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I first visted the Taj Mahal the year it was opened and was let disapointed - but I put this down to teething problems.
This year I went back with friends who lived in Kardamena.
And what an experience it was!!!
Let me start by setting the scene.....
Lovely decor, and only 3 other tables of 2 in the night we went - we were hoping for swift service as my firends had taken time off work to come out with me for a meal.
We ordered our drinks and meals, Penny came and chatted to the girls like long lost friends and took the order.
Out came the drinks, followed shortly after by the popadoms - great!
The waitress appeared with what loked like 3 starters - were they ours? - and took them to the hot lad in the yellow t-shirt (surely he couldn't eat 3 starters?), who kindly sent her over to us.
After demolishing the starters - which whilst pricey were nice, the waitress came and took the plates away leaving our cutlery for the next course.
We sat happliy chatting, catching up on the gossip - 20 minutes had past and the girls had to be at work in 15 minutes time but there was no sign of the main course.........
The wiatress appears AND CLEARS OUR KNIVES AND FORKS WAY???????????????????????????????????
WHY? We pointed out we hadn't had our main courses and off she scurried to the Kitchen.
5 minutes later, Penny is at our table apologising as it appears our main courses have been FORGOTTEN.
After (forecfully) offering us take-aways (what are we going to do with them???) we ask for the bill having explained that the girls have to be at work.
The bill comes - are you sitting down for this bit - 35 EUROS for a few drinks, 6 popadoms and 3 starters!!! The bill indicated 10% discount, but by my maths I couldn't see where this had come in....
At no point did she offer to compensate us for a lost/wasted evening  - the girls had to go to work until the early hours of the morning on half empty tummys amd I was left to eat on my own!
Now, I wasn't expecting a freebie for the cock-up but I must say that the customer service was terrible.
All 3 people were at fault - Chef, Waitress and Owner..... at any time they could have rectifed the mistake, but did not, we had to point it out to them. 
I believe in good service and of all of the places that I have eaten out in around the globe, this has got to be the worst customer service I have ever received. We were made to feel as if we were in the wrong. Be us workers or holiday makers we are all entitled to good customer service.
I would never recommed this place and if you do chose to go,  I hope that your experience is better than mine...and be sure to take plenty of money!
The prices are written in felt pen on the plastic sleeves and a lot have rubed off so god only knows what some of the meals/drinks cost........

Amar P           

the food was top i got to give it to penny the place looks top and being a indian it was like home cooked food for us 9 (GOON SQUAD)!!! u must give it a try!!

Rine E           

Having been to Kardamena on hol the last five years have visited the Taj every time and always found it excellent. (especially the coconut naan-yum) Last year was a friends 40th birthday and we (4 adults, 2 teenagers) went for an Indian. The other members of the group, including the hard to please teens, were all impressed and we went back again towards the end of the holiday.

Stunning decor, friendly and funny staff, generally lovely place to eat. Wish it was my local! Hopefully be back again this year and this place is first on the agenda.

Jane P           

It was alright don't think you can take the word of all these comments because does anyone else think that all these comments from these people in Greece are a bit dodgy because mary peterson, chris krolen, carol smith, amanda collins, nick smith and helen foster seem to be the same person adding comments???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? .

Pete S           

Guess all the people that have written comments from Greece are friends of the taj mahal!!!!!!!!

We went in July 2005 nice to have a curry on holiday differnt but nice.  A* Naan.


worst curry ever

Carol S           

the taj mahal is great , the best restaurant in kardamena , or i can even say the whole of kos . i have been there loads of times and all of them it has been special . in 2003 it was the first time i had come to greece and i came to eat greek food but i ended up eating indian ( at the taj amahal obviously!!) all the days i was in kos . the site deffinetly needs an update , ( 2 is deffitly not a mark for this rest.!!) bye bye!!!

Amanda C           

hi there! dont undersatnd the sad comments on this page about the taj mahal that people have written . i have been back to kos two years in a row and loved eating at this restaurant. it was awesome as we say in america . would highly reccomend it to anyone that likes indian food. ignore the bad comments and give yourself a treat and try it yourself...an extra comment.... how can you still be giving this place 2 from 10...please an update isneeded !!!

Nick S           

the taj mahal was the best !!!! in june 2004 i went on holiday to greece and went to the taj mahal and it was amazing !!!! its is authentic and service , food and atmosphere are really good !!! i had a great time and went back lots of times !!! the best place on the island!!


Food was wonderful. Staff and owner Penny were exceptional. Penny you are a star. Do not pay attention to ignorant spiteful people. This "J" must have wanted free meals obviously. The Taj Mahal is where to eat if you want a special night out.


The place is useless
If tourists want a curry, wait till you get home, you will only be disappointed.......and out of pocket
Watery chicken isnt authentic, the sauces taste like they came out of a packet. the best thing was the decor.
They used to practically beg workers to pr for them. When they did, all they would get is a free popadum, very generous

Stacey W           

I have enjoyed my visits to the Taj for the last 4 years. You have to try it, as at home if you go to a different restaurant than your usual it will be different.
The Taj is authentic India!

Helen F           

last summer i decided to go on a special holiday trip to the lovely island kos. i have been to many greek islands and i have wanted to go to kos for a long time and this was my chance so i took it,i was going to stay in the village of kefalos and i was staying for two weeks! i was very excited to visit all the island and have some more traditional greek foood after the hard winter in the u.k.
so on the first two days i stayed in kefalos and on the next i went to kardamena, the first time i ate greek food but the next i wanted to try how the indian food was like and i went to thr taj mahal. as soon as i went in i felt like i was i a palace, the decor was lovely and the service was instantly serving me with the most delicious indian tastes i have ever tasted!!! it was all amazing!!! the rest week i did not eat a bite of greek food but filled up on the taj mahals beautiful tastes. two day6s before i was due to leave the beautiful island i heard that there was another indian restaurant on the island so i went to try it out and as i thought there was no comparison!! the taj mahal is more than excellent an di am going to go back to kos this summer so i can just have that lovely indian food again!! i reccomend it and it is 1000 times better than any other indian i have tasted and everyone was very friendly!! i deffintly reccomend it to anyone that wants to try the meal of their life!!( the owner and her daughter were sooo nice!! hello pen!!)

Jamie S           

me and my girlfriend have been to kos for the past three summers and from the first year we have made sure that we went to the taj mahal for special dinners! the decor and service is fantastic and the food matches both. the prices are very good and was suprised to see bad comments about this. do try it out for YOURSELF !!!!!!!!

Tia G           

i have been going to kardamena for many years and have always eaten at the taj mahal indian restaureant. was appaled and suprised to see so many awful comments about the taj mahal. we have always had a great time there and enjoyed the food, atmoshphere and service every time. obviously with indian food you cannot keep everyone happy but the owner who i know well does a very good job. as i have been there so many times , i have tried lot of the dishes and i have found them all really nice. my partner always has a balti and wont have anything else as he is stuck on that and thinks it is the best!we will deffinetly be going back this year as our hol is already booked and i recomend anyone that is coming to kardamena to give it a go .[ and make your own mind up] !! looking forward to seeing emma and pen again.

Gemma D           

Bit of a let down. When you see the surroundings and the price you might expect exceptional food served on 22ct gold plates. We had a chicken balti and a madras, the madras was ok but the balti is definitely not a balti no sauce and big chunks of onion and peppers. The nann was lovely though shame no sauce in the balti to eat it with.

H20 M           

firstly thanks to all the ppl that ate here for my work send off, was a gathering and we had a rite larf. service here was like during school dinners, rude aussie sounding ppl being kinda rude but still wouldnt have eaten indian anywhere else, dunno if there is anywhere else?


We went here on our last night and it was bad. Yes it was more expensive than other restaurants in Kardamena but we don't mind paying more if the food is worth it. The staff were even really friendly but the food was really bad. Chicken definitely not cooked properly I actually retched at one point and couldn't swallow it. The food lay on my stomach and I actually threw up on the flight home - No I wasn't drunk! We always go for an Indian whenever on holiday and this was 100 times worse than anywhere I have been.

Steph E           

We went into the restaurant, really friendly people in there, quick to seat us and to serve us. The food came really quickly, but unfortunately the chicken and lamb dishes we had were not thoroughly cooked through. The chicken was pinker than julian clarie's underpants. Then it seemed to take forever for them to collect our plates and to bring us the bill, which was overly priced also. If they had spent the time they took bring us the bill and clearing the plates cooking the food, rather than not cooking it. Then it would have been a great meal and worth the money.

Obviously they won't always do this, but they did when we were there.

Craig J           

We always like to try an Indian if we can when we're on holiday - Have to say that this is the best Indian we've been to abroad.
You're never going to get as good as at home, but this is as good as it gets.
Not many people seem to know about it, maybe because it's a little off the main drag, but food was excellent and service very friendly.
Maybe a little more expensive than other restaurants in town, but Indians and Chinese tend to be so - don't let that put you off, it's not as bad as the previous posting makes out - give it a try, you'll like it.

Mally D           

Visited Kos 16th-30th June and ate at the Taj one evening, a party of 4 adults and 2 young children. Adults had starters each and main courses with wine and poppodums. Service and Food were superb but the bill left us with a poor aftertaste... By far the most expensive meal on our holiday and we were all inclusive and just fancied an Indian!! ... 168 euros almost double the price of most places we ate at

Gary B           

We have been eating at various curry houses for over 20 years.I would recommend this one.I had tandoori chicken starter and a lamb vindaloo. This vindaloo is REAL> the tandoori was ok but dont expect it to be high standard, I think tandoori is a specialist meal and it is down to the chef.my partner had rogan josh and thought it was very nice .You have to remember that we are in Greece and materials are not as easy to get as in the U.K so overall I think the meal was good value. I think we paid about 15.00 for the two of us .8/10

Beth S           

Was great restaurant to eat in. More expensive than other meals out but Indian's usually are. Still not as expensive as home. Definatly will go back.

Nev B           

sheek kebabs awful,shami kebabs nice
balti dishes bland & tasteless
madras to dry,

nans ok
maybe should have gone back and tried something different
but not too impressed

Penny T           

i dont know why at the beggining of this site it said that somebody made a commment only why hasnt the taj mahal been rated out of ten likre most of the other restaurants in kardamena ???????????????????????????????????????????? i checked the site of the taj mahal and the few comments that have been made are all excellent so what is going on very close friends of mine have been going there 14 years straight and love the food service and the owner and have said it is a must to go ther next year on my holiday!!!!!! sagain i repeat what is going on