Pizza House Koala

Restaurants in Kardamena

Elaine S           

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This place is just as good as ever - they have changed the way they do their cheese bread this year but it is still scrummy. Be careful if you have the garlic bread - it is gorgeous but make sure your friends have it at the same time or they won't be your friends for long.  The effects of my breath were really quite funny!!! We went in there several times again this year and everything we had from salad to pizza to Greek food was amazing. George is a lovely bloke and him and all the staff that work there are so friendly. See you next year - Elaine & Paul xxx

Des S           

We havejust got back and are missing Georges pizza's already!!great place when you just need something light to eat pasta,salads etc and george maks a mean Crepe!!


Elaine S           

This place is brilliant. I have just returned home with my partner Paul and we visited Koala's several times during our stay. I highly recommend the cheesebread and the crepes - they are heaven!!! In fact, having been to Kardamena 3 times before, this was our first stop after unpacking cos we love the cheese bread. George who runs the place is lovely and is very friendly and helpful - he is always on hand to teach us some Greek.

Kos K           

This place is the best for a "late night" bite to eat. We went nearly every night for the best pizza's ever! You can't beat the friendly staff that work their and if you're any good at haggling you mite end up going home with one of the "real" pizza plates!!!
Oh, it's just round the corner from the Stone Roses Bar (which is one of the best bars on the island)