Ipanema Cafe Bar

Bars in Tingaki

Alan & paul F          10/10

Hi Pam Well what can I say, the Ipanema bar is one of our favourites and we have been visiting Kos for many a year. Always a warm welcome and a great cocktail menu. Looking forward to seeing Pam in July, and then again in September. By the way Joanne, is your Mum still downing the 'orgasms'? !!!!! Pam, keep us a couple of cold Mythos handy as we will soon be there.

Lynette S

hello pam how are you well i hope had a great time  and looking forward to seeing you again next year lyn and terry ( vodka what ever)

Joanne W          7/10

While I was in tingaki last september with my mum and step dad we went into the ipanema bar nearly every night. The staff are friendly and always make you feel welcome. It's got a relaxed atmosphere and is always clean plus you get free bowls off nuts put on your table


Deborah T           

Great staff and great drinks .What can i say the staff were lovely always smiling .They spoiled my son rotten whilst we were there with crisps biscuits and cocktail toys .

Pinkteddy & ninja            

We loved it here when we visited in September of this year.  A great place to sit and watch the world go by whilst getting slowly (or quickly) drunk!  Fab friendly service - can't wait to go back for more next year.

Pinkteddy & ninja            

 A great place to watch the world go by and just chill out and loose yourself in Tigaki.  Service very friendly and efficient, cocktails and price all superb.  Nice clean loos too folks!!!  Can't wait to get back to Tigaki.