Kos Town - (Resorts on Kos)

Carol W          10/10

Add yourHave comment here have just returned from a week staying at Alexandra Beach Hotel weather was wonderful food and drinks delicious..Locals so friendly put us Brits to shame. Had a boat trip to Bodrum Tuesday market day wonderful experience!Boat trip on Thursday was cancelled not enough people,and again Frdiay..to windy!Same kind of prices to pay for food/drink as we pay here...so quite expensive,but local supermarkets sell all you want. Had a fab week Yamass! <3

Alexandra Beach Hotel - (Accommodation in Kos Town)

Carol W          10/10

Just returned from a wonderful week staying here,staff were so nice,2 girls working reception were great both local girls so full of info to share room was lovely very clean,but no kettle!Thank you Violet for organizing that!Hotel policy is no t.cheques so have to go to exchange in town.Breakfast was lush and plentiful pool very cold..thanks Dana for the cold beers..Barman Alan was a Gent he even gave my friend the shirt of his back..no kidding!He also supplied us with little notes for his Barfriends in the town for my birthday night out so did'nt cost us a penny! So just to say thank's Beautiful Kos for my brilliant holiday Yamass!

Zorbas - (Restaurants in Kos Town)

Carol W          10/10

Had a perfect lunch here last Friday starters to share try deep fried cheese I think its called Slavaki? Mixed grill for me was massive beers wine..coffee and ouzo on the house perfect gents that served us.. definitely recommend. Yamass!

White Corner - (Bars in Kos Town)

Carol W          10/10

As are all the Bars in Kos..they are all great!

3 Bay Cruise - (Kos Excursions)

Carol W

... Disappointed booked for Thursday cancelled not enough people booked again for Friday cancelled to windy boo hoo should have gone with "Archeangel Michial" 40 Euros per person...sorry I missed it looked great!

Day trip to Turkey - (Kos Excursions)

Carol W          10/10

Done this last Tues 40 Euros each..not very well organized nearly missed boat due to q in wrong place needed a boarding pass collect from little cafe and passport..25 min on boat very nice views busy at Bodrum market and locals are very pushy to have your cash...Euros Lira or English! toilet 75 cents no wash and a whole in the floor. Lovely lunch here on the harbour we had minibus collided with vehicle on route back to port..oops! Great to have travelled to 2 countries in 1 week but Kos was better

Kos Town Beach - (Beaches on Kos)

Carol W          10/10

go on the bus from Dolphin Square to Minos 2.40 euros find a cute little place very Greek umbrellas and sunbeds clear water but freezing..locals were happy bottle of cold beer 4 euros would hate it in the height of season but made a nice day out

Zia Sunset - (Places to Visit on Kos)

Carol W          10/10

Just back from Kos (May) buses to Zia not running yet taxi approx 40 euros sorry to have missed this was well recommended by locals pics look beautiful..has to be said the view of sundrop was spectacular from our balcony