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Lolita C          10/10

Hi @ all

one week later and I can't stop thinking about you all. This is such a wonderfull island! And your bar the best place on it :D My mum Valentyna, her fried Heidrun and me, we had soooooo much fun, well I've never seen my crazy mum so dancing :D We will never forgett you ;) maybe we will see us again, i hope it! :D
So please send regards to all :D and of course to the gaia village guys, if they still remember us ;)

liebe Gre

Tanja -

hello to all
I was 3-4 years before ever tingaki and there was a man learned in my breath away, he called elia torres =)) think that since the 2 times where I was there only to him.
I come back this year and look forward to the bar and all the people
tanja kiss =)))

Mary M

hi we went here every day about 4 oclock for my bellini cocktails absolutely delicious. bar staff really nice, nothing any bother to them, hopefully returning next year 

Emma S          10/10

heya all its the raving lass from cas who drinks the shots ov stroch n is all over the place lol!!! i had the best time ever, george is u read this im comning back on 20th august next year with my friends. hiya too all the london n machester lot who i met u was all fab xxxx

Gemma G          10/10

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Memories Bar Was The Best Meet Loads Of  People In There And The Bar Staff Are Relli Friendly Includiing George My Best Mate  Who Im Going Back To See Next Year

By Far The Best Bar In Tingakii. Thiings Start To Liven Up About 12 Ish And George Next Year ii Will Be Back With Chelse On That Pole

Sue R          10/10


Excellent place for cocktails.  Went to this bar every night for my whole weeks stay.  The guys were great and thoroughly look after you.
Recommend to any age they accommodate everyone.
Loved it.

Danielle C          10/10

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Hi all i went to greece august 29th 2007 and went in memories bar all the time george is great miss him and his samboooka! lol  cant wait to go back loved every minute of it and am sure it will just be as good when i go back in august 2008 . see you guys then"yammas for the great 2 week guys!"

Lynne G          10/10

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We just got back from another brilliant holiday in Tingaki and we went into Memories bar nearly every night for a few B52`s. Got to say the guy`s there are brilliant and they really look after you which makes it the best bar in Tingaki. so a big hello to Mike, George and Stam and we cant wait to come back out there.

Lynne, Paul, Daniel, Catherine and Richard.

Vicky T          9/10

great bar the guys was lovely

Rochelle W           

hi yol i luvvvvvvvved the memories bar with the 3 lovley brothers iwill defo be back next year with me m8s i thought costa woz boss yamass hunny!!!!!!!!!!!!  i hope you remember rochelle from liverpool with her crazy mum and dad who stayed in the aspro spriti apartmenrs,i had so much fun i want 2 work there 4 a couple of yearschow 4 now darlings xxxx

Lauren *           

brothers, brothers, brothers, what have you been doing without us!!! just can't have been the same since we left that awful night!! haha only kidding loves, bet you're having a ball, but don't you worry only 2 weeks and we'll be joining you , hope all is good there, missed you all very much, dave get the music on and we promise to be on the pole quicker than we can say t-o-r-o-n-t-ooooo, won't do any little hello's on here, we'll just make them extra special when we see you in person , lots of love lads.... swansea ladies, miss stacey and miss lauren xxxxx

Chloe P           

SAMBOOOOKA! Memories Disco Bar is easily the best bar in Tingaki. The 3 brothers are great espescially George "yamas". The DJ Dave plays really good music and the bar staff are really friendly, giving out free shots all night. There is even a pole which you will be encouraged to dance on, even George had a go himself!

Hello to our friends, the locals at Memories bar
Watch out for Visi throwing his shots across the table  !!
Ilias has a really cool car with blue flashing lights so let him give you a ride!
Be impressed by Andreas's smoke rings.
We will definately be going back to Tingaki next year and looking forward to spending every night in Memories bar, the best bar on the island!!!
AMY & CHLOE X X X (August 2006) 

Chloe P           

SAMBOOOOKA!!! Memories is the best bar in Tingaki by far. George "Yamaaas" is the funniest barman and is constantly giving away free drinks and providing entertainment. The DJ Dave plays really good music which you can't get out of your head, (espescially Akcent-Kylie). The bar even has a pole which the barstaff encourage people to dance on, even George had a go himself! Watch out for the Albanians in the bar - Egle "Lets go" !!!

Hello to our friends
VISI, ILIAS, ANDREAS !! Loyal customers to Memories bar. Watch out for Visi throwing his shots accross the table!
Ilias 'earing' has the coolest car with blue lights and loud music! Let him give you a ride.
Andreas blows smoke rings.
We will definately be coming back to Tingaki next year and will be spending every night in Memories again.
AMY & CHLOE X X X X X X 2006

Alex Y           

heya everyone! had a wicked holiday.. Juergos (sorry if i spell it wrong!!) me n lizzy are reeeallly missing you!! it was hard enough leaving you last year but this year it broke my heart! Ill send you those photos we took so you can put that one up behind the bar and not the one thats up at the moment cos thats baaad! tell Lenia i say a big hello and sorry i didnt get to say goodbye properly. it was really nice meeting your daughter and no im not a bad influence!! honestly.. making me dance with you as payment for my drinks!! Hiya dave.. keep playing "last nite a DJ f****d my wife lol... missing you all. thanks for all the memories this year to add to the ones we have already.. see you in October. Alex and Lizzy xxx 

Lauren *           

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Just a few more pics that we'd thought would help you to remember us by....not that we didn't make ourselves known lolol being as loud as we are!! But here we go anyway :) x x x

Lauren *           

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Heeyyy all! Been back now a few days and missing you all so much already :(, not so bad though as we've just booked to come back in October :D, so you don't have to miss us for long!!!! Haha, this place is absolutely amazing, went here pretty much every night and thanks to our pole dancing expertise (H) got free shots every 5 mins!!! Haha, well worth checking it out, i can guarantee you will love it, especially as they have a fab fab Dj, Mr Toronto :P Haha or as we say it Tor-on-toeeeeeee, service was awesome and the brothers, well you are just some of the nicest people, you def have not seen the last of us swansea birds!!! (and yes i've said hello to swansea for you!!!! haha) Say hello to everyone for us :), maybe someone in particular for me ;), you should know who it is, we were pretty much inseperable! Helloooo to Kristos and his little baby!! Haha you liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you all very soon, you know our shots....get them ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of love, Lauren and Stacey (P.s say hello to our baby Savina for us aswell :(, we miss you!!! We're coming back for you hun!! Uckkk eyyyyy!! Pics for you gorgeous x x x x)

Paul W           

Ok but a sweat box. Go to Karma across the road for cooler surroundings and cheaper drinks!!!!

Kirsty S           

oh my god memories what can i say,it was amzaing i went with my mate thats been going for 7 years, im out there to see you lot july 13th 06 and i cant wait gorge ur sooo funnny cant wait to see everyone again, hey gorge sammmmmbooooooka that was very funy the dj played great tunes cant wait., see u all sooooon  xxxxx

Ray D           



Really enjoyed this bar. Staff really friendly and chatty.
You can sit outside for a drink or move indoors where there is a dj playing really good music and also a small dance floor.
Went in every nite for the week we were there for a few drinks.
Defo worth a try!

Samantha S           

Hi! ive been to Tingaki twice now and both times ive spent most nights in your club. i think Dave is an amazing dj and a well cool chap. hi Dave! Hope you remember me, im the girl with the blond, very curly hair. the first year i came, my friend Danny was snogging your cousin Gus. If you still dont remember me, ask Jimmy from the Sunset aparthotel.

i just emailed to say hi

hopefully see you soon if i come back out to Tingaki


Tina S           

Had a great time at memories bar, staff very friendly, lots of free shots etc. great cocktails and great music.
will deffinately return here again. Best bar in Tingaki.

Lauren B           


Mandy N           

Memories, well what can you say about one of the best bars in Tingaki. We have been visiting Kos for the past 12 years and always stop off for a few drinks at Memories every night of the holiday.

The owners and bar staff are great and the DJ David, well he's just the best.
Can't wait to see everyone again in August...
Mandy, Russell and Daniel

Helena S           

We arrived at Memories, with my mother, my sister and my daughter, during the night Michael gave us a free shot before every order. We understandbly endedup on cocktails, then later when child and grandmother had gone home, we partied in the back dance floor area, and michael still came in every so often to make sure we were ok, and again would giv e us more drinks, very kind, offered to drive mty mother and daughter home, they declined but nice offer anyway. Takes care of his quests.