Trip to Nysiros Volcano - (Kos Excursions)

Vidur K           

It was very exciting .I am 7 years old and I managed to climb down and up .It was interesting to see the hot air coming out of the holes.The boat ride took a hour and a half.

Zia Sunset - (Places to Visit on Kos)

Vidur K           

The sunset was very pretty ,we watched the sunset while we were eating on a rooftop restaurant.There was some nice gift shops there.

Trip to Shape Waterpark - (Kos Excursions)

Vidur K  (14 August 2005)         

I am 7 years old and we went to the WaterPark , it was very good .They had a slide where you can go together in four different lanes.There is a lazy river where you can float on rings in the water.

Kos Town - (Resorts on Kos)

Vidur K           

The Harbour had lots of boats and ships , it was very beautiful.It was boiling hot there.It had lots of shops and restaurants there.

Atlantis Hotel - (Accommodation in Lambi)

Vidur K           

The hotel was very,very noisy,at nightime when me ,my sister,my mum and my anti were trying to sleep there were so many people shouting and lots of music playing.We were on the other side of the hotel from the pool and we could still hear the music.