Zeus Hotel - (Accommodation in Kefalos)

Kerry B           

FANTASTIC place to stay for our honeymoon. EXTREMELY clean and tidy. Hairdryers and irons available in every room, air conditioning at extra cost. We had hot water for showers some guests said they didn't (so bear in mind it is solar power heated so does run out).
Family who run the hotel are FABULOUS. Make you feel welcome.
Pool and sunbed area is great. Always in the sun and always a bed available. Parasols at most beds and a terrace close by to get in the shade. Pool side bar to get refreshments (everything you need).
Be aware the hotel does echo and some guests do slam their doors but if you've had a good night out you'll sleep anyway NO WORRIES.
Few minutes walk away from main road and beach so away from any external noise (excluding crickets and birds).
Definitely will be back next year. THANKS TO ALL AT HOTEL ZEUS XX

Siwa Night Club - (Bars in Kefalos)

Kerry B           

George u'll av t 2 stop drinking the profit m8. Really welcoming club. Music was a bit dodgy to start but DJ got better as the week went on. Alcohol flowed like water it was great. Prices good if you had to pay, George kept giving 'em away. Nice and cool with the air-con. Good place to end the nite (or start the morning).

Bar crawl with your reps - (Kos Excursions)

? ?           

We paid 36 euros each with the rep and found it for 12 down the road the day after (fool us).
You get a bus ride there and back (you can get a taxi to Kefalos [the furthest resort away] for 30 euros between you), a BBQ meal which isn't really a BBQ just some cooked meat thrown on a plate with a few chips and a free shot in each bar (some tasted like fruit juice).
Every bar had the same CD they played the same songs in the same order (so Usher and Beyonce 4 times in one night is a really taking the p***). Cocktails cost 8 euros each (we were paying 4 at the most in our resort). Don't be sick on the way back either it costs 100 euros in a fine. The games were fun (might as well end on a positive).
Won't bother next time, I sound a real moaner but trust me it's not worth it, I love a party but this took the p***