Mascot Bar

Bars in Tingaki

Vivienne Carrington          10/10

Best bar in Tigaki, can't wait till next year :)

Clare C


Going to Kos in 3 weeks....does Chris still work at Mascot bar???


Ian M

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Bad News Yannis & The Gang We Are Coming back this year,will bring you some more Karaoke songs to increase your library from 33000  to nearly 60000.
See you May
Ian & Rosemary

Maureen G          10/10

hi costa nice tohave seen you again  from muma

Jim N          10/10

Yasou anipsie yianni .
This is your Uncle Jim from Australia. I heard you have a new cafe bar next door. I wish you well in your new venture .
My son Peter is on his way ther and should be visiting you , your family and early September.
Please introduce him to you Mother Fotini and your Father.
If sylvia is ther give my regards to her.
Over here we are freezing cold with temperatuers of 4.00 degrees C. at nights and 12.00 degrees C. during the day
How are your children. Give them a warm Hello from me.
Hopefully I will be coming there , with my wife and Daughter Artemisia next year  around July--August and cant wait to see you all
In the meantime Love and Kisses to All
Your Uncle Jim Misyrios

Colleen B

 hi guys yianni sexy christos sexy costas  and yianiis  hope your all ok and kevlemenos kavlorreees !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I will not be be back this year as imvery busy in Rhodes     see you all nest year  have a good season  ! you sexy sods

Andy G

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hi all at mascot

were on our way again sept meeting up with big allan and jane from newport they will be there  the day before us so get ready for the scottish arriving c u all soon with the vodka and cola lights
 yanni get the warm up shots ready fi andy
  take care all c u soon

Joe H

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hi guys

what on earth do you look like in these photos
i always said you were crazy so here,s the proof

Kelly B

Hey guys long long long time!!!!!!!!!

Hope ur all doin well an life is good!!!!! Mascot must still be the best place in Kos for a fab night out. I had some amazing times wid you guys. You all still look the same but aint seen a picture of Nic hope he is good. Hopefully 1 day soon I will be back to have a drink wid you guys 4 old times. Anyway "Bristol number 6" always LOL Cristof, Yanni you should remember this always big luv

K xx

Debbie L          10/10

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hi kosta, chris, giannis, dave and giannis, thanks for lots of fun times once again  you all made my holiday special. have booked to come back next year in sept so hope to see you all than.  kosta did you dress up as 'roy chubby brown' and surpise pete while he was on stage?...........

Dave and paul G          10/10

click to enlarge  YAZOO Yanis and Family,

 We are on our way can not wait to see you and the gang again.
Paul says Bacardi and Coke Please and Dave Says DO NOT ME DRUNK AGAIN PLEASE!!!! But then again.
Well hope that you are all fine and well and we are looking forward to seeing you in three weeks time. Take Care and see you soon
Dave and Paul

Nigel, elaine, rachel and

Hi Katie,

We have been to Tingaki three times in May and three times in September, each time has been very hot. Dont think you'll be needing a brolly .lol. We are also staying at the Mythos, see you in the bar.

Dave and paul G          10/10

Yanni we have sent you our email address so you can keep in  touch with us about the things we spoke about today.

lets hope we can work things out with you
Yammass to the best bar in tingaki kos and hope to see you all again soon

Charn M          10/10

iiyaaah mascots its us manchester gals lol , thanks for all them free drinks on the ouse ,it was great had plenty of good nyts in ther ope are bras nd knicker are still on the roof of ur bar ,didnt wanna leave , but guess wat were bk in may....x ope ur all looking after yaselfs everyone from manchester sed iya lyk me crazy family on the pole and pc pojy belly lol well goin to go nw but ope use all the best have a good christmas aswell love us mancs  x x x x x

Jamie F          10/10

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hi guys thanks 4 a fantastic week cristof it was great meeting u and yanni and costa it was good seeing and eating with you all thanks again 4 a greet week and as normall ill be back next year

Suzy R          10/10

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brilliant bar!! ...had such a good week in kos for the second time this year !!
thanks guysx

Jason H          10/10

Just got back from Ilios apts in Tingaki. Brilliant Holiday. Hello to Babyliss, Gabrielle, Vaseline etc. Nice one Hercules for lift to airport & thanks for getting me hooked on Zambuca! Top pool-bar service, very funny.Back next year with the crowd again. Could do with some entertainment in reception bar at nights

Theresa W          10/10

hiya every1 frm mascot bar got bk 3 days ago n loved it. they all looked after me especially chris had a great tym every nite we went n will b c*min nxt yr but 4 2 weeks, bringing loadz ov people. yannis i'l keep my promise if u keep urs. missin u all so much n wish i cud go 2 da mascot bar every nite luv ya all n miss ya all c u nxt yr xx

n u all beta keep in touch

Susan N          10/10

Iv been to tingaki 21 times over the past 12 years and love it too bits.  I havent been for the past 3 years although im going back in 3 weeks which i cant wait for.  Il be taking my son with me and im also going to be 5 months pregnant so i wont be having any late nights in mascot unfortunatly although i will be popping into see the old faces behind the bar.......c u all soon xx

G&r :          10/10

Hi everyone,
Greetings&kisses from Poland :)
It was nice to see U again
We have a lot of memories with U.... :-D

to DJ: thanks for L A S T   N I G H T    You are the best!
to Maria: You are beautiful girl. Don't loose your smile ;)
to Costas: take care about your knee- next season we want to see you dancing on the pipe ;D
to Chris:.......hmm........ where is your promise.....  ;p
to Yanni: don't kiss two girls in the same time.... it can be dangerous sometimes... ;p


Cheryl F

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hey all!!

just come back from tingaki, 3rd time, same faces!! kostas and chris behind the bar, yanni and yannis there and dave on the decks, had a brilliant time as ever getting smashed on the shots!!! had a good comedian there one night and i had to get on stage... embarrasing!!! usual karaoke etc, really good, miss you all xxxx

Caroline F          10/10

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We had a great time in here on Monday night.  It was the Ali G show which was hosted by Brian.  He played Elvis, George Michael and Ali G.  He did a fantastic job and had the place rocking by the end of the night.  The cocktails were great, service excellent.  Thank you!!! 

Vic G

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Thanks for another great holiday guys.  See you next year!!

Vic xxxx

Amy N          10/10

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hellllooooo!!!!!missing you all very much just want to say i had a great holiday.thanks very much....hopefully see you all next year again love to all amy xxx the hello girls x

Julia B

Hi Chris, who's your friend?
Sponge Bob Highly recommends Mascot!!! Never a dull night!
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