Psalidi Resort - (Resorts on Kos)

Geoff R           

Just back home (damn!). Psalidi is a 10 min bus ride (85 cents if you pay on the bus) to the harbour in Koss Town. Perhaps take 15 mins on a pushbike down the cycle path (depends how wobbly you are, hic!) or you can stroll from town on foot in 40 mins (good for working off that last baclava!) Of the local tavernas we liked the food best in the "Europe" and their fresh fish was excellent (the house red is recommended too) although the "Nestoras" was probably more authentic (enjoyed their Beef Stamnas).

The beaches were pebble and shingle, except in one or two places where they had introduced sand or sandbags as a walkway (but no different to those in Kos Town).

Four local 'Super' markets within easy walking distance, but beware the church bells which can rouse you from even the most alcoholic stupor on the quarters between 7 and 8am on random (Saints?) days.

Get away from it all withing easy reach of the capital, with an imposing mountain range backdrop to the SW, Turkey clearly visible to the NE, and the sun setting over Kalymnos jus a little more distant.

You must take a trip to the Therma (no.5 bus + short walk) where hot volcanic springs emerge from the rocks into a small 'lagoon' on the beach. A bit smelly but I've never experienced anything like it!

Denise Apartments - (Accommodation in Psalidi)

Geoff R           

Nicos is a star! He's got the best prices on car hire, quad hire; you want something he'll get it for you! His pool is pristine and he
takes pride in it's upkeep, and he's a mean turn on the karaoke too!

The food from the bar is limited, but perfectly cooked (even when Nicos is on solo duty!), and I wish I had a Euro for every time he came around with his free Ouzo shots.

Maria gave him a right tongue bashing when he borrowed my quad bike to circle the bar, but she did run a very tight ship.

Pool excellent, apartments clean as a whistle, grounds full of beautiful flowers trees etc, and their dog 'Ziggy' was always on hand to keep your ball throwing arm in good shape.

Wish I was still there!