Bars in Tingaki

Nigel, elaine, rachel and           10/10

On our way back to Tingaki in Sept this year. Looking forward to spending many a happy hour in Kovotis with Costos, Theo, Bill and Spiros.

Hannah R          10/10

for Theo, kostas, Billy And Ellena

thak you for an excellent holiday you guys made mine and natalies night, always drinking and havin a laugh we hope to stay in touch with you all and i cant wait to return to your bar again, me and natalie never used a nother bar in tigaki for the 2wks we was there and we will recommend it to any one and we will miss you all it was hard to say goodbye to you all but we touched down in england on time and the weather is well typical english weather :) see you all soon
love you all loads and missin u all even more
hannah and natalie xoxoxoxoxoxox

Steve H

Hello spiro,theo, Kostas Billy

Just thought i'd let you know we did not arrive this year due to the XL air going bankrupt we were due to arrive in September but could not get flights.
Spiro I have your signed Liverpool shirt s promised along with Barcelona !
Wiil hopefully get out next year and see you all Theo hope you are ok will see you all next year
Steve ,Sue , Ste, Donna and loads of love from Lauren


   Hi guys we're back home again and just about recovered after another fantastic holiday.  Spent every night in Kivotos (no wonder we ended up so drunk!!)  Fantastic bar, fantastic guys and great laugh.  What more could you ask for.  Bill you just kill us.  Spiros - maybe next time we'll get more time to chat as there was quite a crowd this time.  Theo - keep smiling.  Miss you all, see you soon.

Linda & Donna

Nigel, elaine, rachel and           10/10

It was really good to meet up with Theo, Kostos, Spiros and Bill once again. You are assured of a great welcome and fab times at Kovotis.

We look forward to seeing you all again in May next year to celebrate Rachel's 18th birthday.
Thanks for your hospitality once again.

Steve C          10/10

I 've Been going to Kos  for the last 7 years and made great friends with spiros theo and kostas and also with billy chris and dj steve. Be back out there in september  This is the best bar in tigaki they will make you feel welcome anytime day or night. So its worth a visit.

Joe H           

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I have been drinking in kivotos since it opened many years ago
Spiros Theo Kosta Billy Chris & Steve the dj some of the best guys you could meet

Louise H           

hey guys!!! just though it write little comment! avnt forgotn u missen u more and more everyday,wishinig we were there,sorry didnt c*m2 c u the summer will defo b bck for the summer in2007!!ur not getting rid of us that easy!kostas keeping us up2 date with everthing thats going on! know that ur all ok!well see you real soon!x

loads of love and kisses louise and shelley xxxxxx

Christoph M           


we were on holidays in cos in juli this year! it was great!
Does anybody have en emailaddress of the kovotis club?

Lauren *           

well hello there ladies  haha only kidding, how are we all? we are updated quite reguarly by our big bug kostas haha so we know you're all doing ok which is nice to hear , even so we will be back in 2 weeks to find out for ourselves!!! so keep smiling and...well...keep going!! haha, won't be long now lads! see you very soon, missed you all lots, remember to keep our stools free and chris get practising your pole dancing, stacey wants a rematch  see you in a bit xxxx lots of love, the welsh ladiesssss miss lauren and miss stacey x

Sexy J           

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more phots from sext jeff


 Well home safe and well , thank god we weren't flying back on the 10th would have been a nightmare.

Kostas , Spiros, Janine Theo and Chris (with the odd flying visit from Billy) , you guys made our holiday once again .
2 weeks flew by don't know whether it just went quickly or it was the blur of too many shots and the Nutty Milkmen.
Anyone planning a trip to Tingaki just make sure you visit the guys at  Kivitos ( just wish the site admin would get the name right
Thanks again and we will see you soon , hopefully sooner than later .
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heres a couple of pictures from the last night.click to enlarge ( notice I managed not to be on any )

Lauren *           

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heyyyy heyyyy, it's the big bugs here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha, missing us kostas??? i'm sure you are lolol, any bugs in the toilet this week?? as they aren't at the bar anymore , haha don't worry we'll be back, earlier than you may think too , we've booked october, so it's official you'll be seeing as in 2 months... i know i know, kostas you must be relieved!!!! well ok ok, if you're not i'm sure our other baby boys will be haha! kristos, a special hiya from stacey, or should i say heeeeeeeeeelllllllllooooooooo, howww arree youuuuuuuuuu!!!! as supposedly we sang everything!!!! i don't think so personally  haha, ok well maybe a little bit! theo, you have got to be one of the nicest blokes we met and we really mean that, keep smiling baby , you are very loved down in swansea!!! and last but definately not least, spiro!! thankyou for all the cocktail presents!! we've kept them all in memory of you sweety! special thankyou to janine, for all her little pieces of advice to make the hol go much smoother, haha and your singing and dancing to every song won't be forgotten!!! didn't think we saw that did you , guaranteed a good time in here, we came here more than once a day, so that's got to mean something! very very welcoming, staff are more or less the best around and they sure know how to have a good time in or outside work, trust us , enough said, we aren't saying our goodbyes we're saying yasssoooooooooooooooooooo see you very soon darling's! get our shots ready....and hmmm will it be a malibu coke and orange bacardi? ahhhh why not  haha, lots and lots of love, the big bugs xxx

Zoe G           

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Would like to say hello to Kosta, Theo and Spyros for making our trips back from the beach each day a pleasure and our evenings a delight!!  Really entertaining and friendly a great bunch of guys that genuinely make you welcome and honestly value your custom.  Would thoroughly recommend this bar to all but do not challenge Kosta to a drinking competition as you will lose!!  Fantastic bar, good vibe, get on in there!!

Louise H           

hey u guys!!  just wana say sorry agen eint coming is year sorry kostas!!!! u know i love u all sorry nd its like home 2 me but i wont b able2 come,but i will deffo b there next year. u wont 4get us i wont leave u! we always keep in touch ne way wont leave u forget me!!!!

love u allways
 hope u have fun summer with out me and shelley
love ya all loads and loads nd miss u more thank u can think
 love always louise and shelley xxxx

Richard P           

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We went to kovotis everynight on our holiday and Ive got just four days to go before im out there again (cant wait) this bar has made me go back as i had such a good time. Hope my Cardiff City football shirt is still on the wall see u soon guys

From the Welsh lot
Richard & Catherine

Viki H           

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Some more piccies


Viki H           

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Some piccies of our "Zombied" nights!

Viki & Michelle

Louise H           

hey all!just me louise and shelley agen!!! i know ur all well as kostas always keeps us informed!

as we were ur favourite customers for 6 weeks hahah.
just missen u all so much.wish we could be there with u all now!will try our best 2 c*m bck this summer
as we had the best 6 weeks of our lives last year!!! and all the years we ave been coming
 take care u all!love you all very much
ur favourite 2welsh girls
louise and shelley xxxx

Viki H           

Have not long returned from 2 fantastic weeks in Tingaki, this was my 2nd year to Tingaki and my mate Michelles's 1st. And just like last year we proped up the bar in kivitos every night . I would reccomend this bar to everyone, it's the best one in town! As usual Theo, Spiros, Kostas and new hunky barman Cris (Bill unfortunatley no longer works there but he does pop back the odd night) made us more than welcome! The shots flow and the cocktails go down nicely. We we're definatly "Zombied" a few nights and luckily Kostas was on hand to be our personal chauffer back to the hotel!! cheers Kostas! Thanks guys for my yummy birthday cake, even though Theo put the candles round the wrong way! Just a reminder I'm 23 not 32! We're already missing everyone so hopefully will be returning at the end of the summer, so if you fancy putting us up that would be even better! ha ha! Hope to putsome pictures on soon.

See you soon, keep our stools free!
Viki & Michelle
PS Hope your keeping the ladies stocked with loo roll!!

Shelley R           

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more pics!!!!!!!

kostas and louise brill time!!!!
ilias and john our best mates!!!!miss you guys loads!!!! victor (pic in the middle) dont worry how could we leave you out!!!!!
miss you all loads and loads and loads
love louise and shelley xxxxx

Shelley R           

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jst more pics 2 add on there nt that clear but there ok luv shelley n louise x


a replay 2 helen and lindsey that they ask how we r and an email.. send 2: kostahatzi@yahoo.com.. we r all fine and waiting 2 c u next year.. by the way am different kostas..am spiros and theo's brother and i work in kivotos now.

Shelley R           

Hey u guys!!! its shelley i was in kos for 6 weeks with my mate louise!!!!
just to say hya and we had a fab time!!!!
we will be out there next year for about 4-5 months!!!!
we cant wait to see you all!!!!
if you see the guy i was with ILIAS say hya to him for me, if u dont know him then ask on of the guys and they will point him out for you!!!
see you all next year love
shelley and louise xxx

Helen G           

This bar ROCKS! I miss it so much, having not seen it in the past two years  but I'm coming next June Bill so warn Theo, Spiro and Costas because Lindsay and I will be 19 and 22 and can drink far more now than we did before! Give us an email and tell us how you all are.

Seriously though people if you haven't been to this bar before then go! You can see from all the reviews that everyone loves this place. I've been going there for 8 years so thats how good it is!