Acropol - (Bars in Kefalos)

Darrell S          10/10

Kos was one of the best holidays ive ever had! It was so beautiful in Kefalos and i hope we will be there again next year! The Family in this bar are just amazing! Maria and her family are really friendly, we must have gone there everynight it was a pleasant bar and the service was spot on! The crepes they do there were delicious! Me and my sister had 1 nearly everynight!  They were right about the friendlyness over in Kefalos the people there are so kind. Hope to see you again Maria and family!  

Love Chloe and the rest of Spencer Family x 

Kefalos Beach - (Beaches on Kos)

Darrell S          10/10

Ive just come back from Kefalos and the views were beautiful. I stayed in the Villa Popi apartments and they were so clean and the family that run it are so kind. Everything in Kefalos is suitable for everybody, im 15 and i found everything really nice. The beach isnt how it used to be. Its all been more updated the whole of the town. There is lots of shops. The beach isnt as pebbly and sunbeds there are comfortable with cusioney beds on them with a fitted pillow. Theres also quite alot to do there in the day time on the beach, quite alot of water sports there.