Thomas Cook

Tour Operators on Kos

Renaldz Naldz (10 August 2013)

plzz back KOS game .

Janice W  (11 May 2009)        9/10

travelled for the 1st time with thomas cook last year. all cabin crew were very efficient and polite. we paid for the extra legroom seats and were very thankful we did. some of the seats were very cramped together and if you are over 6ft tall you may find the flight very uncomfortable.we are flying with them again on the 20th of august to kos again and we are both looking forward to our holiday.

Gareth W (26 June 2008)

Are rep was brilliant

Tony A (18 June 2008)

I have been trying to book my NEXT years holidays 2009 to stay at The Captains Hotel in Kos Town but I am not having any luck. When you telephone Thomas Cook Holidays, their ansaphone says
 ' Book early to get the best choice of Hotels and Flights' 
 and yet you cannot book, as they say that it is NOT available, and that is for either 1 or 2 people.
The only one gripe I have with THOMAS COOK HOLIDAYS is that they have stopped taking bookings for single holiday makers even though we pay a supplement. I have traveled with Airtours / Aspro for over 10 years and stayed at THE CAPTAINS HOTEL and I am very upset about their decision to NOT allow SINGLE BOOKINGS as are many other LOYAL AIRTOURS customers which I know,
 if they are not careful they will be losing a few more VERY LOYAL customers.
 If they read this and decide to reverse their decision they can contact me on the following:

Lauren B  (08 July 2005)         



Ross G  (08 July 2005)         


Portburd   (20 October 2004)         

this is the 2nd time we have flown with thomas cook and we really enjoy it, the staff are great right from the start from when you book your holiday right through to coming back home. usual chaos at Kos airport (its like a dogs kennel, no way you can get lost), flights left on time, bus was slightly late but no big deal. on flight movie and meals were great, bit cramped and uncomfortable. pilots were nice and even introduced themselves and kept you informed throughout the flight. on board staff had a bit of a laugh and were really nice and smart. i just prefer not to fly with anyone else now except thomas cook and we got a great bargain. see you again next year.

portburd (scotland)

Monty M  (30 September 2004)         

flight left on time and with strong tail winds, landed 45 minutes early!! too cramped on board - have never flown with such pathetic leg room (booked with thomas cook but flew with first choice).
i don't wish to sound offensive, but reps are there in case there is a problem and i usually forget their names because we only meet the once! the rep who met us at the airport was well mannered and gave clear instructions even though surrounded by holiday makers, all asking the same questions of her. found it amusing on a coach, full of adults and oaps, to be addressed as 'hello boys and girls'!!
standard talk from two young reps at kefalos following morning, comprising welcome, warnings and then all too familiar sales techniques for excursions and car hire. i know travel companies make money on such trips, and that reps are obliged to convey accordingly, but well over 100% profit above local (and very good) car hire is almost fraudulant. this web site warned us of such practices and we saved a considerable sum of money by doing our own thing.
good standard accommodation (spa**e but clean and comfortable) with probably best balcony view on the island.
return coach trip on time and helpful rep (still boys and girls!!!).
standard baggage / security queues at airport but flight left on time. cramp conditions yet again. good flight attendants but in flight meal verged on unedible (cold pizza, bland sausage, granular gravy, presume it was cheese (no taste whatsoever) with meagre biscuits, followed by sickliest pudding i have ever left! felt extremely uncomfortable for remainder of flight.
notwithstanding, we had a good value for money holiday and would return on same conditions next year (apart from upgrading leg room on aircraft and eating own prepared meal).

Jude B  (23 September 2004)         

malc and jude have also just returned from our holiday at the chrysoula apts, we had a fantastic time the whole family made us feel more then welcome, we made lots of new friends who like us have re booked hopefully it wont take us a hour to do a 20 min transfer, the pool was great with lots of sunbeds and of cours a bar with a brill barman niko the great, if you want a great time doing nothing this is the place to go

Gary S  (19 September 2004)         

We stayed at the Chrysoula and found Tina to be very helpful. We enjoyed the Monday night BBQ and quiz although through no fault of Tina's the 2nd night wasn't as much fun as the first (due mainly to the age group of the guests).
The transfer home was first class but when we arrived we were taken to Kardamena before eventualy arriving at our apartment after about 1 hour which was not welcome at 4am in the morning! (We were told the transfer time would be 20 minutes when we booked) Despite the initial hicup the whole experience was excellent and we plan to go back again next year.

L D  (10 September 2004)         

The rep (Mark) was ok - he came to our apartments (Lydia) regularly.
The only thing we would say is the shopping trip to Kos Town - there should be a little warning as the coach goes up the mountain, and part of the road has no barriers. A bit scary.
If your not too good with heights, then maybe keep your eyes shut, or just query the route the coach takes on the way to Kos Town.

Everything was fine with the rep, and Mark didn't hassle us into doing things with them if we didn't want to.

Kirsty S  (24 August 2004)         

Fantastic, all the reps were great but especially Owen who was our rep at Kris Mari hotel but isnt returning in 2005 which im really dissapointed at cos im returning nxt year with thomas cook

Patricia W  (20 August 2004)         

reps at the chrysoula apartments were very good, informative, helpful amd much too full of life!!! BBQ evening at the apartments was run very well apart from the quizzes which wasnt to every1s taste. The excursions that they run is far more expensive than u can get in the resort.

Joanne A (25 June 2003)

Mitsis Hotels Norida Beach, Kardamena

Lisa W  (08 May 2003)         

Our operator was Thomas Cook/JMC, the girls were perfectly pleasant although I think most people get abit fed up with the usual speil they have to spout. It's nothing against them but it is so annoying when you've been travelling for god knows how many hours to get on another bus to go to the hotel and someone shouts over the microphone 'IS EVERYBODY OKAY, SAY YEAH!!' as if we're a bunch of kids on a school trip, it's very frustrating as I'm sure they would soon know if people had a problem with something. We also asked questions like how long is the island and how much admission is to some attractions and they didn't know the answers to what we thought were simple questions. I'll say again they were very pleasant but subject knowledge was slightly poor.