Lazy Days

Restaurants in Kardamena

James and james            

Best restuarant for Workers!!!!!!!!!
Looked after us well - hoem from home - thak u so much nat and dj

really hope u have it next year

James and James

Kos R           

Sorry guys Nat and DJ no longer have Lazy Days. The place to be for 2005 is round the corner with Carol and Paul at Banana Beach.

James H           

2nd season veteran, and the food is the nuts. the only thing that gets me through the tough season. check out the chicken nugget baguette, its to die for - out of this world.

p.s i love laura - the pasty geordie, well fit!!!!!!!!!!

from big james status pr

Andy R           

This is, without doubt, the best place for brekkie in the whole town. Nothing is too much trouble for them.If u can manage it, go for the Big Breakfast.U won,t need to eat again until the evening, it's BIG. Nat and the girls are always sooo friendly. Will be back next year for the 5 toast challange, (ask in store for details).

Jane and brian M           

This is definately the best place for breakfast, nothing was too much trouble, you could mix n match breakfast too suit yourself, and if you wanted a lunch or early meal, the Home Made Shepherd's pie is a must and the Sausage and Mash is wonderful, ask the Grandaugher, they make it as a smiley face. The prices are very good for good quality food.

Nicky W           

Nat and Jo serve the best brekkie in Kos, have been coming for two years and hope to be back in september, you've also gotta try there bangers and mash mmmmm!


Does anyone know Jo who works at Lazy Days?? I met a mate of her brother at the beginning of Sept & want to contact him!! Email me on Thanx.


Great food, Great portions & decent prices. Pity they stop serving at 5.30pm. They have an English Chef so the food is lovely - only drawback is that they refuse to do poached eggs!

Honey J           

Lazy Daze is definately the best brekkie, Nat has all the goss and they will go out of their way to make your meal better. Hope to get back this year to see you all.

Emma I           

Lazy Daze is the best! Nat,D.J,Joe and costa are all very friendly and will go out of there way to look after you! the food is fantastic and hugh portions! so get down to lazy daze free sun beds too. See you soon nat & D.J special fanta please!!!!!!!!!!

Claire L           

Went here every day for a week for our lunch was FANTASTIC! staff were all lovely and very friendly! Highly Recommended! *****