Ladikos Studios - (Accommodation in Kardamena)

Hayley B          7/10

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We stayed in the Ladikos in august this year in rooms 18 and 19. If you stay in these rooms make sure you have take a hairdryer with you as my friend nearly set alight to her hair with the one in the bathroom.

The rooms are very basic and there is hardly anywhere to put your stuff so lived out of a suitcase for 2 weeks.
The appartments are right opposite the pool which is really nice. It is a bit of a walk to bar street but its nice to be able to get away from it a bit.
Watch out for John the owner.
    As soon as i walked off the bus he had a massive go at me about "bringing naughty boys back to the room". I litterally hadn't said a word to him and he shouted at me.  Very embarasing when other people are arriving at the same time.
He only does it to protect you but i was so supprised i laughed at him and he shouted even more.
Overall not the worst place i've stayed and i saw worse over there but pretty basic.

Expose - (Bars in Kardamena)

Hayley B          10/10

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Expose what can i say. We loved you.

Had an absolutley wicked time and you introduced us to cherry bakewells. (only good in Expose)
Helen, Si, dan, kev and everyone miss you.
Me and lou are coming back out 14th of May next year. Cant wait
See you at Pure temp 27th of October
  Love Hayleyhotpants

Kings Arms - (Bars in Kardamena)

Hayley B          7/10

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ha ha!!!!

kings arms a few stories from here but have to say we all loved you babes (jason)
me and lou are coming back next you to harass you and p**s off your boss.