Hubs - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Kathryn W          6/10

Whilst the food at Hub's is excellent, the service is not as up to scratch as it has been in our past experience.

Our advice would be that if it looks to be fairly busy then  you should give it a miss, and try it out when it looks to be quieter- because when the restaurant has a few diners the service tends to go downhill and you wait a long time for your food (we waited nearly an hour for starters on our last visit there) and when you do eventually get the food it is not half as nice as the usually high standards of Hub's.
We recommend you try the Chicken Fillet Rolled Filled, Pepper Steak and Garlic Mushrooms- as these dishes have always been lovely. The owner is very hospitable and the place itself has a nice atmosphere- however, as mentioned previously, if you go on a busy night, don't expect anything too fantastic- as we were disappointed.
Kathryn & Ian.

Tea 4 Two - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Kathryn W          7/10

This is a lovely, picturesque little cafe that is warm and inviting. The English breakfasts are a great hangover cure and probably the best on the island!

We would recommend this to anyone visiting Kefalos as the food is good and the owners are welcoming- what more can you ask for?
Kathryn & Ian

The Stop Inn - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Kathryn W          8/10

Although this is set back from the road, we recommend you give it a go. The food is nice- especially the beef stew in which the meat is so tender you barely have to cut it with your knife.

Yes, there is sometimes a bit of a wait for food, but you are given bread with houmus, curry & garlic dips straight after you order- and even better banana shots for the ladies and brandy for the men are provided after your meal!
Very good & no complaints.
Kathryn & Ian

Kefalos - (Resorts on Kos)

Kathryn W          10/10

Kefalos is without doubt the most welcoming and fantastic place we have ever holidayed in. We visited last year for the first time, and have just got back from our second trip- so now we are in the process of planning our next (this coming from people who make a point of travelling to different places so we don't miss out on new things)!

The people have now become friends, the weather is always hot and there is absolutely nothing to complain about.
As an overview we recommend:
Manolis for bike and car hire (very friendly, honest people who never try to rip you off and are very reasonable)
Anywhere for food- all the restaurants are relaxed, welcoming and warm with a high standard of cooking
Player's Lounge for the best nightlife and people in Kefalos (BY FAR!- TRUST US)!!!
Kefalos is a quiet resort which is great for couples and families- and is relaxing and chilled during the day and night. However, the nightlife is fun and there are plenty of people up for a laugh in Player's and the night clubs Siwa and Survivor after 12.
Finally hi to DIMITRIS!!!, Chris, Linz, Hayley, Alan, Babis (BIBAS!!), Fred, Flo etc- we miss you all  and hopefully will see you soon.
To anyone going to Kefalos in the near future, we hope you have a great time (which without doubt you will) and kick back and sample an Apple Martini in Player's on us!
Kathryn & Ian

Suzuki Jimny (4x4) - (Hire Cars on Kos)

Kathryn W          8/10

We hired a Suzuki Jimnyon our last trip to Kefalos, and to Amy & Carl you need to be 25 to hire one and just need your driving licence with you when you get the car. We had a bike for the fornight we were there, but hired the car for 2 days and it cost us 45euros for a day and a half from Kastri (however it would probably work out cheaper for a longer period of as time). Hope that helps.

They are great little holiday cars (very cool and spacious) and ideal for longer distances (than our bike) such as travelling to Lido Water Park in Mastahari or Kos town.
Kathryn & Ian

July - (Best Time to Visit)

Kathryn W          10/10

July is a great time to visit Kefalos as it is extremely hot and is just starting to get a bit busier.

We've just got back and it was brilliant, and busier than last year when we travelled in Septemeber- and alot hotter!
Have a great time if you're going soon, and Player's Lounge is a must at night time!
Kathryn & Ian

Yiannis - (Accommodation in Kefalos)

Kathryn W          8/10

If you are staying at Yiannis you have absolutely nothing to worry about as the rooms are good, and you even get free honey made by Yiannis the owner.

They have clean and basic rooms typical of Greece, and the pool is great. Food and drinks from the pool bar are reasonable in price and very nice.
Finally, the cats at the hotel are very cute- but not all of them seem that used to people (don't want much attention- other than food!!) except for the ginger cat with one eye which became like our pet for our stay. He is gentle and nicer than all the others- so look after him for us- (he answers to the name of 'one eye')!
Kathryn & Ian

Kos Airport - (Places to Visit on Kos)

Kathryn W          2/10

Like others have said the airport inbound to Kefalos is not a problem- as you are in and out luggage in tow within about 10 minutes. However, our advice to anybody travelling soon is to organise your own transport back to the airport for when you are leaving. We arranged a lift from a friend, however if you have spare euros do get a taxi rather than a transfer.

This means that when you get to the airport (aim for an hour before those on the transfer will get there) you can sit and keep an eye on when your flight check in will open & then when it does go to that queue inside the airport- therefore avoiding all long outside queues.
We flew ith MyTravel (booked online at who were very good. And for 2 weeks in July only paid 220 each.
Kathryn & Ian