Jungle Bar

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This bar was actually called Enzos last year but got sold at end of october so dont know wot it is called now or wot its like.

B interested to hear from anyone thats been this year - was a great bar!!

Mandy N           

Great place, the bar staff are mad and great fun....

If your younge, this is one of the bars worth going too. The staff are fun and it's a great place to drink and have a good time. My son James worked out in Kos 3 years ago, spent some time doing bar work in the Jungle Bar and loves the place.
Can't wait to see everyone in August.
Mandy, Russell and James

E B           

It was fab. Im in love with the fit man called manos hu works there! so keep ir hands off girls coz ive had him 2 years in a row n i intend 2 make it 3 years if u dnt mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donna S           

This bar is no longer called Jungle - think its Enzio

Donna S           

enjoyed this bar. music was really good and bar staff friendly and one or two hunks!! Would go here before heading of to mascot to end the evening. Defo well worth going to for a drink. Suit all ages.


hey get another gr8 bar gorg bar men n wkd shots. thnx m8 4 lettin me use the ladies ur the best n if u ever c tht richard tell him i sed hi lol
sham realy but there really isnt a place on the scale 4 hunks its jst mega mega excellent

Andy E           

The best bar and club in Tingaki. Staff are really friendly. Good mix of locals and tourists from different countries. The cocktails are highly recommended. Good DJ too, who plays a good mix of cool stuff - house, hip hop, funk, and some indie - in contrast to the endless techno, pop and holiday toons the other 2 places tend to play.

Lisa B           

Me and my good friend Polly came to Tingaki last June and were regular customers in the Jungle Bar, we particuarly liked one barman, tight white trousers ring a bell? We would love to hear from him as he was a complete babe!

Lynda C           

we went to jungle bar most nights .There was a good atmosphere there. the staff were really nice and made you feel welcome. the drinks were really nice too.