2005)

Norman M           

 George was an amazing guy, we are gutted he has gone but wish irene and her mum and dad all the best for the future, it will be hard for all of them but they are strong, a very nice family, we all cried together in May . We went to Georges grave, its in a lovely location ten minute drive. Ask Irene for pictures of George off the computer. we are going back in oct, Irene will run the bar and make a success of it, the family need the money so she has to be strong. Pop into 7 dayz and  have a drink with Irene and pop next door to say hello to mum and dad, they will make you welcome...mooooooooooo    Norman and Ann  Morris from Dawlish

Stephen D           

We went back in May this year [we used to spend most of our time here in June 2004] to find out that the owner had been killed in a motorbike accident in early May.His sister is now running the place but for how long?

Sarah R           

 its a good place to go ant eat there is always good music on we went there to eat a couple of times and we enjoyed the food every time  c ya in june

Amy W           

add your comment  we went here our first night of our holiday. it was very, very busy!!!! yet george bless him was on his own and made our night worthwhile he gave us free cocktails after our meal we were the last to leave and even met the family. george was such a darling. keep up the fishing george,. you got us drinking blue lagoons all holiday!!!!

cu next year.
amy n sophxxxx
we even watched big bro!!! go george!!!!

Kay I           

Showed Big Brother and served draught Strongbow - what more can a girl ask for..........

Going B           

very old fashioned!

Stephen R           

A great place to eat with prices to match, even better than last year. We went there nearly every night it's good to see such a friendly atmosphere and George ( the owner) is always happy to help with anything. We'll see you soon George keep up the fishing and we'll have to go the spring next time we come to see you.


Paul M           

Great food, good prices, nice people, definately worth a visit