Kos Town - (Resorts on Kos)

Richard H          1/10

The small green road train which goes around Kos Town is a rip off 4 euros each to go on, and it should take 20 minutes. When we went on it . It got round in not more than 10 minutes.

Lenaki Apartments - (Accommodation in Kos Town)

Richard H          10/10

The Lenaki apartments just great, 15-20 easy walk into Kos town. They are family run with a very good swimming pool and a jacuzzi. The apartments are cleaned six days a week. There is a snack bar which do meals all day and a bar which is open untill late. The cost of safety box is 10 euros a week and air conditioning is 7 euros a day.

A quick guide of how to reach the harbour in Kos Town from the Lenaki.
Turn right out of the Lenaki and down the road untill you reach a crossroads, go straight across here, passing the Steki cafe/bar on your right. At the end the road turn right then the first left, passing the Boomarang resturant on your right. At the next crossroads turn right and you are now on Kanari street which is a one way street which goes down to the Dolphin square and the harbour.
For more information about Lenaki apartments they do have a website  www.lenaki.com.
My wife and I would happily go back to the Lenaki.

3 Island Cruise - (Kos Excursions)

Richard H          10/10

The 3 island cruise on the Katerina  is very good value for money. George and his family are great hosts and kept us entertain, with a good lunch at a local traverna on Kalymnos and swimming off the island of Plati. Even my wife enjoy the cruise and she isn't a lover of boating.

Beware there at least 10 other boats in Kos Town harbour offering 3 island cruises for 20 euros each, as same the Katerina but they only offer BBQ lunch. 

Zia Sunset - (Places to Visit on Kos)

Richard H          10/10

To see the sunset at Zia is beautiful and to have a meal at one of the resturants with a roof terrace as the sun goes down is even better.

Bewarned Zia gets busy. When we were there on a saturday evening, the resturants fill up quickly and parking is limited about half an hour before sunset. The greeks also enjoy a meal and the sunset too.
Not to be missed

Secret Forest at Plaka - (Places to Visit on Kos)

Richard H          10/10

The secret forest at Placa or it is also spelt Plaka. Is a wonderful place to find with it's peacocks who are quite tame but can be very pesky if you got something to eat. The forest is quite cool and shady for a hot day.

You find Plaka off from the Kefalos road. If you coming from Kos Town you come to two roundabouts before the airport. At both of them keep straight on and head towards Kefalos. You will pass the airport. Soon after the road will bend to the left and on the right hand side is a small blue and white church building with a sign for Plaka just before it. Be aware this road when we went had many pot holes, but keep following it and you come to a small bridge, cross over it and you arrive into the forest with it's peacocks. The road carrys on and comes out abit further along the Kefalos road.

Kos Airport - (Places to Visit on Kos)

Richard H          1/10

With the new safety measures at airports now. You will find when you arrive at Kos airport to return home, there will queues snaking out of the terminal doors. So you may find yourself standing for about an hour or more outside in the sun. This is due to the fact that now all hold baggage has to be scanned and Kos airport hasn;t got many scanners to cope with saturday turnover.